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The romantic entanglement between Draco Malfoy and Ronald Weasley began as a fluke, almost. It wasn't expected or planned, it just was. It just happened. It just drew together agreeably after just a single night. Not that Draco was opposed, not in slightest, because Ron was an especially attractive single gay man with a brilliant career in magical law enforcement and Draco was weary of drunken hate-yourself-in-the-morning and kick them out as soon as possible one night stands. One thing was certain, the beginning of Draco's romantic association with Ron was embedded within the lavishly thrown reception of the wedding of Hermione Granger and Charlie Weasley.

Draco watched Ron with amused interest. Ron, having danced himself to an early grave and drank entirely too much white wine in the process, a drink he had but a little tolerance for, stumbled his way out onto the balcony for a bit of fresh air after . That particular balcony housed Draco, for much the same reason.

"Draco" Ron greeted warmly as he steeped out into the night air, spotting Draco and gratefully breathing in the crisp atmosphere. It was obviously incredibly soothing to his overheated body.

"Ron," Draco responded with a slight smile, then added after a few silent moments in which Ron closed his eyes and continued gulping air, "you've been enjoying yourself."

Ron chuckled and leisurely walked to the railing where Draco was perched and stopped to stand beside him.

"I have been…never thought I would though."

"Oh, and why is that?" Draco inquired pulling a pack of cigarettes and lighter out from his suit jacket.

"I've never been much of a dancer but Hermione and Ginny refused to let me out of it this time," Ron said with a sigh. Draco lit his cigarette and took a long drag, sighing as the familiar rush of nicotine filled his throat and lungs. It was a horrible habit and he vowed everyday that he was going to quit. It hadn't happened yet. Maybe tomorrow. "Persistent, they are." Ron continued, breaking into a broad smile. Draco laughed and took another drag off his cigarette.

"I suppose they can be."

"They might not have been so persuasive if Harry had been able to come…they usually let me set out with him," Ron said laughingly. Draco turned to look at him directly, raising one eyebrow in question.

"Its not that Harry doesn't like to dance, like me. Its that Harry can't dance. At all. He looks ridiculous when he dances."

"Yes, I remember that from school. I've noticed that the lot of you try to avoid a repeat performance at all costs." Draco took another drag, blowing a thick cloud of smoke into the air.

The mere mention of Harry caused Draco to warm dramatically despite the cool evening air. If he was honest with himself, he had always had a bit of a thing for Harry Potter which only intensified after they put the petty school rivalry behind them and transitioned into mature responsible adults. They actually became tentative friends, acquaintances really. And acquaintances was all they were much to Draco's dismay. After the war, wherein Draco fought bravely with the Weasley family by Harry's side, Ron and Harry trained to be aurors whilst Draco and Hermione attended the necessary training to become healers. It was this career choice and manner of circumstances that allowed him to truly befriend Hermione. This budding relationship, of course, brought him into frequent contact with Ron, with whom he had built a fine friendship. Draco had liked to think that it would have been the same with Harry, had Harry not decided to finish auror training and run off to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts at Durmstrang. Instead, he only saw Harry a few times per year when he returned to England to visit Hermione and the Weasleys. During these visits Harry and Draco would dine out, go to concerts, shop in Diagon Alley but always in a group of their shared friends. And Draco was always invited by Hermione, never by Harry.

"How is Harry these days," Draco questioned casually, attempting to keep his voice as even and unemotional as possible.

"Upset that he couldn't make it to the wedding but other than that, he seems good." Ron responded as he watched Draco take one last drag from his cigarette and put it out in a nearby ashtray. Draco nodded politely and hoped that Ron would offer more information without having to fire off a surfeit of questions but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Molly Weasley interfered.

"Why are you still out here?" Molly squealed stepping out onto the balcony. "Hermione is about to throw the bouquet!"

"So?" Ron spoke first and Draco had to bit his lower lip to keep from laughing at her appalled expression.

"What do you mean so?!"

"I think what Ron is trying to say is that we aren't exactly aloud to be in the bouquet competition, Mrs. Weasley, seeing as how we're both men." Draco answered.

Molly glared at them, turned, and quickly walked back into the banquet hall muttering a string of obscenities. Regardless of his friendship most of the Weasley siblings, Molly had never warmed to him. And, he didn't think she ever would.

"Well, I guess this party is just about over," Ron said glancing through the window at his mother flailing her arms about trying to get all the single ladies onto the dance floor for the traditional bouquet toss.

"Seems so" Draco sighed, feeling rather tired, almost dizzy after the events of the day and wealth of alcohol consumption.

"No more dancing," Ron commented causally.

"That's too bad, I love to dance." Draco sighed.

"I've noticed." Ron moved slightly closer so that their elbows were brushing together lightly.

"Have you?" Draco inquired, feeling light headed from the mixture of dancing, wine, and nicotine.

"Yeah," Ron whispered stepping even closer. Draco re-evaluated the cause of his light headedness. It might not be the dancing, wine, and nicotine. It might be Ron. It might be the discussion about Harry. Who was he kidding, it was all of it.

Draco smiled up at Ron who had moved and positioned himself directly in front of Draco and he was close, so very close. He watched Ron closely as if trying to decide how this was going to proceed before Ron reached out and cupped Draco's cheek. Draco could smell the wine lingering on Ron's breath as the distance was closed their lips met. It was a nice kiss, not great or mind blowing but nice. And Draco was content with it and from the way Ron gripped Draco's waist with his free hand, it was obvious that he too enjoyed it. Draco decided to just go with it.

Draco awoke the next morning in alarm that he'd slept with Ron. Until the previous night, Draco never had any indication that Ron was romantically interested in him. He supposed that there may have been a few instances when a line or two could have been considered flirting but he just figured it was because they were both gay in a social world made up of straight people not including Harry. And, Ron seemed to have had a boyfriend since he came out of the cliché closet, during his auror training. His first gay relationship was with a ministry instructor, in fact.

It was obvious immediately that Ron was not about to panic. He was perfectly content with their situation, if his sleepy greeting of 'good morning' and leisurely caressing of Draco's thigh was anything to go by. Draco fought an internal battle. Should I leave like it was a mistake? Should I try to pretend that nothing happened? Should I stay and see what happens? Ron's hand grasped his member, causing Draco to gasp. He decided to stay.

That was four weeks ago. Draco had begun the habit of spending his free time at Ron's place, rarely going home but to retrieve clean clothes. Ron was extremely pleased at this development and proceeded to provide Draco with a key to the flat. Draco accepted the key, smiled, and kissed Ron softly as he attempted to ignore the part of his mind that clicked its tongue and said that they were moving too fast.

Ron turned and jogged out of the room upon hearing the familiar scratching of an owl outside the living room window. Draco fiddled with the key for a moment and then set it gently on the table and shrugged. Ron was a good man and Draco thought he was lucky to have him. He could work on his attachment to Ron, intensify it somehow. Lord knows, we are together enough, Draco thought.

He went back to reading the Daily Prophet and sipping his second cup of tea when he heard Ron yell from the vicinity of the living room. His loud booming voice startled Draco and accidentally shared his tea with the table. Draco decided to ignore him. It didn't last. Ron burst through the doorway to the kitchen laughing and dropped an ivory colored piece of parchment onto the table and set to making himself another cup of tea as Draco sought his wand and cast a spell to clean up the mess.

"Guess what?" Ron said, still laughing.

"What?", Draco responded in an agitated voice, not really in the mood for games. He was not even close to being a morning person regardless of how early he must report to St. Mungos for work and how many kisses and keys Ron provided. And really, guessing games were over the top and more than he could handle. "Just tell me," he continued when Ron still hadn't said anything.

"I've just received an owl, Harry's finally taking a job with the ministry. He's moving back right after he administers the final exams!" Ron said excitedly. Draco's heart sank and rose at the same time. Excitement and dread co-existing within his mind. He longed to see Harry again and felt the familiar pangs of desire, of wanting to build a relationship from friendship. Basically, what happened with Ron. This second thought was what caused the dread. He was with Ron, really with Ron and felt the hope he'd maintained for years for a shag with Harry Potter fly straight out the window and take flight to lands unknown. And he would have to see him at social gatherings often if Harry came home. He was like family to Ron and Hermione after all. Ron and Hermione, Draco's boyfriend and best friend. Oh god.

"When are final exams?" Draco finally found his voice although it sounded timid to his ears.

"This week!" Ron exclaimed and plopped down beside Draco. "And he's going to be staying here until he gets his own place," Ron continued, oblivious to the inner turmoil Draco was going through.

"He's staying with you?" Draco asked quietly, turning paler by the second.

"Of course, he's my best mate." Ron began pouring milk into his tea and chatting happily about Harry's return while Draco had to refrain from fainting or worse yet, vomiting.

A couple of days later, Draco was exceedingly happy that it was Friday night. His work week at the hospital had been chaotic to say the least since he was not only taking care of his patients but a co-workers as well. The aforementioned co-worker having taken an emergency leave of absence, left Draco and Hermione to split her case load. Draco sighed as he hefted his overnight bag higher on his shoulder and fumbled tiredly with his keys. He had the next day off but had to report in on Sunday to allow Hermione a day off. He cursed his co-worker for the tenth time that day. After finding the right key and unlocking the door to Ron's flat, he trudged inside and chucked his keys and bag onto the closest chair and flopped onto the couch. He could hear water running in the kitchen and assumed Ron had already made it home.

"We must stay here and eat in…I can't bare to go out again," Draco complained loud enough to carry to the kitchen as he began taking off his shoes. After completing that task, he stretched out on said couch and closed his eyes. Her heard Ron tromp down the hallway from the kitchen into the living room. "Ron, what do you think? Chinese?" Draco said unenthusiastically.

"I'm not Ron, but for the record, I think Chinese sounds great," an amused voice rang through the room and Draco froze in mid sigh. Holy shit! This is not happening to me when I look this dead and feel this tired and am laying in the most ungraceful position possible, Draco thought to himself as he slowly opened one eye. Hmm, it certainly was happening. He felt like he couldn't breathe properly.

He watched as Harry moved further into the room, stopping at the end of the couch. Draco opened his other eye and sat up immediately, throwing his legs to the floor.

"Harry, you're here." Draco said breathlessly, stating the obvious and feeling quite foolish for it.

"Yeah, I arrived this afternoon," Harry smiled and perched himself on the end of the couch, "I went right to Ron's office to get his keys."

He was absolutely stunning, as always. He had not seen Harry for almost seven months and had truly been enthusiastic for six of those seven months, waiting for this moment. He could only feel anxious now.

"Of course, so how was your trip?" Draco finally found his voice.

"Good, I'm glad to be back in England…I've missed it and I've missed my friends."

"I'm sure, its so good to see you," Draco said and immediately regretted it. He'd said it too fast and with too much emotion. It should have been reserved for the end of the conversation as in 'it was good to catch up with you' not as in 'I have really missed you' kind of way. He felt the blood rushing to his face staining his cheeks crimson.

"You too, Draco," Harry replied, his face lighting into a broad smile displaying his perfect teeth.

Not that the rest of Harry wasn't perfect because it was. So very perfect, from his messy I-just go shagged to within an inch of my life black hair and bright green eyes to his broad muscular chest and his toned arse and legs.

Draco smiled back at him and began to stand. "Umm, tea…I could use some, do you want…?" He said, unintentionally leaving the invitation hanging in the air.

"I'd love some." Harry answered, standing and turning to led the way into the kitchen. "I was about to make some when you arrived," he continued as he reached the kitchen and began opening cabinets to find the one where the cups resided.

"Over the stove," Draco commented as he put the water on to boil.

They made their tea companionably, debating the rise of coffee as a consumer drink in England and discussing the weather, the later Draco brought up in nervousness at being in such close proximity to Harry. He felt like an idiot. He could barely carry on a conversation with the man and felt foolish that he'd ever entertained ideas of an happy ever after. Draco thought it was laughable actually.

"So,," Harry began as they seated themselves at the kitchen table. Draco waited and when Harry didn't continue, he said, "yeah?" and took a sip of his tea.

"You and Ron, huh?" Harry said finally. Draco was surprised at the change in subject and glanced at Harry. He didn't both to look at Draco, he stared at his cup and fingered a packet of artificial sweetener.

"Yeah, me and Ron." Draco didn't really know what else to say.

"I couldn't believe it when Ron owled me a month ago and told me that you two were dating," Harry said and chuckled.


"Yeah, you just…I guess I thought…I dunno." Harry shrugged and ran a hand casually through his own hair.

"Should I be getting ready to take offence or what?" Draco smiled.

"No..that's..what…" Harry tried again, his brow creased in frustration.

"I can't understand you when you don't talk in complete sentences, Harry."

"No, no of course not." Harry said looking up at Draco. His expression turned serious suddenly and Draco didn't know what to make of it, for he had thought they were to tease each other like old times. Something unidentifiable flashed in Harry's eyes. But just as quickly as it came, it passed when he smiled weakly and turned away.

Deciding not to respond, Draco grabbed his pack of cigarettes and lit one gracefully.

"You really shouldn't smoke."

"I know. Maybe, I'll quit tomorrow." Draco sighed and they fell into a companionable silence.

The silence was interrupted a few seconds later with the opening and slamming of the front door.

"Harry, you here?" Ron's voice carried throughout the entire flat.

"Yeah, in the kitchen," Harry responded immediately and then took a long swallow of his tea. Before he could even set his cup down, Ron bounced into the kitchen and grinned.

"You're both here, excellent!" He appeared to be in an exceptionally good mood as he rounded the table and leaned down to kiss Draco lightly on the lips. "Hey," Draco greeted Ron as he pulled back. Ron smiled down at him and ran a finger softly over each of Draco's cheeks before he turned toward Harry. Draco caught Harry's frown at the intimate display.

"I'm so glad you're here," Ron exclaimed and pulled Harry out of his chair and into a hug, allowing Draco to see the difference in the two men. Ron was much larger than Harry, more muscular and a couple of inches taller, and it was very obvious as they embraced. Draco briefly wondered, what he must look like when in Ron's arms considering he was much shorter than Ron and Harry. And, of course, Draco was a great deal thinner , his muscles being very faint and subtle, those that were there at all. He knew that his body was not that of an Adonis but he was blessed with flawless skin, silk inspired hair, and an angelic face, perfectly structured and symmetrical. He felt comfortable in the fact that he wasn't a troll.

"I've changed our dinner reservations to three so Harry can come along" Ron said to Draco as he released Harry.

"Actually, I think Draco…" Harry began but was stopped short when Draco waved him off.

"Is tired, but wants to go out and celebrate Harry's return," Draco said concretely in tone that begged no argument. Harry smiled and winked at him, which caused Draco to blush furiously. He didn't look at either one of them and concentrated on his cigarette instead while Ron elaborated on the restaurant to which they were going.

During a slight lull in the conversation, Draco put out his cigarette and stood, nodding to them both.

"Brilliant, lets go" Ron said as he grabbed Draco's hand led them to the living room to collect their things, chatting excitedly the entire time.