John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester

Disclaimer: I do NOT own The Libertine or John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester. A/N: This is a poem describing John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester. (Btw, this is based off of a drawing on deviantart of a drawing of Johnny Wilmot drawn by terrabm called Come To Bed).

He has skin that feels like the softest velvet and he has the scent of velvet tuberose.

He has long wavy hair that's as black as night and cascades a little ways past his broad shoulders.

He has dark eyebrows and long dark eyelashes overtop of gorgeous dark coffee brown eyes that seem to see your desires.

He has lovely high-defined cheekbones and a cute nose.

He has a Cupid's bow shaped mouth with full velvet tuberose petal soft lips that taste like red wine.

He has a gorgeous chest that's tantalizingly shown while clad in naught but a blanket.

John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester: The Sexiest Libertine in all of England.