This is just the prologue but I hope it still catches you interests anyway.

The most feared demon in all of fire country, his name was to never be uttered, the being who killed thousands-millions, Kyuubi... was bored.

So bored that his desire to kill people wasn't there, so day dreaming about his glory days wouldn't suffice.

And quite frankly his host was one of the most dullest humans he had ever come to known -excluding the fact that he was the only human he knew-.

All that Naruto Uzumaki thought about these days was missions and training.

And after seven years of it, one had the right to get annoyed.

The Kyuubi's reluctant hobby -besides destroying things, people, civilizations, etc.- was to watch the boy grow.

After fourteen years of exploring the seal, he came to realize that there was no escape, the seal was far too intricate, their souls already tied too closely together for Kyuubi to really do anything.

And so a begrudged deal he proposed.

After many fights -Naruto was an idiot and didn't realize what a great opportunity it was to have the strongest demon alive-err.. to have ever lived, be on his side- Naruto allowed him a certain freedom.

Since then, he watched Naruto train with the Toad Sannin, watched him save the Shukaku brat, fight Akatsuki, and fight the one that resembled Madara Uchiha and return him to the village.

It had all been quite interesting. He aided him when he was an a pinch, -because it was the only times he allowed himself to use his youki- and he gave him strategy advice because the fool didn't seem to know the meaning of the word self-preservation.

And after all the hardships the child went through, he gained ranks and trust from his village and was now working up to be Hokage. All in all, a happy ending.

Which seemed pretty dull.

Perhaps he was paying attention to the Sannin's ramblings but where was the romance!?!

In the shows with the pictures in the box -T.V. as Naruto called it- the good guy always saved the day and got the girl in the end.

Yet Naruto not once since his strange infatuation with the pink haired girl, think about it being with someone.

And with all the extra time Kyuubi had, it wasn't going to stay like that for long.

And so, as Naruto trained, the Nine-tailed demon fox hid behind the seal and plotted about an unsuspecting twenty-one year old ninja's love life.

And he was going to have fun.

Naruto sweat dropped when he suddenly heard laughter from inside of his head.

Just ignore it, just ignore it

Yet Naruto couldn't ignore it and a chill ran down his spine.

He had bad feeling about that laugh.

Yep, just a prologue. The idea just seemed like too much fun for me to not type this up.

Can't wait to show you what Kyuubi has in store for Naruto though -insert crazy laugh here-

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