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"He cheated on her."

Brandy Jay stepped through the hallways on wobbly ankles.

Hold your head as high as your heels, Brandy commanded herself sternly.

Her mind drifted back to a few weeks ago...

"'John will hurt you, Brandy." Sydney cautioned, her brown eyes wide and serious.

"I'll teach him a lesson. I'll teach him to be smart and kind. I can manipulate anyone. I can do anything." Brandy boasted, her green eyes narrowing with a flash of anger.

"I don't know. John's a hard one to..."'

Well, Sydney, you got what you thought would happen!

Brandy wiped at her eyes and pranced into the cafeteria, the picture of beauty and perfection. But everyone knew she was falling apart. Ever since going out with John freaking Tucker, Sydney and her hadn't spoken.

Then he came in.

John strode in, his white teeth flashing at his crowd of admirers.

Brandy bit her tongue to hold back a useless sob.

His eyes landed on her, and something like guilt gleamed in them. But, no, John never showed regret. He was never at fault.

Even Sydney glanced at Brandy worriedly. Of course, she had heard by now. Everyone had heard by now.

Maybe if I was prettier, maybe if I was more interesting...

Brandy paused in her mournful thoughts to see John kissing his new girlfriend, Adrianna.

Why am I blaming myself? I didn't cheat on him! It was the other way around!

Finally, Brandy released her tongue and stood on her chair. Eyes swivelled to her and she took a ragged breath, collecting her courage.

"Cheers to the cheater, John Tucker!" Brandy raised her glass, "You look at me and whisper your little 'Omigawd! He cheated on her!' Do you even look at the cheater? Isn't it his fault?"

"And, Adrianna, don't count on staying with John for long. He has already picked his next girl to cheat on you with."

John, who had just inconspicuously grabbed a girl's butt as she walked by, looked up to see Adrianna glaring at him. With a startled look written across her face, she slapped John and stormed off. Brandy gave a hearty laugh and challenged John with her eyes.

"To the cheater! To John! Cheers, John." Brandy grinned and watched John through slitted eyes.

Take that, Johnny boy! Payback is a bitch!

John tried to play it off cooly, flicking his jacket collar and turning around. Mid-turn, he stumbled and fell, his face bright red with indignation and humiliation. He stomped out, his ears between his shoulders and his tail between his legs.

"Cheers!" everyone echoed and Brandy enjoyed a chuckle.

As the students calmed down, Brandy's eyes sought out Sydney.

"Thank you!" she mouthed.

Sydney nodded, smiling, and raised her glass to Brandy.

My, my, my. Mr. Johnny Tucker got what he deserved. Haha! I got bored and wrote this, so if some of it doesn't make sense just tell me! R&R.