The Last Bella

A/N: Set between Twilight and New Moon. This was just something random my friend and I thought up, it's really just a bit of fun. Just picture an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. =P

Disclaimer: I do not own Edwards or Bella, or any other character in these books. Steph owns them: and she has implanted my brain with the strange compulsion to write fanfiction based on her novels.

I sat in Edward's marble caress, gazing blankly at the TV. I could see the shapes and colours moving around on the screen, but I couldn't decipher the actual storyline of the cheesy Mexican telenovela we were watching with Charlie. I was still unsure why we were watching it; nobody seemed to be particularly interested. I opened my mouth to suggest changing the channel, but the phone rang before I could speak. Rising from Edward's cold grasp, I picked it up.

"Hello?" I said, puzzled. I wasn't expecting anybody to call.

"Are you Bella Swan?" The speaker had a thick German accent, but he spoke with familiar honeyed tones.

I cautiously answered yes.

"Edward Cullen is there, yes?"

"Who is this?" I noticed that both Charlie and Edward were staring at me now.

"It does not matter at this point in time, Bella Swan. Just tell me the answer." Something about his sweet voice, although marred by the heavy accent, made me answer yes.

"Danke," was his brief reply before the line went dead. I put the phone down and went to sit back next to Edward.

"That was odd."

"Who was it?" Charlie asked, leaning forward.

"Someone with a German accent. No idea who it was." Without wanting it to, my pulse quickened. Edward noticed this subtle change, and stood up, throwing me a glance that my father wouldn't be able to pick up.

"Do you want a drink, Bella?" he asked, his liquid topaz eyes meeting my brown ones.

"I'll…um…come with you." I stood up and followed him into the kitchen, struggling to keep up with his long strides. He stopped abruptly when he reached the linoleum tiles of Charlie's kitchen, spun on the spot gracefully and looked into my eyes.

"Tell me exactly what happened." His velvety voice was serious. His tension made me nervous.

"Well, uh…" I stuttered.

"Look, Bella. Everything's fine." He lifted up his hand and stroked a cold thumb across my cheek. "It's not anything to worry about, honestly."

"Well," I said, breaking his gaze so I wouldn't risk losing concentration, "this man answered, and he asked if I was Bella Swan, and he asked if you were here." I stopped to look at Edward's suddenly blank face.

"And you told him yes?"

I nodded.

"Bella," he said, lowering his voice and looking away awkwardly. "Do you believe in parallel universes?"

I gazed at him, bemused.

"Would you believe me if I told you that vampires could travel into other universes?"

I was still staring at him, but then I started to giggle.

"Bella, this is serious: I'm not kidding."

I stopped, staring into his eyes and slapping a hand over my mouth.

"I'm sorry. Continue."

"Wait." Edward froze, staring over my head. "Did you say he had a German accent?"

I nodded. "Yeah. Really strong one."

He paused, his golden eyes glazing over.

"He's here. He's in Forks."