Chiyo-chan was tied to a post while Osaka stood in front of her with a bloody sword.

"Why did you kill them all?" Chiyo cried out

"I wanted some fun," Osaka said with a sadistic grin on her face, "you're next." Chiyo tried to get away but the ropes cut into her flesh and held her back from the safe haven which was the outdoors. Osaka cut the ropes off with the sword and Chiyo made a dash for the door, only to be caught by her orange pigtails. She screamed in pain as Osaka pulled her back and pushed her to the ground. Chiyo tried to call for help but her voice cracked and only a tiny whisper came out. Chiyo could see the entrails of her friends and most of them had their limbs ripped off. Chiyo was almost a foot away from Sakaki's decapitated head and Chiyo shivered with fear. She tried to stand but Osaka pushed her back down. The sword in Osaka's hand shone with great beauty, and yet the blood on it dripped Chiyo's belly and it made her quiver. Osaka then lifted the shiny sword, swung it at Chiyo, and missed on purpose. Osaka's lips curled into a smile as she said

"Scared?" Chiyo cried and Osaka took that as a yes. She then said

"Good." Then, all of a sudden, Osaka swung her sword and Chiyo but she didn't miss. The sword cut off Chiyo's left leg. Chiyo cried loudly in. pain. Osaka swung her sword again, cutting off Chiyo's other leg. Chiyo was crying like mad and massive amounts of tears flowed down her innocent checks. Chiyo looked up at her attacker and said

"I-I--I thought we were friends"

"We are, I just wanted to have some fun." Osaka started laughing sadistally at Chiyo and swung her sword by Chiyo's left arm and said

"Now I have to cut off your arms." Chiyo tried to move her arms out of the way but Osaka stepped on Chiyo's hand, which broke some of her fingers in the process. Osaka then swung her sword down at Chiyo's arm, and cut if off completely. Chiyo screamed in utter agony, and her body begun to shake, in both fear and anger. Osaka looked in Chiyo's eyes

"Oh," Osaka said with a small grin, "Happy 11th Birthday." Today was Chiyo's

birthday and all of her friends wanted to come over her summer house to celebrate, even though it was a weekday. Osaka, who just got her drivers license, drove them but she did not drive them to the summer house. Instead, she drove them to her cabin in the woods, her cabin. She promised to show them what life was like in a cabin. Chiyo closed her eyes to try to think happy thoughts, only to be interrupted by the severe pain in her right arm. She looked over to see that Osaka had cut her arm off completely. She screamed in pain. Osaka looked into Chiyo's eyes and said

"This is too good," She put her hand on her lower belly and closed her eyes for a few seconds, "let me put you where I can see you better." Osaka

then picked Chiyo up by the hair and dragged her over to a dinner table that was convent ally placed in the middle of the cabin. She let Chiyo fall on the table with a crash, and turned the overhead light on. The light shone in Chiyo's eyes, and it burned, but not a much as her wounds. Osaka laughed sadistally and said

"This is way too good." She the caressed Chiyo's cheek ever so carefully, as if she was about to give it a kiss. This caused Chiyo to cry so much that her whole face was soaked with tears. Osaka then put her sword by Chiyo's neck and said

"This will be over soon."

Chiyo cried even more and barely said

"I don't want to die." Osaka laughed and said

"You don't have a choice. We all die, even I will die one day." She stopped talking and put her hand on her lower belly again. She felt the intense pleasure building up in her lower abdomen. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure spread upward. Chiyo can wait a little bit longer, she thought. Then, all of a sudden, the cabin door burst open and Mrs. Yuka barged in with a shotgun. She aimed it at Osaka and shot her head, which made Osaka fall down. Chiyo made a small whimper and Mrs Yuka looked over. Yuka's eyes widened as she said

"Oh my….. what did she do?" Mrs Yuka then went over by Chiyo and looked at her. Chiyo tried to smile at her teacher but she was in too much pain to even do so. Mrs Yuka picked her up gentaly and carried her outside. Chiyo cried on Mrs Yuka's shoulder and said

"I'm sorry."

"I understand." Mrs Yuka then wrapped Chiyo in a blanket and put her in the back seat of her car. Mrs Yuka got in the drivers seat and said

"I'm driving you to the hospital." Chiyo nodded and they drove off. For once in her life, Yuka drove her car with care so Chiyo then closed her eyes and fell asleap. Chiyo was dreaming. She was at her summer house. Tomo and Sakaki was looking and the stars and Chiyo was playing in the water. She let Yuka drive them to her summer house. She didn't yell at Yuka when she offered them a ride. She just got in Yuka's car and let her drive like a crazy person. She didn't let Osaka take them away to a strangeplace. All of a sudden, the car hit a bump that shook the whole car. Chiyo woke up, coming back to reality. She cried again and wished that she wasn't mean to Mrs. Yuka about her driving skills. She wished she could go back in time and redo everything that just happened. Mrs. Yuka stopped the car and got out. They were at the hospital. She picked up Chiyo and gave her to a couple of men with white coats. They put her on a stretcher and told her that everything was going to be ok. Chiyo knew they were lying. Nothing is ok. All her friends are dead and she's maimed. One of the men gave her a shot, which made her wounds feel better. A nurse stuck an IV in her neck, the only spot where she could put it, and let the fluid drain into Chiyo's body. Some liquid went into Chiyo's blood stream and somehow her throat felt moist, like she was drinking water. She then fell into a dreamless sleep.