Dear Boo.

I don't know what you know about me, but I assume since you are reading this you at least know about me. I am your mother. I never thought I could be anyones mother, but in too short amount of time I will give birth to you and for an even shorter amount of time I will be your mother.

I will be your mother.

And you will be my child.

I was once a good friend of Victor Stone, Garfield Logan, Kori and Richard Greyson, whom I assume you will know at least by name. Victor Stone is the man in charge of your trust fund. And for a long time they were my world. We were something great. We were a family, and I know that you will be safe because they will take care of you.

I know that you will have a lot of questions and I know I can't answer them, but I can tell you a little bit about me and your birth father. A man named Matt.

Matt is your biological father and I met him when I lived at Min' Mountain. He was a ranger there and was a kind, wonderful person that entered my life when I felt alone and unwanted. Not because people didn't want me, but because I had managed to distance myself from the only people who had ever cared for me. Something I unfortunately was too good at. Matt was an amazing person who loved me and whom I loved. He died during your conception because he loved me, and he was a man you can be proud of. I know he would have loved you.

If you have any questions about me you can ask any of my former friends and though they will tell you different things, I doubt they will describe different people. Kori will probably tell you about how kind I was, and this will be an exaggeration. She has always had a good heart and tries her best to see the best in this world. And though I was not one of the best people in this world I was a better person because of her. Vic will tell you how I was open minded and trustworthy, and I hope at least open-mindedness is something you too possess. Never judge someone for anything else but how they treat you and how they treat those who can't defend themselves. Never be the one they need defending from, unless they deserve it. Dick will tell you that I was a person filled with hope. At least he told me a few times. He once said that I was the most hopefull person he knew. I don't know why. I don't like admitting it, but I have given up hope more than one time Boo, and it's only because of my friends I always got it back.

I love Matt Boo, and if he hadn't died and if I had been normal I would most likely have married him and lived with him. But the truth is that I love someone else too. I love a man named Garfield Logan. A great and wonderful man, and if I just dared I would have told him just how much I truly love him. He was very different from me. And when I could seem dark and creepy, he was the joker and the center of attention. But that was why he and I was so great together. He gave me light and made me realise I was not alone, and I made him see that being different wasn't so bad. Never underestimate the sentence You are not alone. Never underetstimate the action of talking to someone who believes they are.

I don't know if you are different, and if you are I know one of them will explain to you how it works and all I can say is that you are not evil, and not being allowed to endulge in them is not the same as not having them.

This is not enough, because we should have had a lifetime to talk to one another. To laugh, cry, fight and make up. I should be the one to bath you, to dress you, to talk to you about the world. To teach you how to read and write. But this is all I can give you. This is all I can be for you. Letters on a piece of paper. It's not fair Boo, and when you get someone close to you I hope you will understand and I hope you will be everything for them.

I love you Boo, and that is why this is the way it has to be. Because I love you. Because I want you. Because I would rather die than have a world that you are not a part of. I love you Boo, and never understimate the power of love. Be it for friends, a lover, partners or family.

I love you

Boo had sat down while reading the letter and tears had formed in her eyes. Then she looked up at Garfield.

"Mom's not my real mother?"