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With a bright flash of light, and a loud cackling of energy Naruto Uzumaki appeared in the air, and crashed into a small garbage pile.

"Oh... This sucks." Naruto said as he sat up. He hoped that by sending himself into another universe with a special fuuinjutsu, he had spared Konoha, and it's people from Akatsuki's wrath. He still couldn't believe Sasuke had joined with them. "To think I made the mistake of calling that bastard my friend... He'd throw everything away in the name of vengeance, I was a fool to believe he was worth saving, and for making that promise to Sakura." He thought. He got up and began walking around the area.

"What a strange place..." He thought. "The buildings, the people... they look so different."He was interrupted by his thoughts when a group of six men came up to him.

"Hey... What're you doing in the settlement, Eleven!" One of them yelled brandishing a tire iron.

"Eleven?" Naruto asked confused.

"Yeah wearing those weird ass clothes, and what's with those boots, is he some kind of hobo?" Another said.

"Excuse me?" Naruto asked again... "These are what Ninja wear."

"Shut your mouth fucking Eleven!" The man with a tire iron yelled swinging it at him. Naruto easily dodged it. "Hey! What the hell man!"

"We're gonna put you in your place Eleven trash." One man said as the others charged at him.

Naruto was not a weakling, he quickly used his taijutsu training to take down all six men, however within seconds of doing so another six men wearing some type of body armor, and carrying some weird type of weapon surrounded him.

"You're under arrest for assaulting a Britannian!" One of the men said.

"That's bullshit! They attacked me first!" Naruto said.

"Shut it Eleven!" One of the men said swinging his weapon at his face which Naruto easily blocked.

"He's resisting arrest! Take him down!" Another man said as the remaining 5 opened fire with their weapons sending a dozen bullets into Naruto's torso, dropping him the the ground easily.

"No..." Naruto called as they surounded him. "Not... like... this..." He said as his world went black.


(Sometime later)

Naruto groaned as he woke up to find himself shackled to a bed in what appeared to be some sort of prison cell. "Uggghhh... What the hell was that?" He asked.

"I see you're finally awake." A woman with purple hair said as she entered the room flanked by two men.

"What's going on here lady!? Where am I!?" Naruto yelled.

"Silence!" One of the men, a bespectacled dark-haired man said. "You will not address Princess Cornelia with such rudeness." He man looked ready to step forward and strike him, but Cornelia silenced him with a wave of her hand.

"That's enough Guilford." Cornelia said. "You should be grateful Eleven... If you had been normal you would likely be dead by now, from what I read you not only survived thirteen gunshot wounds to the torso, but your wounds have almost fully healed by now."

"Damned Kyuubi." Naruto thought. "I don't know whether to thank him, or throttle him right now."

"Normal Human beings don't heal that fast." Cornelia pointed out as if it was obvious. "No... We can clearly see that there is something special about you."

"What do you want?" Naruto asked trying to keep a cool head.

"We want to know what you are, you can tell us now, and maybe we won't cut you open ourselves to have a look." Cornelia said flatly.

Naruto decided there was no point in hiding what he was. "It's a long story... You may want to pull up a chair." With that he began to tell them about his sad saga...


(About an hour and a half later.)

"And so in order to keep my world safe from the Akatsuki, I used a special fuuinjutsu my father the Yodaime Hokage had partially created prior to his death, to send myself to another world. My plan was I could possibly buy myself some more time to train, and even possibly make allies to help in my battle against them." Naruto finished. The three looked at Naruto with bewildered looks.

"Princess... This boy is clearly insane." Guilford declared.

"Yes Princess..." The second man, who was blond, and scared began. "I agree with Guilford."

Cornelia leaned forward and gripped Naruto's chin. "I sincerely hope for your sake, that is what you honestly believe." She said darkly. "Number, or Britannian, I don't think highly of those who would lie to my face. Rest assured, this is not over. Guilford, Darlton, we're leaving." Cornelia said as she walked out of the room, with the men following her. As she left, she failed to notice the younger woman hiding behind a cleaning supply cart, the woman who had been eavesdropping at the door, and had heard everything the boy had said.

"Sister... How can you be so cold to that poor boy?" She thought.


(End of Chapter 1)

And so ends the first chapter of my newest story. For those who are fans of Puppet Sannin, I have not totally given up on that project, I've just hit a few walls on that one, and I had an idea for this. I can tell you off the bat, that the Harem in this fic will be smaller with only 5 girls, and the only two I will definately put in it are Euphemia Li Britannia, and Milly Ashford. As much as I dislike them, I will let the remaining 3 be decided by a poll on my profile.

Enjoy the ride...