Chapter 2

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Naruto sighed as he lay back on his bed. "Who am I kidding." Naruto said to himself. "I should have known she wouldn't believe me." Naruto's musings were interrupted by a girl with pink hair entering the room, and shutting the door behind her.

"Hello... I'm sorry about my sister." She said. "She can be forcefull when she wants something."

"Sister?" Naruto asked. "So you're a princess too?"

"Yes, I am Euphemia Li Britannia Third Princess of the Empire. I'm honored to meet you Mr. Uzumaki." She said.

"You were eavesdroping." Naruto said realizing how she must have known his name.

"I didn't mean to, I just wanted to make sure my sister wouldn't torture you or anything like that." She said. "I can't stand such things."

"Princess Euphemia.... I know you must have doubts about what I said to Cornelia, but please believe me when I say I have no knowledge about this world... Could you... would you please tell me about this world?" He asked.



Over the course of the next four hours, Euphemia taught Naruto all that she knew about the world's history, and technology. Naruto gazed in awe at the advanced weaponry like firearms, and Knightmare Frames. When the conversation turned to the Britannian class system, and the treatment of native people in conquered lands however, Naruto's attitude quickly soured.

"How dare you treat others that way!" He yelled at her. "You're no better than the villagers who persecuted me!"

Euphemia's eyes began to tear up. "I didn't ask to be born to this family... I don't want to be a persecutor of others. I want to make a better, gentler world." She said. "I'm nothing like my father, I don't believe in throwing the weak to the wolves."

Naruto felt bad, he didn't want to hurt someones feelings when they had just spent time helping him learn the ways of this world. "If that is really how you feel, I'm sorry I misjudged you." He said.

"You think I'm lying to you?" Euphemia asked in shock.

"Lets just say the last time I put my blind faith in someones actions, It came back to bite me in the ass." He said grimly.

"I see..." Euphie said. "I think I should go now, my sister will likely be looking for me now, and who knows what she may do if she finds me here." Euphemia said. "I'll try to see you again if I can. Good luck Mr. Uzumaki."

"Thank you Princess Euphemia." Naruto said. "You're the first thing even close to a friend I've made here." Naruto said.

"Call me Euphie then." She said. "Most of my friends do." She said as she left the room after giving a quick bow.


Less than half an hour later, a set of doctors came in. "Alright Eleven, you're coming with us to the lab, Lady Cornelia wants you examined." The lead doctor said. "Sedate him." He ordered as one man came up, and injected him with a drug making him fall still.

"Alright, get him on the gurney." The doctor ordered as the men unstrapped him from the bed. However the second those restraints came off, Naruto came too, and lashed out knocking the doctors around.

"Jeez, that was weak! I've met six-year-olds back in my world who can make better poisons." He called as he punched out the last doctor. "And you didn't even bring any guards? To think you call yourselves the superior race."

Naruto quickly heard more people coming. "Better make a getaway." Naruto said as he created two shadow clones, who helped him create a Rasengen in each hand before dispersing. "HERE WE GOOOOO!!!"

The group of five guards didn't even reach three paces to the door before the wall exploded outwards sending them flying.


(On a higher floor.)

"I finally found you." Cornelia said as she walked up to her sister. "Where have you bee-" She was cut off by the sound of a loud 'BOOM' followed by gunfire, then a whole series of booms making the whole palace shake.

"What is this!?" Cornelia asked in shock, and anger. "Are we under attack!?"

"They sound like they came from the basement." Darlton stated.

"THE PRISONER!!!" Cornelia exclaimed. "DAMN HIM!" She called as she pulled her gun. "Darlton! Take Euphemia to safety. I shall go to help my men."

"But sister!" Euphie said. She did not want to believe Naruto would have done such a thing.

"Not now Euphie!" Cornelia barked as she, and Guilford took off for the basement, while Darlton practically dragged Euphie away to the nearest exit.

The explosions continued to rock the palace as Cornelia, and Guilford made their way downward. When they got to the floor above the ground floor, the floor in front of them exploded upward! Guilford quickly dove to tackle the Princess to the floor to protect her from the debris. Cornelia opened her eyes, and what she saw in the next second would be burned into her brain.

Standing on the ceiling, upside down yet somehow uneffected by gravity was the Eleven prisoner. Holding a ball of swirling energy in each hand. "It can't be." She whispered. "Was he telling the truth?"

"See ya lady!" Naruto declared as he ran off, finding a window, and diving from the ceiling through it.

"All forces, bring that Eleven back here. Dead or alive!" Cornelia barked.



"Jeez, she wasn't kidding when she said Knightmares were fast!"Naruto thought as he ran from the pursuing Sutherlands with all his speed. Dodging machine gun fire with what to the normal humans of this world would have perceived as minimal effort. Naruto knew he had to get away fast... Spotting an open manhole in a back alley, Naruto quickly dove into the alley, and jumped down the manhole.

"Dammit!" The Pilot of the lead Sutherland yelled in frustration. A man with styled blue hair got on the com. "This is Gottwald. The target has escaped into the sewer."

"Damn!" Cornelia yelled as she heard the transmission on a radio she took. "Get back here Purists, I don't want you partaking in the search. The rest of you organize search teams, and prepare to search the sewers top to bottom." Cornelia ordered into the radio. Cornelia then rubbed her temples to collect her thoughts "This will be very difficult. Especially if Zero gets his hands on him."


(End of Chapter 2)

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