Chapter 3

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(The meeting place for Ohgi's resistance cell.)

"Damn man!" A Tamaki exclaimed. "Someone trashed the Viceroy's palace hard last night!"

"Keep it down Tamaki." Sumiguya said. "If someone overhears you, our cover could be blown."

"Oghi... Do you think this was Zero's doing?" Kallan Kozuki asked.

"I don't know..." Oghi said in deep thought. "If it was Zero, there probably would have been some kind of grand spectacle made."

"As if blowing the crap out of the Viceroy's palace wasn't grand enough for ya!" Tamaki yelled.

"Tamaki quiet down." Yoshitaka said harshly hitting him upside the head. "Maybe if the palace wasn't still standing it would be."

Yoshida then noticed the other female member of the resistance group wasn't paying attention. "Inoue, you got something on your mind?"

The bluenette looked up. "I heard some rumors... Apparently after the explosions ended there were several Britannian knightmares moving away from the Palace.... You'd think that if there was an attack, they would be moving towards the palace." Inoue took a short breath before continuing. "I think there's a strong possibility that those knightmares were pursuing something.

"You mean like a hit-and-run attack?" Yoshida asked.

"Or an escape." Kallen said.

"I also heard that the military has quarantined the sewers off." Inoue added. "Every entrance in the settlement has a few armed soldiers guarding it."

Oghi sighed before speaking up. "But the question is, what on earth could get close to the Viceroy's palace, and do so much damage to it, and more importantly what will happen next."


(Ashford academy)

"I don't believe this..." A busty blond girl said as she watched the tv report on the attack.

"I know Madame President... It's scary." A redhead said as she stared in shock.

"Shirley please... We're not doing school related stuff right now. Call me Milly." Milly Ashford said.

"Alright Milly, I'm sorry." Shirley Fenette said sheepishly.

"You think... The... Elevens did this?" A girl with braided dark-hair, and glasses asked.

"Nina! It's not fair to just assume that?" Shirley said.

"Lets all just calm down... The important thing is that no one has been killed thus far." Milly said. "I'm sure that whatever is going on, the Military will take care of it. Now let's get on with our day, we have our trip to the hotel in a few days."


(Britannian Military Laboratory.)

"This is crazy." A woman with blue hair said with a sigh as she sat in a chair, dead tired. "They're working us like horses."

"Well it is to be expected my dear Cecile." A flamboyant white haired bespectacled man said. "Our very Government building was attacked. We all must be diligent if we are to catch the ones who did this horrible thing." He said in a dramatic matter. "Plus it gives me more opportunities to test Lancelot."

Cecile let out a sigh. She knew thatwas what was on Lloyd's mind. It was at this point a brown haired Japanese boy in a Britannian military uniform ran into the lab.

"Why didn't anyone come and get me last night!?" He asked. "I could have helped fight those terrorists."

"It could not be helped Suzaku." Lloyd said. "By the time we got the call, the assailants had been long gone."

"I see..." Suzaku said. "I will take down these terrorists by my own hand. I will make them pay for trying to hurt Euphie."


(Ashford Academy Clubhouse.)

"Dammit... Who could have done such a thing? Was it the JLF? No, they don't have anything in their arsenal nearly that good. Was it Kallen, and her friends? No that's just ridiculous. The question is could this be used to my advantage or against me?" A dark haired, purple eyed boy mused to himself as he watched the news.

"Lelouch..? Is something wrong?" A brown haired girl, with her eyes closed, and in a wheelchair said as she grabbed his hand.

"No. Nothing is wrong Nunnally." Lelouch said. "I was just lost in thought."

"I'm worried about Euphie... I hope she is okay." Nunnally said worriedly.

"Don't be afraid Sister." Lelouch said. "I'm sure Euphie was taken to safety. Cornelia would have seen to that." He said getting up.

"Where are you going?" She asked.

"Just to my room. I need to do some thinking." He said kissing her on the forehead. As he left he passed a brown haired Japanese woman in a maid's outfit. "Sayoko, look after Nunnally while I'm away." He asked.

"You have no need to ask that." She said with a smile. He went up to his room where a green haired woman was laying on his bed, eating pizza, and cuddling a Cheese-kun plushie.

"So what will you do now?" She asked, taking a bite of pizza.

"For the moment, nothing." Lelouch said sitting on a chair. "I will continue on with my plans unaltered unless the people who committed this attack actually interfere with them." Lelouch said. "The best I can tell, this was a random isolated incident."

"So you are not worried?" C.C. asked with a sly smile.

"Not at all. These people might have gotten lucky with this attack, but I have the power of Geass on my side." Lelouch said confidently.


(The Sewers, a couple days later)

The two days that had gone by were not pleasant for Naruto, as he made his way through the sewers, trying to find a way out while avoiding Britannian patrols. Every time he came near an exit, he found it was blocked off by soldiers. He knew that trying to fight past them, would only draw unnecessary attention. But tonight he finally had some luck he found a manhole exit that had no soldiers covering it. As he climbed out he saw a tv in a nearby window. It was turned to a grave sight.

"Our top story tonight, The Lake Kamigawa Hotel has been seized by a rouge Eleven terrorist group named the Japanese Liberation Front. Over 80 civilians have been taken hostage, with the JLF threatening to throw one off the roof every half hour, unless Viceroy Cornelia gives in to their demands..."

Naruto's hands clenched in anger. No matter how bad Britannia the nation may have treated the Japanese, threatening the lives of civilians was not the answer. Naruto knew he had to get there fast. "Transformation Jutsu!" Naruto called as he turned into an Owl and flew high into the air in search of this Hotel. He quickly spotted the building shown on the tv, and flew towards the roof. There was one man guarding it, but Naruto was able to land on the roof out of his view, undo his transformation, and sneak inside the rooftop door without him noticing.

(Inside the Hotel in a room where the hostages were being kept.)

"I am Japanese!" One of the terrorists yelled as he grabbed Nina by the hair, and lifted her to her feet. "You filthy Britannians make me sick! Looking down on us, and calling us numbers!" He then gave her a depraved look. "Maybe I should show this little brat what it's like to be degraded, and dehumanized... Come on, we're going to one of the private rooms for some alone time!" He said getting ready to drag her out.

"NOOOOO!!!" Nina begged while sobbing.

"WAIT!" Milly cried getting up. "Take me instead!"

"Hmmm..." The terrorist said looking her over with a wicked leer. "You'll do even better!" He said tossing Nina aside, and grabbing Milly.

"Stop this right now!" A woman in the crowd said as she stood aside, and took off her disguise glasses. "I am Princess Euphemia Li Britannia, and I demand to speak with your leader now."

"Fine." Another terrorist in the room said. "I'll take you to him right away." He said.

"I want your word that no one in this room will be harmed, first." Euphie demanded.

"Very well... No one here hurts any of the hostages while we're gone. Understood?" He said to which all the men agreed. "Now lets go." He said taking Euphemia, and leaving the room.

No less than ten seconds after she left did the man who threatened Nina earlier grab Milly by the arm, and began to pull her away.

"No wait! You promised you wouldn't hurt us!" Milly pleaded.

"Don't worry girlie. I ain't gonna hurt you. Hell as big the sluts you Britannian women are, you'll actually enjoy this!" He said dragging her away.

"No Milly!" Nina cried. "Oh god, what have I done?!" Nina began openly sobbing over her friend's sacrifice to protect her. Shirley hugged Nina close, crying as well, praying for some sort of miracle.


(Inside the nearest Hotel bedroom.)

The man pushed Milly in front of a bed. "Now strip!" He ordered. "Slowly... I want to savor this."

Milly closed her teary eyes as tight as she could, as she slipped off her heels, and began unzipping her dress. "Someone... Please help me." She begged.

"RASENGEN!!!" BOOM!!! "Ahhhhhhhggghhhh!!!!"



"What the hell!" Cornelia yelled as a part of the outside wall exploded and a man was sent flying over 40 meters outward before crashing into the sea. "It can't be! What is HE doing HERE of all places!?" She thought in anger.


(Back with Naruto, and Milly.)

Milly slumped the the floor, and backed against the wall in fear over what she just saw. Naruto saw her and walked up to her. "Are you okay?" He asked.

Milly's eyes opened as she heard those words. She was scared to death of what this... boy was capable of, but she realized if he had wanted to harm her, he'd have done so by now. "Yes..." She choked out.

"I'm here to help you. Do you know where the other hostages are?" Naruto asked.

"Yes... I can take you to them, but what about the other terrorists?" Milly asked.

"Don't worry they're no match for a Shinobi like me! I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm better than a bunch of two-bit thugs." He declared.

"My... name's Milly Ashford." She said for a reason that escaped her mind at the time.

"Alright Milly. Let's go." Naruto said taking her by the hand, (Making Milly both cringe, and blush at the same time.) and running out of the room.


(Seconds later.)

"Where are the hostages?!" Naruto yelled as they came back to the room only to find them all gone, and the guards dead.

"I don't know." Milly said in a panic worrying about her friends. Suddenly they were cut off by the sound of gunfire coming from a distant room.

"I'm going to go investigate." Naruto said running towards the sounds. Knowing she needed him to protect her, and get her out of this nightmare, Milly quietly snuck after him.


(Inside the Hotel office)

Lelouch smirked in satisfaction under his Zero mask as he killed the guard escorting Euphemia. The plan went off perfectly, the Black Knights had rescued the hostages, and he had taken care of the JLF leaders involved with this situation, now all that was left to do was confront Euphemia.

"Euphemia Li Britannia, we meet at last." Zero said.

"Zero, what have you done here?" Euphie asked looking at all the bodies around her.

"I have saved the hostages, something your family, not even your sister would even consider doing were it not for you being among them." He replied coldly.

Euphie stood there in silence, not wanting to believe that was the case.

"Your family is well known for stepping on those they deem unworthy for the sake of furthering their own goals." Zero said. "I already made Clovis pay for his crimes against humanity, perhaps I should do the same to you now." He said leveling his gun on Euphie. He was however swiftly interrupted by an orange blur moving in front of him, and punching him hard in the face.

"Hey! Who the hell do you think you are!?" Naruto yelled in rage.

"Naruto!" Euphemia cried out, surprised to see him here of all places.

Naruto turned to face her. "Euphie, are you okay?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, I'm fin- Naruto look out!" Euphie cried as she saw Zero raise his gun back at Naruto. Naruto quickly spun around and kicked the gun out of Zero's hand, and pinned him against the wall. "Alright asshole, you have some explaining to do!"

Suddenly part of Zero's mask opened up exposing glowing reddish-purple eye. "Let me go!" He yelled. Naruto quickly did as he was told, and let go of Zero.

"Naruto what are you doing!?" Milly yelled in shock as she ran into the room. Just then a loud explosion rang out, and the hotel began to shake and crumble.

"If you two want to live, come with me." Zero ordered to the girls.

"Not on my watch buddy!" Naruto yelled as he grabbed Euphie, and Milly. "I'm not letting these girls in your hands!" Naruto then did a spinning kick towards the wall, while quickly creating a shaddow clone, and forming a Rasengen on the sole of his foot. "I'm glad I came up with this as a Chakra control exercise." Naruto thought. The resulting explosion blinded Zero for a moment, and allowed Naruto to get away. Zero quickly realised he had to make his own escape, and ran out.



"What the hell is that!" Cecile yelled in shock as she saw a large explosion in the side of the collapsing hotel, followed by a boy seemingly flying out of it with two girls in his arms.

"My word, he's gonna make it all the way to the shore with that leap!" Lloyd exclaimed. "How can a meer boy have that kind of power."

"Euphie!!!" Cornelia cried as she saw the boy was carrying her. "All units go after that boy, and retrive Euphie at all cost!" She yelled as she hoped in her Custom Gloucester, and sped after her beloved sister.

Elsewhere the newly formed Black Knights watched in confusion as the Britannian forces sped off.

"What the hell is going on!?" Tamaki yelled in disbelief.

"Quiet Tamaki." Zero told him. "Just because the Britannian forces are gone, does not mean we can just forget about our public debut." Zero ordered as the camera's started rolling. "Damn this Naruto person." Lelouch thought. "Not only did he interfere with my plan, but he forced me to waste my Geass on him with a mundane command. Rest assured, I will deal with him quickly."


(Back with Naruto, and the girls.)

"Thank you so much!" Milly cried as she hugged Naruto accidentally massing his face into her well-sized bossum, which made them both blush.

"Naruto... Thank you for protecting us..." Euphie said. "I just wanted to as-" Euphie was interrupted by the sounds of Cornelia's forces approaching.

"Shit! I have to run, bye girls!" Naruto said as he quickly leaped through the nearby woods.

"No... I don't have to ask... I believe you now Naruto." Euphie thought as Cornelia surrounded her.

"Naruto... Whoever you are, please be safe." Milly thought.


(End of Chapter 3)

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