Chapter 4

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(Ashford Acadamy.)

Nearly 4 days had passed since the hotel incident, in that time reporters were swarming around Ashford Acadamy, trying to get an interview with the former noble family's daughter who met the strange superhuman face-to-face. Milly and her friends were currently enjoying a dip in the bath house, trying to forget about the terrifying and stressful ordeal.

"For the last time, Nina he didn't rape me!" Milly yelled at her friend in frustration.

"I'm sorry, but I... I it just." Her nerdy friend replied on the verge of tears. Milly instantly felt horrible.

"I'm sorry... It's just very stressfull... I mean one minute I was about to... Then the next... He saved me, then not only that, but he saved the Princess from Zero." Milly rambled on.

"It doesn't make sense..." Shirley said. "If he and Zero were both working to save the hostages, why would he attack him?"

"Maybe they weren't working together." Milly thought out loud. "It's possible they both showed up to save the day separately... Naruto.. I owe him my life, and my..."

"Ohhh... Is someone developing a little crush on her new knight in shining armor?" Shirley asked trying to duplicate Milly's teasing sultry tone, and utterly failing at it. This made all three girls burst into giggles... They really needed a laugh.

(Student Council room.)

Lelouch, Suzaku, and Kallen were all sitting around working on various projects for the upcoming Cat Festival.

"So... Have any of you guys spoken to the girls since the attack?" Suzaku asked.

"Not as much as I would have liked to, but they seemed alright, if not a little stressed out." Lelouch said.

Kallen said nothing, she was too deep in thought. "Was this Zero's doing? Did he plan for that boy to show up? No way... Even he couldn't have access to someone with that kind of power. So what is going on."

"Kallen... Would you like to join me for a walk?" Lelouch asked.

"Uhhhh... Sure." She said following the skinny teen out of the room.

"Huh... I wonder what's got those two so weirded out?" Suzaku asked himself.

(Britannian Research facility.)

"This is all the medical and biological data, gathered on the boy from his time in our custody. We want you to analyse this thoroughly and find out whatever it is that makes him able to do those crazy powers." Darlton said handing a disk to Lloyd.

"We'll I'll try, but I don't see what you expect me to be able to find, my field is in robotics, not biology." Lloyd said.

"Just look it over, and try to find something. The Princess is practically pulling her hair out because of this kid, and the more we know now, the less we have to find out the hard way, the next time he crosses our path." Darlton said walking away.

"Well Cecile, you can take this assignment." Lloyd said tossing the disk to her.

"Me! Why do I have to do this." She asked as she narrowly caught it.

"Because I'm positive your woman's intuition will be able to deduce this riddle better than I can." Lloyd said dramatically walking away.

"Why you sexist..." Cecile fumed, she could normally tolerate Lloyd's behavior, but on this occasion he crossed an important line. Not knowing what else to do, she took off one of her heeled boots and threw it at Lloyd's head, which missed him, and struck the leg on the Lancelot.

"It's one thing to be angry at me, but must you take it out on dear Lancelot?" Lloyd asked teasingly, as Cecile stormed out of the lab, leaving her boot behind.

(Tokyo Settlement warehouse district. Later that night.)

Naruto was roaming through this area looking for something to eat, and for a place to crash for the night. When he entered one warehouse, and saw a horrible sight. There were various Britannian people working in what looked like a drug lab, and there seemed to be several Japanese people inside taking or about to take said drugs.

"HEY! What the hell is going on here!" Naruto yelled making himself known standing atop a pile of crates.

"What the fuck's its look like you dumb eleven fuck. Were providing these eleven losers with a way to relive some happier days, before we showed them how pathetic their lives really were." A random Britannian man said as the others pointed guns at Naruto.

"Why... You... BASTARD!" Naruto yelled, he quickly grabbed a part of the crate, ripped it off, and with a powerful throw threw it clean through the Britannian's neck even before the others could pull the trigger. He he leaped and ran around to avoid the gunfire, he addressed the Japanese people in the corner of the room. "Listen to me Japanese people! I may not be one of you, nor have I suffered your plight, but throwing your minds away with drugs is never the answer to your problems, you should be trying to build a better world for yourselves! Not using chemicals to escape into a fantasy world, that path will only send you on a dark path to destruction. If you want to have better lives, you need to ACTIVELY MAKE AN EFFORT TO IMPROVE THE WORLD AROUND YOU!" He cried out defiantly.

Most of Naruto's pleas fell on deaf ears. However one woman, a Japanese woman with brown hair, and blue eyes listened to every word. She took a long look at the refrain needle in her hand. "He's right... This is not my answer." With a defiant cry she threw it on the floor, and quickly ran out of the warehouse.

Naruto had finished his speech, and was about to start kicking some ass, when suddenly a group of people in black uniforms led by a red Knightmare Frame that looked different than a Sutherland burst into the warehouse, and began shooting up the drug dealers. Then Naruto saw the same masked figure from the Hotel enter the room. "YOU!" He yelled.

"HIM!" Lelouch thought from inside the Zero helmet. "Q1! Change of plans, capture that boy, at any cost!" He yelled.

"Roger that!" Kallen yelled firing both her slash harkens at Naruto.

"HEY!" Naruto yelled as he narrowly avoided the massive anchors. "What gives, if we are both fighting the drug dealers, aren't we on the same side!" Naruto asked.

"Don't be ridiculous, you and I are clearly from two different worlds, two completely different realms of thinking... You saved Princess Euphemia with seemingly no ulterior motive, seeking no reward." Zero said

"I don't need a reason to save my friends!" Naruto yelled avoiding an asault rifle burst. "And what of you? Why did you get involved in that buisness anyway?"

"My Black Knights, needed a public incident to make our grand debuet. A debuet that was tarnished by you stealing the proverbial show!" Zero said.

Naruto was about to counter that when Kallen's Harkens pinned him in a corner, Kallen was about to cut him down with her assault rifle when...

*BAP BAP BAP!* A powerful burst of Knightmare-sized handgun rounds tore her rifle arm off. Another burst cut one of her harken cables.

"Dammit!" Kallen said staring down at a Knightpolice Knightmare frame bearing down on her. "I got distracted!" She cried as she tried to recall her remaining harken, as the Police frame drew a combat knife and charged at her.

Now... Naruto did not know whether it was honor, or something else, but the next thing he knew... He was leaping downwards towards the police unit, Rasangen blazing.

"RASANGEN!" Naruto screamed as he tore through the cockpit of the machine destroying the head of the sole surviving drug dealer. Seconds later the upper body of the Knightpolice exploded as Naruto came crashing out of the chest, and came off into a dive roll.

*Click* Went half a dozen firearms as they pointed at him. "We have you now." Zero said coldly. "You shouldn't have been so quick to save an enemy from an attack.

"Yeah... Well you don't seem to be my biggest enemies right now. It seems we both have bigger bowls of ramen to cook so..." In that moment Naruto formed two Rasangen in each hand. "SEE YA!" He yelled ramming one into the ground creating a massive cloud of dust and debri, and then leaping up with and using the other Rasangen to break clear through the roof.

"Dammit! He got away!" Tamaki yelled angrily.

If anyone could look under the Zero mask, they could see Lelouch's face was a mix of angry as hell, and scarred shitless.

(Stadtfeld Residence, shortly after.)

Kallen was relaxing in her room, when her mother slowly entered it.

"What do you want?" Kallen asked angrily.

"I wanted to talk to you..." She said. "I wanted to explain why I stayed... even after..."

"You don't have to explain jack shit to me. You couldn't let go of father, so you stuck around the only way you could." She hissed.

"That's not true Kallen, and deep down you know it! I stayed for you, and for Naoto, now He's gone, and all I have is you... I don't want to lose you too, the same way I lost him." Kallen could only look up at her shocked. "That's right... I know about you and the resistance, I knew you were both involved in it, but I could never work up the courage to take you both out of it."

"So that's it?" Kallen asked. "You want me to leave the resistance?"

Her mother could only shake her head. "No... I realize I could never force you to do that... Just... Be careful okay... You're my daughter... I don't want to lose you... I love you... More than anything in this world, and you're the only reason I could bear to stay here as long as I could." She admitted. "I have to get back to work now... I... I just wanted you to know how I felt." She said stepping out of the room, and shutting the door.

Kallen just sat on her bed in shock... Within seconds, she was shaking... Then she had trouble breathing. Then tears and whimpers came out of her face, as she curled up on the bed and hugged her knees close. Outside the door, her mother was also in tears, but after a minute, she managed to compose herself somewhat and went back to work.

(Ashford Academy, outside the clubhouse.)

Naruto collapsed onto the grass outside an expensive looking large building... He was tired, hungry, and worn out. "I have to find something to eat soon, or I'm a dead man." Naruto said to himself. Then suddenly. He heard something slice through the air. He spun around to narrowly avoid a kunai hit the spot where his head had just been. He quickly sat up to see the strangest sight... A Japanese woman in a maids outfit brandishing a set of kunai. Naruto's next words summed up his thoughts nicely.

"What... The... FUCK?"

(End of Chapter 4)