Chapter 5

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(Ashford Academy, outside the clubhouse.)

"Why are you at Ashford Academy." The woman asked in a stern tone. "You're the boy who's been causing trouble all over the settlement."

"Look lady. I'm tired, I'm filthy, I'm hungry, and I getting REALLY sick of people shooting at me everywhere I go! I just want a place where I can get a meal and a place to sleep." He said very annoyed with this woman.

"You expect me to believe that! I think I know the real reason... You attacked the Viceroy's palace to try to either kidnap or assassinate one of the Princesses, and you attacked the Hotel to kidnap Euphemia for yourself, now you are here to try your hand at a different target!"

"Different target? You mean there is another Princess here?" Naruto asked. The woman instantly froze in shock... She knew right then, she had said too much.

"I see... Well now that you know that much, I can not allow you to live." She called throwing a dozen more kunai which Naruto rolled backwards to avoid.

"Heh... Nice try lady, but now all you've done is give me a chance to replenish my arsenal!" He called out grabbing two kunai and quickly inspecting them. "Ohhh... steel... We don't get a lot of steel kunai in my world, they're mostly used for swords and spears." He said brandishing both of them and lunging up at her.

Only to be cut off by the pointed toe of a black three-inch stilleto pump smashing into the underside of his chin. His head snapped up, a tooth popped out of his mouth, and he fell to the floor seemingly knocked out.

The woman admired her handy work then grimaced annoyed at the sight of blood stains on her black thigh-high stocking. "Well thanks a lot." She said to the downed boy. "High quality hose like these don't come cheep, especially on a Japanese maid's salary." She walked up with a kunai prepared to finish him off when...

*SLASH-SNAP! SLASH-SNAP!* With two powerful slashes from her kunai, Naruto snaps the heels clean off the woman's pumps, causing her to lose balance and fall on her butt. Naruto then popped up and backed away from her. The woman then could see a faint red aura around his body as he opened his mouth and a new tooth seemed to grow into place where the one she had kicked out of his mouth had been.

"Word of advice... When fighting in high heels, anticipate your opponent breaking them." Naruto said remembering the time he used that tactic to gain his first victory over Grandma Tsunade in a sparing match. Granted Tsunade pounded the crap of of him afterwards, then docked his next 10 mission's pay to replace her shoes, but looking back, it was well worth it.

The woman quickly kicked away her ruined shoes and stood up angrily. At the rate they were fighting, all her clothes would end up damaged. brandishing her two last kunai, he charged at the boy. stabbing and kicking rapidly with surgical precision. The boy was on a move as well, dodging and parrying each attack as it came. The wear and tear was getting to him... He knew he had to end this fight soon.

Finally the woman forced him to the edge of the roof, and launched a double stab with both kunai. That was the opening Naruto the kunai, he grabbed her wrists and leaned backward falling off the roof, and sending her flying over him as well. He then quickly formed a hand seal. "Transformation Jutsu: Rubber Man special!" He said as his entire skin turned red and smooth without pores, and he bounced off the ground and landed on his feet. The woman was not so lucky.

*THUD!* She hit the ground with a sickening jolt. "I'm sorry... He said to her, but you forced me to defend myself."

"Sayoko... Are you there? I heard yelling?" A meek voice said from the front door. Naruto spun around to see a young girl in a wheelchair with her eyes shut right in front of him. "Please answer me... I'm scared." She said. Naruto just stood there in shock... shock turned to a horrible feeling, he had just killed this poor girl's friend. He wanted to say something, but nothing could come out of his mouth, he just stood there, staring at her.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Sayoko yelled coming up behind him, and wrapping her removed nylon stockings around his throat in a second. She pulled hard, determined to choke this boy out.

"Sayoko! What is it?" The poor girl asked frightened.

"This man is after you, Nunnally. I'm trying to protect you!" She yelled.

Naruto was at the end of his rope... He was about to pass out. "No! I can't go down like this... Not like... THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

In a second a strong red aura was surrounding the boy, and in turn a long red tail made of energy emerged from his lower back... It lashed out and grabbed Sayoko around the waist, and picked her up, slamming her onto the ground. "I TOLD YOU! I'm not out to hurt anyone!" He yelled. "I just want something to eat and a place to sleep!" All Sayoko heard was yelling, and all she saw was a monstrous red aura surrounding the boy. "A monster!" She yelled. "Nunnally run I'll protect you!" She cried running after him.

"That's it! KYUUBI AERO CLAW!" Naruto yelled as the fingernails on one hand lengthened into claws and a mini tornado seemed to whirl around each one. The second Sayoko got into range. Naruto executed an upward slash with those claws. The claws tore her maid's outfit completely open, revealing her black garter belt, and lacy bra and bikini panty set for all to see, yet leaving her flesh unscathed. The wind on the claws sent her flying twenty feet in the air, where she crashed hard onto the ground. She groaned... wiggled her bare feet to see if she could still move them, then finally fell unconscious.

"What's going on!" Lelouch asked as he came outside. "Him! It's him the guy from the Hotel." Lelouch said. "Dammit, why is he here of all places.""Excuse me sir... Why are you here, and why is my maid..." Lelouch took one look at the half naked Sayoko, and got a large nosebleed. It was at this time that Naruto also looked at her and got the same nosebleed.

"Look." He tried to explain. "I'm sorry, about this, but she attacked me first. If you just let me have something to eat. I promise I'll help treat her wounds, and explain everything." He tried to offer.

"Lelouch... I think we should help him." Nunnally said. "He seems nice enough."

"Dammit Nunnally, this isn't exactly a fender bender on main street." Lelouch thought. "Okay... Help me bring her, in, and we'll talk." Lelouch said walking over to Sayoko. "Here... I'll take her feet." Lelouch said grabbing her ankles.

"Oh... You perv." Naruto said. "Even Pervy Sage wouldn't use a girl's injury to capitalize on some fetish!" Naruto yelled. Lelouch was stunned.

"WHAT!" He yelled. "I do not have a foot fetish, that is utterly disgusting! I was just saying that cause her legs weigh less than her torso, and you're obviously stronger than I am!" He yelled. "My god! Do ALL of you blonds have your mind constantly in the gutter! I swear you are as bad as Milly!"

Naruto was snickering... He was aiming to get that kind of reaction out of the guy, then he heard Milly's name. "Huh Milly... You mean Milly from the Hotel?" Naruto asked.

"Oh... You don't know..." Lelouch sighed. "Just help me get her inside, after we patch her up, we'll have some explaining to do."

(Inside the Clubhouse.)

After about an hour, they had Sayoko cleaned, and bandaged up, and she was sleeping in her room. Naruto Lelouch, and Nunnally were sitting around the kitchen table explaining their life stories and where they came from.

"I'm... Very sorry." Naruto told Nunnally... I can't even imagine what that must have been like for you." He said glancing at the girl who sat blind and crippled.

"Nor can I imagine... what it was like for you to grow up like that." Nunnally said.

"Well... You've certainly prooven to me that there is at least some truth to what you are saying." Lelouch said. "You are welcome to stay here at least for tonight." Lelouch said. "You can sleep on the couch in the living room."

"If you need more leg room, you can pull up some of the padded chairs." Nunnally offered.

"Thanks guys." Naruto said finishing off the last of what Lelouch said was microwave beef soup... It wasn't ramen, but at least it was food. "I promise I'll find a way to repay you for your kindness."

"You are welcome." Lelouch said. "In the meantime, it is your bedtime missy." Lelouch told Nunnally as he led her up to her room.

"Big brother... I am not a baby." Nunnally whined playfully as she wheeled alongside him.

Naruto soon lay on the couch and relaxed... As he relaxed he began to focus and enhance his hearing. He heard the sounds of Nunnally, and Sayoko in a relaxing state of sleep, then when he turned to Lelouch's room, he heard a conversation.

"Why did you let him stay here?" A woman who sounded somewhat like Sakura asked.

"I had no choice... I simply could not turn him away in front of Nunnally, and besides... This is the perfect time to get to know him... To see whether he is a potential aly or enemy."

"You're trying to get him to join the Black Knights?" The woman asked.

"I have to try... He already forced me to use my Geass on him once... Such a mundane command too... Let me go... What was I thinking?" He asked himself.

"Black Knights... Geass... That must mean... OH... SHIT!" Naruto thought... The man who was helping him... He pretty much knew it was all just to avenge his mother, but knowing that hardly made him feel any better. "I have to get out of here... I'll leave first thing in the morning before everyone else wakes up." He said.

(Britannian Research Lab.)

"What did you find?" Cornelia asked Cecile sternly. When Cecile announced that she had found something, the Princess burst out of bed and ran down to the lab to see what had been found. Not even bothering to change out of her nightgown, or even put shoes on. Much to Guilford, and Darlton's dismay.

"Well... According to the biometric data... There appears to be a massive increase in the electrical charge of his body, as well as in the efficiancy of calorie burning." Cecile began showing her various charts. "For example... If the average human being gained five minutes of activity for X amount of calories burned... This boy would gain roughly twenty-eight minutes for the same amount of calories."

"Very well. But how does that explain how he is able to do the things he does?" Cornelia said.

"Upon further inspection of various X-rays, and real time thermographic video. I was able to analyse it and make a small chart of something interesting." She pulled up a video of a transparent version of his body. The seemed to be some sort of current flowing from his abdomen, to his extremities and back again. "My hypothesis is that what we are seeing is some sort of energy similar to electricity or heat... And that this is somehow the key to his strength, speed,and the powers our soldiers were said to describe him using."

"I see, and do you have any idea how powerful he would be in comparison to our Knightmares?" Cornelia asked.

"Based on everything that has been seen so far. I'd have to say he's at least on the same level as a Gloucester, but I wouldn't be suprised if he was actually powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Lancelot." Cecile said.

"I see..." Cornelia spun. "ASPLUND!" She yelled.

"Yes my lady?" He asked not breaking his expression for a second.

"I am willing to overlook your passing an assignment I gave you off to your assistant on only one condition." She said getting nose-to-nose with him. "I want you to modify my Gloucester. Upgrade it however you can... Anyway you have to... But I want it capable of performing on par with the Lancelot, and I want it ASAP." She said.

"Princess, please reconsider." Guilford set. "Your body can't handle the strain of such a machine, you cannot put yourself in such danger."

"I agree..." Suzaku said as he came in. "Please your highness, let me handle the Boy myself."

"With all due respect Kururugi... We cannot rely on an Eleven for battle against this new enemy. This is a matter of pride, and I will take care of this foe myself. Honor demands it." She said storming away her two Knights hot on her bare heels. As she left the lab, she ran into Euphemia who had taken the time to get dressed.

"Sister, what are you doing up?" Cornelia asked.

"I heard there was a development in the Naruto case, and I wanted to see what it was. Sister, you can't do this to him... He saved me, he saved the Hostages. He's a hero!"

Cornelia sighed and put her hand on her sister's shoulder. "You are far too naive sister... he is a super powered trouble maker and a threat to Britannia's hold over this territory. He has to be dealt with one way or another."

"How can you say that?" Euphemia asked shocked. "He's a human being with dreams and feelings just like us. He's not an abomination that needs to be destroyed, he can be reasoned with, talked to!"

"That is enough, Euphie!" Cornelia said harshly. "You are obviously corrupted by this boy, and the Kururugi boy! You have no idea what you are talking about."

"Tell me something sister... If I was not among the hostages at the hotel... would you have let them all die?" Euphie asked shaking... Cornelia, was stunned, she did not know what to say... She didn't want to lie to her sister, but at the same time... She knew this would hurt her.

"I see... I didn't want to believe it... You... Clovis... You're just the same as father when he threw out Lelouch and Nunnally!" She yelled.

*SLAP!* Euphie was laterally spun around one-hundred-eighty degrees from that blow. She stood there in shock shaking. "You... You hit me." She said in shock.

"Euphie... I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-" Cornelia said instantly feeling horible, putting her ahnd on her sister's shoulder.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Euphie cried out pushing her sister away, and running down the hall.

"Euphie! NO! Come back!" Cornelia cried as she was overtaken by sobs.

(Outside the Ashford clubhouse.)

It was early morning when Milly walked over the the club house to check on Lelouch and Nunnally... She got really worried as he saw several discarded Kunai and destroyed clothing... She was about to run to the door and see what was going on, when Naruto came through the door quietly.

"NARUTO!" Milly screamed in a combination of surprise and joy hugging him tight. "Why are you here!"

"GAH!" He cried being smothered into her ample chest. "I swear even Grandma Tsunade wasn't so big!"He thought trying to pull himself away. He finally managed to free himself from her grip. "Milly, hi it's nice to see you, look I'll explain everything, but not right now." Naruto said fidgeting for a second as he tried to figure out what to do. "I got it... Meet me on the roof of that building tomorrow night." Naruto said pointing to Ashford Acadamy. "I'll explain everything there." With that he took off in a powerful leap. Milly was utterly stunned.

Meanwhile from his room, Lelouch watched angrily. "Dammit... He ran off again... But why... Did Milly drive him off, or did he plan to leave before she came... I suppose I owe her, if it's the latter... Her yelling woke me up after all... Whatever... I need to get back to planning for Narita."

(Just outside the Tokyo Settlement... At the base of the Narita Mountains... The next day.)

Naruto was back on the run... Looking for a steady food supply, and decent shelter, but at least he wasn't within throwing distance of someone who might want to kill him. He was thinking about what his next move would be, and more importantly what he would say to Milly... Should he tell her about Zero, or not? All this weighed heavily on his mind... Then there was a massive rumble. A giant landslide was bearing straight down on him. Looking to bury both him AND the settlement.


(End of Chapter 5)

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