Chapter 6

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(Just outside the Tokyo Settlement... At the base of the Narita Mountains... The next day.)

"Dammit... Even if I get out of the way... The settlement will be buried under the dirt... This calls for something drastic!" "Shadow clone jutsu!" Naruto yelled as eighteen-hundred copies of himself appeared. Forming two lines of nine-hundred each. They split into pairs. Each pair created a larger beach volleyball-sized version of the Rasangen. "BIG BALL RASANGEN!" He yelled as the second line of four-hundred-and-fifty clones drove their Rasangens into the ground, as the front line then drove their Rasangens head on into the advancing colum of dirt.

*BOOM!* The advancing column of dirt was now being rapidly ground into a giant cloud of dust that slowly hovered over the city. Naruto figured it would bloc out the sun, and make breathing and visibility difficult, but at least they wouldn't be buried alive. Eventually the advancing pile of dirt got too great, and toppled over the first line of clones who dissolved under the weight of the Earth. That was where the second line came in.

By then the second line of clones had used their Rasangens to create a giant hole between the settlement and the mountains 20 feet wide, 200 meters long, and 200 feet advancing column of dirt poured into this hole just barely managing to fill it. When all was said and done, the surviving clones that were not buried poofed out of existence, while the real Naruto collapsed on the ground.

"...Boy that was tough..." Naruto said as he focused his hearing... He could hear the sounds of a large battle going on up in the mountains. "Those IDIOTS!" He yelled to himself. "Don't they realize the danger they just put this town in! They're as bad as Akatsuki!" He yelled bolting up the mountain.

(Up in the mountains.)

Five Burai Kais, had just eliminated an entire Britannian unit. The sole survivor piloting a deep purple Gloucester with a cape quickly fled the scene. "Damn. I have to go help the Princess." Guilford said retreating. The five machines were about to pursue when Naruto burst from the forrest, and landed right in the center of them.

"Hey!" A female voice of one of the machines yelled pointing an assault rifle at him. "It's that kid from the Hotel."

Naruto quickly flashed through some handsigns. "Solid Air shove Jutsu!" Naruto said thrusting with his plam sending what looked like a colum of air down the barrel of her rifle causing it to explode."

"AHHH! Son of a! You're gonna pay for that!" She took a swipe with a red-hot chainsaw-bladed katana, but Naruto easily jumped over it, and landed on her head.

"Hey stop it!" Naruto yelled. "Don't you realize your fighting caused a giant landslide! You nearly killed a lot of Innocent people!"

"Landslide?" The man in a Burai with white painting asked.

"Pssh, so what! Who cares about a bunch of goddamn Britannians anyway!" A younger male voice yelled as he fired an assault rifle burst at Naruto. The young ninja jumped in the air, and a single bullet struck the woman's Knightmare in the head.

"AHH! Watch it Asahina!" She yelled.

"Sorry Chiba." He said.

"Let us handle this!" An older sounding man said as the last two Burais fired their slash harkens at Naruto. Naruto spun and twisted in mid air to avoid the blades. Then landed onto the cable of one, and started running down it.

"What the!" A man who sounded slightly younger than the older sounding man said.

"Urabe look out!" The leader said trying to cut the cable with his own Katana, but it was two late as Naruto jumped into the air and flashed through a series of handsigns.

"Transformation jutsu: Lead foot special!" Naruto yelled as in a puff of smoke his enteri leg from the shin down, was now seemingly made of lead, pants leg, sandal, and all. "HIYAA!" He cried coming down hard on the torso of the Burai with a mighty axe kick which tore off most of the torso.

"Shit! I can't eject... She's gonna blow!" Urabe yelled as the door opened, and he jumped from the Knightmare and ran behind a tree just seconds before it fell to the ground, and blew up.

"Boy! You are gonna pay for that." The Older man yelled.

"Semba calm down!" The leader said. " "Everyone, surround him!" He yelled as the four remaining Burai's charged at Naruto and began to run circles around him. After about a minute they stopped.

"Huh? Where'd he go?" Chiba asked.

"Underground!" Asahina yelled noticing a small hole in the ground.

"AHHH!" Semba yelled as his Burai was dragged underground, he managed to eject before the machine was sent completely under.

"Dammit! Now he got Semba too!" Chiba yelled. "What the hell is this kid!" She and Asahina got right next to each other side to side.

*POP!* Naruto blasted out of the ground between them. Instinctively Asahina and Chiba both swung at him. Naruto spun in the air to avoid both swords... And they accidentally each stuck the other in the side.

"SHIT!" They both yelled as they ejected seconds before their machines fell to the ground and exploded.

Naruto then popped out from behind the tree he had taken cover behind. "Heh! Ain't I a stinker." He said with a smirk. In a second though the leader was op top of him, ruthlessly slashing and stabbing at him with his Katana.

"You wanna play rough eh!" Naruto asked forming a Rasangen in each hand. "FINE BY ME!" With that he parried the large katana with one Rasangen, snapping it in two, and with the other Rasangen leaped up and slammed it into the torso. Upwards he went destroying the entire front of the torso, leaving the leader exposed in his pilot chair as his knightmare crashed backward.

"Well... Go ahead." He said as he stared at Naruto looking down on him. "Finish me."

"No..." Naruto said. "Just leave this battle and I will not hurt you. You still have to liberate this land right? Just do it the honorable way were civilians don't have to be put at risk."

The man slowly unstrapped himself and climbed out of the frame. "My name is Kyoshiro Tohdoh... I hope to see you again someday." He said bowing before he took off into the forest.

Naruto couldn't help but smile at that. "Nice to know at least someone around here has a sense of honor." Naruto said before hearing the sounds of more fighting and moving to investigate.

(Further along inside the mountains. In a small canyon.)

"Dammit!" Cornelia yelled as the Guren took off her Knightmare's other arm... Her Gloucester being upgraded... She was forced to resort to a regular Gloucester spray painted in her colors.

"Princess Cornelia... I have been waiting to see you for quite some time." Zero said advancing on her. Suddenly the Lancelot burst through the canyon walls. "Unhand the Princess!" Suzaku yelled driving both Lelouch and Kallen back with shots from the VARIS.

"Dammit!" Kallen yelled firing up her radiation wave shield tyo block his shots, but her machine's arm was falling fast. "I can't hold on much longer. Zero... Get out of here! I'll hold him off."

"No Q1! You are too important to sacrifice... Run away as well." Lelouch said retreating in his custom Burai.

"Are you alright your Highness?" Suzaku asked.

"Don't worry about me, just stop Zero!" Cornelia yelled putting aside her pride for once.

"R-right!" He said taking off.

He began to pursue Zero... With a few more shots from his VARIS, he disabled the Burai causing the man to eject. When he exited his discarded pod. Suzaku was waiting for him.

"Zero... You may have helped back at the Hotel, but you are still a terrorist. You must be stopped." Suzaku said.

"STOP FIGHTING!" Naruto leaped out of the forest and crashed into the Lancelot with a mighty shoulder tackle that threw it off balance, causing it to fire it's VARIS wildly in the air. "Don't you fools realized you almost buried the settlement if a damn landslide!"

"LANDSLIDE!" Both of them yelled in shock.

"I... I didn't mean to... Oh god." Lelouch fought to himself.

"Stop this senseless fighting... All you are doing is putting innocent civilians in more danger." Naruto said. "You of all people should not want that to happen, isn't that right Lelouch?" Naruto asked him making sure Suzaku couldn't hear using wind jutsu to keep the sound away from him. Lelouch's heart stopped at that question.

"H-... H-How!" He asked shocked and horrified.

"I have really good ears... It comes from having a Fox sealed in you, combined with ninja training." Naruto said.

"Stop this right now!" Suzaku yelled. "You are both enemies to the Empire, and I have to take both of you in!" He fired his VARIS again.

"Shadow clone pyramid!" Naruto yelled forming a wall of shadow clones to intercept the shot then used the smoke as cover to launch a flying kick combo at Lancelot. "Stop! This! Damn! Fighting! NOW!" He yelled with each kick.

*SLAM* Suzaku nailed the ninja with a powerful backhand sending him flying into a tree. "Naruto... Euphie may care for you, and I also care for her, but at the same time I have to fulfill my own goals... You will have to defeat me if you want to survive." He thought drawing an MVS and advancing on him. He pointed the VARIS at Naruto and slowly nudged him with the gun.

*POW!* "Naruto swiftly kicked the rifle so hard it flew out of Lancelot's hand. Suzaku instantly countered with a swing of his MVS, just as Naruto began to spring up.

*SHLUCK!* Naruto landed back on his feet to a disturbing sight... There was a large sideways cut on his stomach, and his intestines spilled out onto the floor. Naruto was shocked... shock turned into anger... anger turned into bloodlust!

Suzaku was shocked to see a massive red aura surround Naruto, then some force was pulling his intestines back into his body and sealing the cut under his ruined jumpsuit. His eyes turned red, nails lengthened into claws.

"RAAAAAGH!" Naruto yelled thrusting both his hands out, two large aura clawed hands reached out and grabbed his shoulders. One seemingly effortless pull later, Lancelot was now missing both it's arms.

"Dammit! This guy... He's not human!" Suzaku exclaimed firing off his hip mounted slash harkens at Naruto only for them to be blocked somewhat by the aura surrounding Naruto only just pushing him back a little. "It's no good! I have to get out of here!" He yelled retreating from the fight.

"COME BACK HERE!" Naruto yelled about to pursue, when something grabbed his shoulder. He spun around to see a Green haired woman standing behind him, looking him in the eye, when their eye's meant, Naruto was bombarded with various visions he couldn't understand... It was all so confusing and strange that he passed out.

(A small cave in Narita some time later.)

When Naruto woke up, he found himself laying on a makeshift bed in a cave with Lelouch, and the strange woman standing over him.

"Naruto... We need to talk." Lelouch said.

(End of Chapter 6)