Chapter 7

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(A small cave in the Narita Mountains.)

"I want answers!" Naruto yelled spring up, grabbing Lelouch and pinning him against the wall. "Why are you doing these things? Does your sister know about this? How can you put your life in danger like this, knowing she depends on you? What the hell is Geass, and who is she!" He yelled pointing at C.C.

"Naruto... Calm down... I have no intention of hurting or running away from you, just put me down and I will explain everything." Lelouch said in a panicky voice. Naruto slowly calmed down, and let him go, but still remained close enough to grab him if he tried to get away.

"I am doing this, to find out the truth behind my Mother's death, and to create a peaceful world for Nunnally to live in. No, she does no know about this, and if you care at all for her emotional health and well being, you will do nothing to tell her. As I said before, the goal I pursue is well worth the risks it poses to me. Geass is a special power that enables me to command anyone to do anything I want, it can only be used once per person, so don't worry about me using it on you. That woman is C.C., she is the one who gave me this power."

"Wow..." Naruto said in shock, but he quickly composed himself. "Even so... Don't you realize what you almost caused with that Landslide... You could have killed alot of people!

"I admit, that part was my fault, and mine alone... I caused the landslide intending to cut the enemy's froces in two, but I never realized the full scope of what I had committed. I am deeply sorry."

"Yeah... How is the settlement doing anyway?" Naruto asked.

"Wellllll..." Lelouch said nervously.

(Tokyo settlement, Viceroy's palace.)

"GODDAMN THAT FUCKING ELEVEN BRAT!" Cornelia screamed in a blind rage. The entire Tokyo settlement, including the entirty of the Viceroy's palace was completely covered in a thick layer of darkened dust.

"At least it could have been a lot worse." Euphemia thought observing from the deck of a G-1 base.

(Back in the Cave.)

"According to reports, the entire Settlement is covered in dust." Lelouch has said. "A few people have been hospitalized for inhaling it, but no deaths have been reported."

"Well at least that's good to hear." Naruto said. "So what exactly do you plan to do now?"

"I'm going to wipe out what remains of the JLF." Lelouch said. "At this point they will only be a hindrance."

"Understood... And you want my help?" Naruto said.

"Yes... I would like it." Lelouch said extending his hand.

"Alright... I'll do it." Naruto said after a moment of contemplation. "You seem to be a decent person deep down... But I have one condition... Princess Euphemia... She is NEVER to be harmed. You harm her, or use that power on her, I will kill you myself." He said darkly.

"You needn't worry." Lelouch said. "I have no intention of doing any such thing. Now come along." He said getting up to leave.

"Where are we going?" Naruto asked.

"Where else, your clothes are ruined. you need new ones." Lelouch said with a smile.

(Lloyd's Lab)

"These readings are amazing..." Lloyd observed. "Not only are the target's healing abilities far greater than what was previously stated, but now he appears to have some sort of telekinetic ability."

"You actually admire that... thing?" Suzaku asked in shock.

"Not for what he does." Lloyd said with a dismissive wave. "For what he is... For what he can potentially give us... An entire new generation in potential military, and medical technology. Suzaku, Cecile, do you two not realize that we may be literally on the heels of a potential new era in warfare."

"Indeed... He is impressive... and he saved the settlement from that landslide... This boy is a hero." Cecile admitted.

Suzaku opened his mouth to protest, but nothing could come out. "She is right about that..." He admitted in his mind. "He did what even the Lancelot and I probably couldn't do... But still... If Zero caused the Landslide... Why did he save him... I have to find out the truth... Even if it means fighting him again."

"Whether or not he saved anyone is irrelevant." Cornelia said. "He is too valuble a potential asset to be allowed to run free. Asplund... How is my Glouscester coming along."

"It's almost completed... It should be fully battle operational with two days." Lloyd answered.

"Excellent." Cornelia said. "Just you wait boy... I will make you pay for all the trouble you've caused me."

(Ashford Academy... Rooftop... Later that night.)

Milly was waiting for Naruto to show up... She couldn't quite explain it... But she wanted to look good for this occasion. Gone was her Ashford school uniform in favor of a purple blouse open just enough to show a decent amount of cleavage... a shin-length black ballroom skirt covered her lower body... Her feet were clad in nothing save for a pair of three-inch silver pumps. Her nails painted a pale pink color. She had been waiting on the rooftop for over an hour, and it was getting a little cold.

*sigh* "Maybe he's not coming..." Milly said sadly... She was about to head back downstairs. When she heard something land on the roof.

"Sorry if I kept you waiting... I had some other stuff to take care of." Naruto's voice said. Milly spun around and saw him. Naruto now had on an orange t-shirt with a black multi-pocked vest over it. He had on a pair of black cargo pants with an orange strip going down each side, held up by a small, but multi-pocketed utility belt. His sandals were replaced with black combat boots.

"Naruto?... You look amazing..." Milly said blushing just a bit.

"Uhhh... Thanks..." Naruto said blushing as well.

Milly decided to cut straight to the point. "I want to know who you are, and where you come from." She said bluntly. "I mean... You are such an amazing and fascinating person... I just want the full story of the man who saved me..."

Naruto sighed before speaking. "Okay... You might want to either sit down, or take those heels off, cause this will take awhile."

Over the next three hours, Naruto told Milly everything he knew about his world. "She cried upon hearing about the Kyuubi being sealed inside him, and about his lonely childhood. She smiled, and laughed at some of the funny pranks he pulled. She heard it all... His battles with Haku, Neji, and Gaara. The death of the Third Hokage. His mission to find Tsunade. Sasuke's defection from Konoha. The three year training trip. The battles with Akatsuki. The death of his mentor Jiraiya, and finally him fleeing to this world to spare his village from Akatsuki's wrath. When it was all over, Milly grabbed him into a powerful embrace.

"How can someone go through so much... and still be such a wonderful human being..." She said tears freely leaking from her eyes.

"I just do the best I can... day after day..." He admitted. He really had no answer to that himself.

"It's late..." She observed. "I should get some sleep." She tried to get up, but fell right back down... She was too tired to even move. "Oh dear... Naruto... Can you carry me to my room?" She asked blushing... For all her perverted antics, she was actually very shy when it came to such things.

"Sure..." He said scooping her up in his arms and carrying her downstairs. Trying his hardest not to be seen as she directed him to her dorm room. He finally managed to get her inside her room. He gently lay her on the bed, as she slipped off her heels, letting them clatter to the floor.

"Naruto... Can you... sleep with me?" Milly asked shyly.

Naruto blushed, but for some reason was unable to say no... He pulled off his boots and socks and crawled into the bed with her. Milly then shamelessly began to curl up right into his arms, mashing her ample bossum into his defined chest. "Naruto... Would you be able... to spend some more time with me?" Milly asked.

"Of course... I've been caught up in so much... I would like that a lot." Naruto said gently rubbing her back to provide a source of comfort.

"Thank you..." Milly said kissing his cheek and dozing off.

Naruto blushed and dozed off as well... Getting his first truly peaceful night of sleep since arriving in this world.

(End of Chapter 7)