Savior of Shadows

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Chapter 1: "Please don't leave…"

It was a beautiful night out, the stars were bright, the moon shining, and crickets chirping…but not to one individual. The black dragoness walked quietly through the halls of the ancient temlpe, careful not to wake anyone. As she arrived at the gate, she stopped and turned back to take one last look at the temple before she left.

As she was about the leave, the dragoness heard the sound of claws scratching across the floor, so she quickly hid behind a pillar. As the scratching got closer, Cynder could see a bright yellow glow and a purple dragon standing next to glow in the middle of the room. She could hear a conversation going on:

"Sparx," said the purple dragon, Spyro, "I think there's something wrong with Cynder…"

"Well ya!" yelled the glowing dragonfly known as Sparx, "Ofcourse there is! She's probably trying to find a way to kill us again!"

"No she's not Sparx! She was being controlled by the Dark Master! What would you think if the Dark Master took control of me?"

"Um…well…I would…ummm…," stammered the dragonfly.

"Well, I'll ask her what's wrong in the morning, but we should get some sleep now, c'mon." With that they both went-off down the hallway they came.

After about a minute, Cynder slowly walked to the door again, but she didn't notice her tail hit a pedistal, until it hit the ground with a loud THUD. Cynder stood frozen for a second, then she shook her body and sprinted out the door when she heard claws on the floor again, but she forgont to close the door behind her. When Spyro ran back into the room and saw the door open, he ran outside and was shocked to see Cynder running away. Then Sparx flew out and yelled, "Ha! Good riddance!"

Spyro turned to yell at Sparx, but when he did, Sparx's wings, which are usually blurrs, are now moving very slowly. Then Spyro said "What the hell, everything is so slow." He turned to see Cynder running slowly too, so he took advantage of the moment and ran in front of her, but just as he did, everything went back to normal and Cynder plowed into Spyro, making them both tumble over eachother until stopping after rolling a few feet.

As Cynder moved to get up, Spyro jumped in front of her and said, "Cynder! What are you doing?!" Cynder just starred at the ground with a sad look on her face, "Cynder? What's wrong? Why are you leaving?" Spyro starred at her in a confuzed, yet compassionate way, while Cynder starred at the the ground. "It's not your fault you know."

"BUT IT IS!", screamed Cynder as she looked up at Spyro with tears sreaming down her face, "I killed hundreds without mercy! I don't deserve your generosity!" Spyro continued to stare at her compassionately. Cynder was now breathing heavily and she had an exasperated look on her face with tears still streaming.

"Cynder," Spyro said softly, "it's not your fault, it's the Dark Master's fault." Spyro started speaking louder, "and one day, I'm going to make him pay for what he did to dragons, for what he did to the world." Cynder was now breathing normaly, but she looked away from Spyro as he continued. "But mostly, I'm going to make him pay for what he did to you."

At Spyro's last word, Cynder turned back at Spyro with tears welling in her eyes, while Spyro had a gentle smile on his face. Then suddednly, Cynder jumped at Spyro giving him a loving embrace while nearly knocking him over and said, "Oh Spyro, thank you." Of course, Spyro didn't expect this at all so he had a confuzed and shocked expression on his face, which was also turning redder by the moment.

After a while, Cynder broke the embrace and gave Spyro a light kiss (which made the now red Spyro, even a brighter red), then whispered in his ear, "I'll see you later." And walked off back to the temple. Spyro was still bright red in the face and hadn't moved when Sparx flew over and started laughing in his face,

"HAHAHA! OH WOW!" Then Sparx started making kissing faces and said, "Spyro and Cynder sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N…WHOA!" Sparx flew back as Spyro swung his tail at him. "Jeese man, lighten-up! I'm only messin' around…" and he started flying fack to the temple with Spyro close behind. Spyro wondered to himself "What just HAPPENED!?"


In the weird realm of Convexity, a voice was eminating from a dark portal in the center of a large floating "island", "Now, my assassin, go. I have one more task for you, and if you succeed, you can go free, but should you fail, you WILL pay the price."

"Yes, Dark Master"

"Your task is to kill that little wretch Cynder."

"Y-yes, master."

"Hm? Was that a stutter? What's so different from the others you have killed, my assassin?" After there was no response, then Dark Master's voice said, "Ohhhhh. I see. You are afraid to kill a girl? Then perhaps you don't deserve to be free. Oh well, I guess you did everything for nothing. I'll just have to order Gual to kill your…

"Wait! I'll do it, master…"

"Good. Now go!" A pair of wings unfolded in the shadows, one wing pitch black, and the other a dull grey. The grey wing had a large scar streatching almost the length of the whole wing. After the black dragon that owned the wings flexed them a few times, he flapped them to lift himself from the ground then flew to a nearby platform with a portal on it. A pair of silver eyes starred through the portal at the dragon temple with a look of sorrow. Then the dragon walked through while a voice echoed in his head,

"Do not fail me, my assassin of shadow, for if you do you WILL pay the price!"

"You don't have to do this brother…"

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