"Mail's here everyone!" Mr. Pendasnki called out to the members of D-Tent and began handing out various letter. Zero turned away, he never got mail.
"All right let's see, one for Stanley…" Pendanski handed Caveman a pink envelope while the others exploded with laughter.
"Oooh, a letter for Stan-ley!" Squid crowed while Armit made kissing noises.
"Now, Now, Alan, I've got a letter for you too," Pendasnki dropped an envelope into the lap of a mortified Squid while the others picked up on the tormenting. Squid grimaced.
"And one for…Zero?" Mr. Pendanski was shocked. The others stared incredulously.

Zero never got mail.

Zero sat up from his bed in disbelief. There in Pendanski's hand was a single letter left. The others stared in shock, too amazed to pick on him. Finally after an irregular silence, Pendanski chimed in.
"Well, come on Zero! Look alive!"
Still amazed, Zero stood slowly and walked across the tent to Mr. Pendanski. Pendanski smirked down at the small boy. Zero grabbed the letter and silently went back to his cot.
It must have been a mistake, he thought to himself. Tearing open the envelope with haste Zero sat upright in his cot and just stared at the letter on the page. Over an hour passed and Zero continued to stare at the wordless scribble in front of him. While all the others left for dinner, Stanley approached Zero and sat down.
"Hey man, what's up? Who's the letter from?" Zero stared incredulously.
"I can't read…" Caveman's face fell shamefully.
"Right, sorry, I um. Forgot." Neither one spoke for a fair few minutes. Stanley continued to stare at the ground embarrassed. Finally, he turned to leave resignedly.
"Could you read it to me?"
Caveman turned around. His only friend at Camp Green Lake was staring with furrowed brows at him; Zero was ashamed to ask, but he had to know who it was from.


Dear Sheeni,Thanks for writing, you're the only one who has. I got sent to Camp Green Lake for stealing a pair of shoes…I know it's stupid, but you'll never believe me if I told you the whole story. Camp's pretty bad. There aren't any barred windows, but that's just because there are no windows. Not in tents. I didn't get a phone call, because only the warden has a telephone, and apparently she's the devil. It's pretty hot all the time, and the people who run this place make us dig holes every day. It's pretty weird though; despite all the bad stuff, I don't really mind it. I mean, I have a place to stay, and regular meals. That's already an improvement from the way I used to live. The only reason why I even want to get out of here is so I can find my mother. Mrs. Pickford kept telling me that I should think about going to live with another family; that my mom probably can't take care of me right now. I don't believe her. My mom's different I swear. She would never leave me like that; I'm positive it was just an accident…I mean, the way we were living…it's understandable. No matter, I'm gonna find her. It'll happen, Sheeni, I promise. I'm gonna find her. And when I do, we'll get you out of the group home too.
I promise,
Hector "Zero"

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