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21 Ways To Annoy, Bug, Or Embarrass Sasuke Uchiha!

1. Confide in him that if you had to pick one adjective to describe him, it would be dainty.

2. Call him your "delicate flower of the meadow".

3. Follow him around, all the time. You may call it stalking. Even when he goes into his apartment, just sit in front of his door, staring at it.

4. When he finally freaks and asks why you are following him, or to stop stalking him, don't say anything. Just take a picture and run away.

5. Call him your "little love monkey".

6. Get Team 7 in on this one. One day, arrange for all of you to meet. Wear a very large, ridiculous, and colorful hat to this occasion. When Sasuke asks you about it, say: "What hat? I think it's time to lay off the hallucinogens, Uchiha." Have the other members of Team 7 pretend there is not hat, as well.

7. Ask him, in a screaming fangirl sort of way, if he could sign your butt.

8. Say to him, "So, Uchiha. I hear you want to revive your clan." Then dump an entire box of Tic-Tacs in your mouth. "You know, I've got great genetics."

9. Say his name after everything you say, even if it's not about him. Remember to mispronounce it.

10. When he corrects you, say, "It's okay, my little flower of the meadow," in a soothing voice. Then pat him on the head.

11. Mail him a bundle of dead roses, signed from you.

12. Mail him a bundle of live roses, signed from Rock Lee.

13. Ask him what his favorite brand of tampon is, then precede to tell him which brand is your favorite and why. Leave out no details.

14. Tell him that since his voice is so deep, it means he's already gone through puberty, so he will most likely not grow any taller.

15. Ask him if he prefers boxers or briefs. Say that personally, you prefer to go commando. Grin suggestively.

16. Tell him that the name 'Uchiha' somehow reminds you of monkeys.

17. Buy a 40DDD bra online and have it shipped to his house.

18. Run up to him during training and slip him a rubber, very obviously, whispering "Just in case" and motioning to Naruto.

19. Be Captain Obvious: "Did you ever notice that the Uchiha symbol looks like a fan?"

20. Ask him if he wants you to give him a neck massage. With your teeth.

21. When he's with Team 7, run up to him and say loudly, "So I heard what happened last night. Did you at least get his phone number?"

And an extra, just for you: Tell him that his opnion doesn't count, because he's a muggle. The shout random spells from Harry Potter at him.

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