This is the sequel to Broken Angel- a story by Sophie-LA-is-foolio. She is an a-maz-ing writer and if u ever need a good story 2 read, go check her out. Her stories r on mii favs and yeah. If u did read Broken Angel then u will no that this is the last chapter, the epilogue of that story. Well, it's the prologue of this story! And we will also will be posting the chapter today as well.

Everyone stared at me like I had three heads. I was the first to move after this information. I looked down at the things I had brought back with me, trying to decipher what each person had given me for everyone.

"Carlisle your father asked me to give you these and to tell you he is very proud." I paused as I handed him the things his father had given me. "Esme, I met your son. He grew into a handsome baby, he told me he loved you, and he watches after you every day, and he wanted me to give you this." I handed her the beautiful baby blue blanket I guessed Esme had made. She was in tears staring at the blanket.

"Rosalie, I'm sure you hate me for I ruined the way you had your family, but I also have a message for you. Your mother and father came to me, while I was in heaven, both so very depressed, for they think it is their entire fault for whatever happened to you. They both told me to tell you they love you, and to give you these letters." She stared at me, both glaring, and in awe. Slowly she reached out and grabbed the letters her parents had written. Snatching them from me as fast as possible.

"Alice, your sister, Cynthia Brandon, came to me for you. She told me she was why you couldn't remember. She begged of me to give you these to help you learn your past." Alice seemed to bounce even more excited than before, as I handed her the things her sister had wanted her to have.

"Jasper, I saw you father. He had me bring you his medals from the ward, and he wanted me to tell you he really did love you." I saw tears form in his eyes as I handed him his father's medals of Honor.

"Emmett, I never knew you had a little sister. She misses you, but she is glad you were out hunting that day for that day the Germans came and killed your mother, Father, Sister and Someone named Allan. She asked me kindly to give you this letter from your family. She also wanted to give you a hug. She and everyone miss you, and they are happy you got a second chance at life." As I handed the letters from Emmett's family to him he came and gave me a nice hug.

"Thank you Bella. This means so much to me. To all of us." They all nodded, agreeing.

"Edward, you'll never guess who had the same gift as I do now. Your birth mother. She is my guide, and angel. She watches you all the time, and was so glad when you found me, and found your soul mate. She told me that you are supposed to help me show the vampire race that there is hope, and unlike the Volturi speak, God does care for them. She told me that one day I and you would be the king and queen of the vampire race." Edward and the entire family's eyes were flicking back and forth from me and Edward. Edward's face would have been red with anger. I didn't understand. His eyes held hate.

"Bella I am sorry but for us to be the king and queen of the vampire race you'd have to be a vampire, and I'm not damming you to this life!" he seethed.

"Well Edward you're just going to have to deal with it. I will follow my destiny no matter what your plans are, weather that means you with me, or me by my self. I'm sorry but I must do this as I am expected."

"NO!" Edward screeched, "You won't be damned to this life."

Isabella, if he won't change you, the heaven's angels must. Darling, if he doesn't do it, he will be putting you in more pain, the heaven's angels must start by sending venom to your brain, and many don't survive. If he won't change you, or won't agree to it in the next minute or so, I will be forced to. Very sorry, dear.

"Edward, you don't understand. If you don't agree to change me I could die. Your mother will be forced to put venom in my mind, and she has told me that many don't survive. You must decide now." it was only me and him in the room. He was staring into my eyes trying to make a decision.
It was silent for a long while, before, I'm very sorry my dear, time is up, and my son's decision stays the same. I plead you to live, sorry Isabella. As she was taking I screamed, "Now Edward!" but he once again hesitated.

I knew it was soon to be here, and boy was I right. A great pain suddenly emerged from my mind, I screamed with the force of it. Sorry Isabella. Those words repeated over and over as I was submerged in blackness, even after, repeating, sorry Isabella. Sorry Isabella. Sorry Isabella. Sorry Isabella. Sorry. . .

Thus is the end of Broken Angel, and the beginning of The Era of an Angel. I think that this ride will b a fun 1. the next chapter will hav mii entry-revised and obviously so much added to it. If it wuz just mii entry then it would b really short……yeahhh…

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