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Bella POV---

I finally got discharged from the hospital! Or should I say, my own personal hospital, for all this time I had been locked in the Cullen's Basement. YES!

It was really weird because I knew that Edward and I were supposed to be together and all. Heck, the whole family including Edward knew it.

Well, at least we were holding hands. That is a start.

We all slowly made our way up the steps to the 3rd floor; they showed me to my room. It was the one next to Edward's- There was a door, and if you open it it's his room. The door next to it is the bathroom that we share-two showers and sinks, the whole deal. The last door was the massive closet. I groaned when Alice screamed, in happiness.

The walls were a dark, beautiful blue- in between the colors of sapphire and midnight blue. And along the walls there were golden runes and random designs. There was a bed on the west wall and it had the dark blue bedspread and gold throw pillows. Against the windows, there was a black iron rod holding up gold drapes with blue designs. There was a cherry wood desk and a lounging area (sort of) and white shelves for books and CDs and the like.

It was beautiful. I couldn't believe anyone would want to do all of this for me. After a life of hate it was strange to suddenly be loved.

I heard a cough and found Edward in the door frame that connected our rooms. He walked by and sat on the bed and motioned me to sit next to me. Once I sat, he turned to me and I found my gaze travel to his lips. When I looked back up, I caught him looking at mine.

He started to lean closer and then…

I heard angel's bells in my ears. I gasped in surprise and Edward backed and inch and looked at me with a confused expression on his face.

Isabella, ask my son if he wants to come and see me with you. He can, if you wish.

Ugh! Liz you sure know how to ruin the moment! I yelled in my mind to her. All, I heard were soft, laughs, that seemed like a lullaby.

"Umm, Hey Edward, want to go and see your mom? I think she wants to pull me up and asked if you wanted to come…" I travel off finally realizing how stupid I sounded.

He looked at me with a sincere expression and said, "I would not miss going with you for the world." His eyes held excitement and adoration. For who though? Me? His mother?

A whirl of wind seemed to have picked up around us and we were in the place that had the reddish-black sky.

"My Isabella and my Edward!" I turned to look at the voice. A smile braking into my face as I watched the seen.

"Hello Eliza--"

"Mom." Edward whispered and I turned to him. He was in a state of shock. Then his face broke into a smile and ran to her. I watched as she laughed at him, whispering in his ear, he nodded, and then kissed her check. As he answered her obvious question, her bell like laugh sounded again. As they had their moment they looked content and happy and it felt like I was intruding on their reunion, it was so special.

Once they broke apart, Elizabeth looked at me. Her eyes held much excitement; however her voice held it back. "Isabella, since you are queen of the vampires, you of course will have several powers. I can only give you two of them at the moment, for I got the permission from God himself to give these to you now, since you just became a vampire- one that can sleep and conceive, something vampires have never and would have never been able to do without you. And Edward I will give you the ability to be able to see her dreams and receive dreams as well.

"And your powers Isabella will be controlling of the five elements- air, water, fire, earth and spirit, and you will also be able to heal all living things with the touch of your hands. These might sound grand, but rest assured these are the not and shall never be the strongest power you will have. These are very powerful and be used wisely.

"I have assigned four of your coven to complete the element circle to hold its full potential- Carlisle for air, Rosalie for fire, Emmett for earth and Esme for water. You shall be spirit of course. You can do the circle yourself, but it would be easier on you if you used every one.

"Every two weeks, Sunday at dawn, there will be a service-you will be the element circle, then every one will come up to you and kiss your hand. In a few months I will give you some of your other powers, but now, you have to learn to control these. I know I sound demanding and that there is a lot to remember, but this is the Will of God Almighty himself, and cannot be disobeyed." (Once again no offense)

"We understand, and thank you." I said to her and she hugged me and kissed my forehead.

Then we were being pushed back into our bodies- which were now laying flat on the bed, with intertwined hands and then we turned to face each other. We sat up again, not breaking the stare.

"Now, where were we?" Edward asked me. We leaned towards each other and started to continue where we left off, but then……..

Alice. God Damn!

Excuse me! Missy you shall never talk like that! Liz's voice screamed at me.

Sorry, God. I didn't think.

That's what I thought! Next time I hear something like that out of your mouth I will wash it out with soap!

Yes mom!

Edward groaned and then I asked "Alice, can you get everybody here? We need a family meeting. But tell them to come up in half an hour though."

"Sure thing!" She squealed, winking as she danced out of our room.

Then once she left, Edward put his hand on my neck and pulled me into a kiss. Once he pulled away, he had a big goofy grin that I was sure mirrored mine.

Once they all came up to the room, Edward and I cued them in on the situation. But I think I left out something- I can sleep and something else, but I can't remember. Alice squealed.

"YAY! This is so cool! Oh my gosh I am so designing your outfits when you do the circles! We will have togas! Purple for Bella-spirit, blue for Esme-water, yellow for Carlisle-air, green for Emmett-earth, and red for Rosalie-fire. And I am so making a different toga for Bella when we go up to Bella! Well, it's going to be more of a black wrap dress with red beads going across the bodice! And Bella don't try to argue with me about the outfits because it is a lost cause on your part!"

"Hey Bella?" Edward asked.

"Yes, Edward?"

He reached down kissed my lips passionately, then looking in my eyes asked, "will you be my girlfriend?!"

"Of course!" I squealed!

"Oh Bella you are so letting me plan your wedding!"

We all chuckled when Jasper looked at the floor towards my feet. "Bella, what are those?"

I looked down and found five big candles, which had the respective color for each element. I heard the angel bells again. Isabella you will light those candles whenever you make a circle, with the group or not.

I recited that back to everyone and we heard a knock at the door.

I walked down with Edward, fingers laced. I opened the door and saw some woman with strawberry blonde hair. She flung herself at a stiffened Edward.

"Oh Edward! I missed you sweetie!" And she pulled him into a kiss.

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