Blind Man's Bluff

Spoilers for anything aired. The magic C belongs to Kripke. This goes for all future chapters

AN Okay, I said I was taking a fanfic break.... Well, not so much :)

As I watch the series progress (and rewatch old eps), little drabbles keep randomly popping up. So I decided to create this "story" to post them all in the same place, because (and yes, I know this is nuts) sprinkling them around randomly as independent stories is just so.... untidy :-/



You're holding me back.

Every day, he can hear it. The quiet, expectant hum of the abyss.

Like the low echo you hear when you stand on the edge of a cliff or the rails of a bridge, and you know there's nothing more below you than in the wide skies above. When up and down become irrelevant, because you'd fall just as far in either direction.

You're holding me back.

Dean could almost laugh, remembering the words. They are standing on the edge of perdition and he's holding Sam back.

Good to know you're doing something right.