So, this is going to be my first try at a fan fic. It's going to be all human, but it won't follow the original family line. It will follow the original pairings, I would rather not mix that up. It will also be different from the books. I will get as close as I can to the personalities, it helps me that I know people who remind me of the characters. They will have their human names. It will most likely be mostly Bella's, Alice's, or Rosalie's point of view. I don't feel comfortable trying to write from a male perspective. If you would like me to write in Emmett's, Edward's, or Jasper's point of view, then let me know and I will do my best. It would be easier if I could have some male advice writing those POV's. I would appreciate any constructive criticism. I have written stories before, just not like this. I do not know how often I would be able to publish chapters, I do not even have the first chapter figured out. So I would be grateful if you did not put me on alert until I figure out a story line. If you would like updates when I publish a new chapter, let me know in a review and I will be sure to make a note of your name and let you know. I would also appreciate if you would let me know about any mistakes in the names or such. I couldn't find all their original last names, so I won't be using some of them until I know (which means: tell me if you know, please!). It will be a couple days until I post the first chapter, I need to get it figured out. I will try to let you know if my next chapter will be more than a week away. Thanks for any help! Also, I'm a grammar/spelling stickler, so things will be very proper with that. And I apologize if I correct any mistakes in reviews, it is an annoying habit. I will let you know about the family trees when I get them figured out, I'm going to keep a list of everything.