This is my first Dark Hunter fanfic so please take it easy on me. I'm a video game Fanficer. I like It there but I wanted to put this story into retrospective.

I do not own The Dark Hunter series. That honor goes to the one and only Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Only Dana James is my creation. As with any Oc's Ask First before you take! I'll brutally hunt you down and claw your eyes out with my fingernails. The plot is mine.

This srpouts from the rampant ideas and curiosity brought on by not only the series and my mind but by: The Diary of Widget Bones found only in The Dark Hunter Companion.

Chapter 1: The Squire.

Dana James sat in the chair uneasily as her mentor and uncle Otto Carvavelttei sifted though the papers on his desk. Tonight they were going to assign her to her first Dark Hunter. With any luck It would be someone she could stand.

"So whats the news bossman? Who's getting me?"

"You sound like we're sending you to prison Dane."

"Quite possibley though right?"



"Well... You probably won't like this." he shook his head. despite the grimm look he was trying to pass off the corners of his mouth were twitching as if he wasn't trying to laugh. A tiny flare of anger welled up. He knows I'm not going to like whoever it is. "Just note that this came not only from the council but Acheron as well."

The head honco has it in for me too... Why the hell does it have to be me? What did I ever do? "Okay..."

"The Dark Hunter that you're being assigned to isn't... quite in good graces. He's on a minor probation. You will not only be there to Fill out his every whim but ONE-"

"'He'? You're assigning me to a guy? Are you nuts or is he...?"

"Noones actually sure about his prefferences though I've heard Talon say hes into women."

"Uh hello? I'm female." She opened her arms to point out her femininess.

"You aren't into guys."

"I'm not into anyone." She glared. "But that still doesn't keep him from looking at me."

"... Anyways, you will be there to make sure that he doesn't screw up before he sets out to hunt daimons."

"What?" Dana frowned. "What do you mean by 'before'?" God don't let him be cursed.

This particular Dark Hunter was cursed before he died-" SHIT. I'm going to kill that damned imp of preverse. "- a curse that made it where he is incredulously apt at making a mockery of himself. Unfortunately His curse carried on into his afterlife. So he is very..."

"Unlucky?" Dana filled in the word.

"You could say that." Otto shrugged. "He was actually fired once before by Acheron because of his latent knack at making a fool of himself and the other Dark Hunters."

Gee why didn't Artemis just fry him? "Fired?" She stared at her uncle with wide eyes. "He was fired?! What the hell did he do? Piss on Acheron's shoes? Play drag queen around the french quarter?"

Otto's face turned sour at her dramatics. He handed her the file Looking away as she picked it up to scour it with her eyes. "OMFG. I wasn't much off was I?" she commented as she looked it over. She shrugged and finally sat the file back on the table. "I've got no choice in this do I?"

"Nope. So I suggest you make your way over to his place before he wakes up."

"Yessir." She sighed as she stood up.

"Oh and Dana..."

"Yes uncle Otto?"

"Don't make fun of his name."

"I'll try."

"It's one of the reasons he screwed up so much even when he was careful. Talon and the other teased him unmercifully."

"Fine... I won't unless he pisses me off. Besides you'd think he'd change his name or something."


"I mean come on! What kind of name is Widget Bones?" She scoffed.


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