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"Your real name isn't John Dickinson, is it?" Kelly said. She and John were both sitting in the common room, which had been hastily vacated on Kelly's orders. She studied him carefully, noting that he had positioned himself in such a way that he could see all the exits of the room, and seemed to be on edge.

"Does it matter either way?" John asked, studying Kelly in return. It was amusing, almost, to see the two together. Both sat as though they were on edge, looking on alert, and wary of each other. "For all I know, you're not who you say you are either," he pointed out, not entirely unreasonably when considering the reputation of the school. It was the most wretched hive of villainy and scum, and all were afraid of the students of it. Of course, that never stopped them always gaining students each year, and the students going on to live fairly decent lives afterwards, but still, it was a reputation that stuck with the girls all their lives. Once a St Trinian girl, always a St Trinian girl.

"She is who she says she is," Cameron entered the room, staring at John expressionlessly. He turned round to face her fully, a questioning look on his face at her words. "We can trust her," she added, causing a small frown to appear on Kelly's face. John nodded. "She should be told," Cameron advised. John sighed, his shoulders dropping.

"Told what, exactly?" Kelly interjected. She wasn't entirely pleased at being talked about as though she wasn't actually in the room with them, finding it very grating. "Well?" she demanded, leaning back in her chair, an eyebrow raised in questioning at the pair. John licked his lips nervously, though Cameron showed no signs of any emotion, something that was, as Kelly was quickly becoming aware of, perfectly normal for the other girl.

"My name's John Connor, and my mom really is my mom, her name's Sarah Connor," he explained. "We're here on the search of, well, to stop the creation of an artificial intelligence that when launched will cause... we call it Judgement Day." He paused, looking up at Kelly. "Do you believe me?"

"Not really, no," Kelly answered.

"But you're still listening to me," John pointed out, hints of a smile on his face. Kelly kept a calm resolve on her face.

"Then keep talking."


Polly was doing her usual boredom habit of hacking into some of the police databases. Usually this was just to make sure that they hadn't ended up on the Most Wanted lists again, but there really was no reason behind it tonight. She suspected that she was doing purely because she could. She had managed to hack into the FBI database, something which she hadn't done in a while, and was enjoying her brief search through the different pages, laughing at her amusement that the same back door she had used to gain access the first time still hadn't been fixed yet.

Something flashed on the screen, making her pause, and hover over the image. It was a fairly simple picture, one that was obviously taken when the subject wasn't completely aware of it, but most likely taken by a close friend, or loved one. The subject seemed relaxed, and happy, and incredibly familiar. She scrolled up slightly, to read the text that came along with the picture:

KNOWN ALIASES: Sarah Reese, Sarah Baum, Sarah Gale
STATUS: Escape from Pescadero State Hospital. Whereabouts unknown. At large.
SEX: Female
AGE: 33
RACE: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 5'4"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Green
MARKS/TATTOOS: Puncture scarring front and back right shoulder. Multiple combat scars.
KNOWN ASSOCIATES: Charley Dixon, fiancé. John Connor, son, 16.
FEDERAL WARRANT: Murder, attempted murder, armed assault &battery, armed robbery, assault & battery, domestic terrorism, kidnapping, arson of United States government property and property used in interstate commerce, arson of a building
REMARKS: At large. Armed and dangerous. Approach with extreme caution. Trained in the use of military grade firearms, handguns, edged weapons, explosives, and hand-to-hand combat. If contact is made, utilization of FBI HRT is highly recommended.

Polly stared in shock. This had to be a complete coincidence. Ruby Dickson, the most timid teacher that had ever had the misfortune of stepping foot in St Trinian's, was really Sarah Connor, a terrorist by another other name? It had to be wrong, they would have known if Miss Dickinson was duping them, surely. Maybe she just had a cousin who looked a lot like her. Polly shook her head, and moved further into the file. There was one way to prove that this was all just a mistake.

A picture came up, dashing all her hopes.

Ruby Dickinson was Sarah Connor, meaning that the sweet, yet tough, and smart boy that was John Dickinson, was really John Connor, who had his own rap sheet the same length as his mother's.


"So when is all this meant to happen?" Kelly asked, looking between John and Cameron.

"April 11th 2011," Cameron answered back quickly. John sighed.

"We're going to find a way of stopping it," he said, then much quieter. "At least, I hope we will." He looked down. Every time it seemed like they had gotten one over Skynet, something happened to show them that, no, all they had done was annoy it. It was almost as though something was deliberately preventing them from making any progress whatsoever. It got irritating.

"You help," Cameron said to Kelly. "In the future, you act as a general, a great tactical mind," she informed them. Kelly looked unsurprised at this. She was Head Girl of St Trinian's, after all "With his help." Now Kelly looked confused. Since when did she need anyone's help, let 'his' help?

"Who's help?" John asked, clearly confused by Cameron's cryptic statement. Cameron turned to face John, focusing on him.

"Her husband."