We Were Written

Chapter One: That Clever Witch Called Fate

a/n: this is my very new, original, AU CCS fic. Ahh~~ some things.

1. This is a geisha story

2. Most of it is through Syaoran's eyes

3. This takes place in the Meiji era, like pre-WW2


For a long time, Syaoran did not understand why he liked her so much that first day he saw her. Thinking about it, he was only a kid; they were only kids. Yet, even then he knew that inside him, there was that feeling that grew as he did. Love. It was love that seeped into his heart and tugged at the strings, unable to let go no matter if he tried. He loved Sakura, and he had loved since the day they met when they were only ten. It was fate that intertwined their destinies together.

His father often spoke of things like that. How sometimes in life, there were things you could not control because fate had written it some other way. You can't fight fate; she is clever and sneaks up on you when you least inspect you.

"Xiao Lang, be very careful, because fate comes at you in business and love," his father told him once a couple years back. Syaoran was still too young—maybe he was about seven at the time—but he remembered his father's words. "And you cannot control what fate decided to do. If it is written, then it will happen.

"Why are you hiding under the bridge?" he asked her. He had just moved from Hong Kong to Japan the previous day, and he was not having the best impression of the kids of Japan. Who hid under bridges anyway? Weird people…

"Because I'm a prisoner!" she said giggling. The first thing he noted was that she was speaking in a different dialect than everyone else he encountered. She was also very pretty. She wore a very simple kimono, and shoes, her green eyes peering up at him through the gaps in the bridge's floor. Another thing, her eyes shone like emeralds.

"Sakura-chan! You can't talk to outsiders!" another girl ran up to him. She looked at her friend underneath her and then jumped into the shallow waters of the stream, pulling 'Sakura-chan' out. They both climbed back on to the bridge.

"Tomoyo-chan, he only asked a question," she spoke, referring to him. Syaoran stared on. The girl called Sakura seemed very at ease, while the other was obviously cautious of him. The green-eyed girl looked at him and smiled. "My name is Sakura, what's yours?"

"Sakura-chan!" the other girl chided. Another girl, a little older with a painted face and fancy kimono walked to them.

"Tomoyo-chan, onee-sama is asking for you," she said to Tomoyo. Tomoyo looked at Sakura worriedly. Sakura only smiled and waved nonchalantly.

"I'll be fine. I'll see you both at dinner!" she waved.

Whatever worry she may have had, the Tomoyo girl decided to trust her friend. "We can't keep Mizuki-sama waiting, can we Rika-nee?" Both of the kimono-clad girls walked away hurriedly. Syaoran stared at their backs, wondering who they were.

"You never told me your name," the girl spoke, Sakura. He jumped at her closeness and blushed. She still had her smile on, waiting for his response.

"Syaoran," he answered rather gruffly.

"Syaoran-kun?" she repeated, mostly to herself. "I like that!"

"Thanks…it's Li Syaoran, but you can call me Syaoran if you like." He answered, knowing how in Japan, there was a meaning in how one said another's name.

"I'm just Sakura. I don't have a last name!" Sakura explained rather cheerfully. To Syaoran, this did not make sense.

"How can you not have a last name?" he asked bewilderedly. Surely, she was joking.

"It used to be Kinomoto, but now it's not. I will have a new one, maybe…if I'm lucky," she mused, without a trace of sadness. "So Syaoran-kun, why are you in the hanamachi?"

"The…I'm sorry, the what?"

"Hanamachi," she answered. "This is where I live and learn for my future, but you don't look like you belong here."

He huffed at her. "Well, I'm sorry!" He made his move to walk away from the girl who said that he did not belong where they were. She laughed and ran up next to him again, aware that he misunderstood her words.

"I mean, Syaoran-kun has a suit and everything, so he's rich, right?" she pointed to his attire. "Only the adults dressed like that come here. But Syaoran-kun is still just a kid, like me!"

Again, he did not understand what she meant or was saying. But she just smiled like it all made perfect sense in the world. At this point, he knew he might as well tell the girl why he was there.

"I came with my father. We were supposed to go an event, but he decided to come here instead." Sakura's eyes widened as he said this.

"Your father wants a geisha then?" she asked.


"Geisha!" she took his hand. He felt his face grow hot. "Let's go, I'll show you."

She took his land and led him through her jungle. People bustling, women in lavish kimonos and white faces scurried in giggles. Men is Western suits like his were standing outside, admiring the young girl with their fancy hairstyles. Vendors were yelling, and young delivery boys were riding their bikes. Syaoran could not take it all in. there was so much going on, that he wondered how this tiny girl who grabbed him by the hand could navigate them in so well. They ran until they reached a small teashop in Gion, a little ways from where they were at originally. She pulled him to the window, and sneakily peered through. With a triumphant grin, she motioned him to do the same.

"This is a geisha," she said, proudly.

Syaoran peered through and at first saw his father, being entranced by someone. A part of him fell as he watched his role model, drinking and smoking, clapping to someone dancing in front. The person turned and Syaoran sort of understood. His eyes suddenly shone with admiration; it was a woman. A woman is a beautiful kimono that fitted her in such a way with inviting curves. Her hair was done up, and her face also was painted white, with lips red and pouty. Her eyes were big and calm as her body moved gracefully to the music.

"Ah, so Tomoyo-chan had to give Rika-nee the shiamasen for her to play so that Mizuki-sama could dance."

Syaoran didn't say anything. The woman had made her last move, and his father applauded loudly that he could hear from outside.

"That is Mizuki-sama, the most successful geisha in the hanamachi…and my sempai," Sakura explained, clearly amused by his reaction. He blushed.

"Now I know why mother does not like for father to go out alone," he said somberly. Sakura frowned a little.

"Hoe?" she said, tilting her head. Syaoran sat down on the grass below the window.

"Before, my father would make long trips from Hong Kong here to Kyoto. Mother knew he had a mistress," he told her. Sakura's face became angry.

"Mizuki-sama is not a mistress! She is an artist! The most beautiful geisha in the world! Don't call her bad names!" she stated defensively. Syaoran blushed again. Despite the fact he was being scolded, her angry face was rather…cute.

"I'm sorry," he spoke with sincerity. Sakura's face relaxed.

"That's okay." She sat down next to him, crawling from her previous position. He saw her knees get dirty, but she didn't seem to really care. Again, she was very close, and his heart started to beat very fast but his face felt very hot.

"Someday, I am going to be like Mizuki-sama," she went on, not noticing his sudden flushed face. "Right now, I'm going to school to be a geisha. Then I will be a maiko and then a geisha. It's a lot f work, but I am very happy."

She looked it too.

"What do geishas do? Isn't that Mizuki-san supposed to marry by now?" he asked, basing this off his elder four sister, who were already wed off.

"Mizuki-sama," she corrected him. "And she is a geisha, why would she marry?"

"She's a woman."

"Geisha don't marry," she stated simply, picking at the grass. It was odd; when she said this, his chest began to ache. Like it was hurting. It really was just odd.

But it made him feel and think differently. He looked at Sakura and saw how she had a pretty face and a warm smile, that made him feel welcome in a country where he knew no one. She had big, bright eyes that were sad and happy. Her character was very beautiful, and he wondered how he went through ten years of his life without her. Then he vowed to never go on without her.

He was a mere child, but he already knew that he fell in love with Sakura.

He also knew that his father was right; fate was sneaky and clever. She had written it this way.

"How old are you?" he asked her.

"Ten," she answered, smiling widely. "And Syaoran-kun?"

"Ten." He then grabbed her by the hand and pulled her back to the bridge where they met. She was very confused but made no motion to stop him. He had a feeling her curiosity was getting the best of her, so she let him do as he pleased. When they arrived at the bridge, he climbed down into the stream, his ankle deep in the water. She followed when he asked, and they were both under the bridge. Their heads were so close to the wood.

"You want to be geisha?" he asked her. She nodded with enthusiasm. "Then tell me, how a geisha can find a husband."

Sakura sighed. "She doesn't. A geisha does not marry."


"Well," she contemplated. "Unless they retire…"

"So retire!"

"No!" she said defiantly. "I have to be a geisha. This is my home."

Again, he did not understand, but he decided to try something different.

"What is the closest thing then? Do geishas live with men?"

"There are danna, who sponsor a geisha. Mizuki-sama has one…a foreigner named Clow I think…"

"Will you have one?" he asked desperately.

"Yes, when I grow up…if I'm lucky and he's rich."


"Geishas are expensive," she explained knowingly. Syaoran did not care.

"What if geishas fall in love?"

At this Sakura frowned. She looked away from him and stared at the stream.

"It does not matter. A geisha owes her okiya money. And then she has to make more money to live. And then she may have a danna, in which case…she cannot leave…it does not matter, being in love."

He did not know it, but she was thinking of another geisha-in-training, Chiharu, who loved this delivery boy named Takeshi. They were in love at such a young age, but Chiharu knew she could never be with him. It was a sad love that Sakura wanted no part of.

"Then in that case, I will be the heir to my father's company, be your danna, and then marry you!" Syaoran declared. Sakura's head snapped back and faced him.

"Hoe?!" she exclaimed. He took her hands and pulled out a rubber band. Carefully, he placed it on her right hand, on her ring finger.

"This is my promise. I will be your danna, and someday, we'll make a family. We're only kids now and I have no money, but when I grow older, I will, so you have to wait. Promise you won't be with some other danna. We have to marry!" he said this passionately. Sakura said nothing and stared at him for a long time. His face turned red, but he still stood there with her hands in his.

"Why are you doing this?" she finally asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" he said. She blushed a little but then shook it off.

"You can't just decide on things like that, Syaoran-kun," she lectured. "What if it doesn't happen?"

"It will," he assured her with confidence.

"How do you know?"

"Because it is written already," he explained. She looked confused, but then smiled at him.

"Okay, I accept," she said. Syaoran grinned happily, and suddenly it did not matter that they were in a stream. He knelt down and kissed her ring finger like how he'd seen in Western movies.

"I cannot wait until we are married," he told her with happiness.

And he was sure it would happen.

Because it was written.

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