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Kigolicious Days

"Plain as Vanilla"

Shego yawned tiredly as she stepped out of her Global Justice issued black sedan, kicking the door shut behind her as she stumbled across the poorly lit parking garage towards the elevator. Her Global Justice uniform was slightly rumpled and there were small bags under her eyes. She ran a hand through her disheveled hair and yawned again as she pressed the up button. All in all, she looked like your average person who just got off an eight hour shift and had to deal with difficult customers all day, except in Shego's case instead of dealing with irate customers, she had to deal with a single irate superior.

It was the day after Kim's graduation, which, in Shego's opinion, was within the norm when it came to the redheaded hero. An evil scientist trying to kill her with a platoon of robotic bikers during her graduation was as normal an event as the sun rising when it came to Kim Possible. Therefore, Shego wasn't really to concerned about any apparent threats, especially since her brothers were in attendence, and thought it wouldn't hurt to spend a little time with the young teen while she was suppose to be sitting with Kim's family.

Apparently Dr. Director didn't see it that way and was pissed that Shego had left her post, endangering Kim's family. So what if she hadn't been there when the action began? The important thing was that she had been there to help end it.

"Act like a proper Global Justice agent my green ass," Shego muttered as she stepped into the elevator when it chimed and opened up for her, her eyes narrowed in irritation. After the fiasco at Kim's graduation, Shego had escaped Dr. Directors wrath mainly because the one eyed woman was kept busy rest of the day dealing with the massive pile of paper work the had been produced by Drakken and Motor Ed's failed attempt at crashing Kim's graduation.

However, Betty made sure to make Shego suffer the moment she stepped into the Global Justice headquarters the next day. Dr. Director had wiped her schedule for the day clear and forced Shego to do grunt work the entire day. From cleaning out every bathroom in the government building to waxing Will Du's car, Betty made sure that Shego would learn the hard way to never cross her again. The only reason Shego didn't blow off Betty's punishment was because knew Betty would pull ot her ace on her: threaten to not partner her up with Kim when the redhead became an official Global Justice agent instead of working with G.J. as a 'contract' agent.

With sigh, Shego pulled out her key card and inserted it into a card slot. A hidden panel opened up above the other floor buttons, with the letters PH on it, short for 'Penthouse'.

As part of the deal for having Global Justice wiping her record clean, she had to give up all her illegitimate assets. However, she had managed to get Betty to agree to at least leave her with one of her safe houses to live in.

She decided to keep the penthouse in Upper Town, mainly because it was the perfect compromise between being near Kim and having a high class place to live in.

Shego leaned against the glass wall, staring blankly out at the view of the city as the elevator steadily rose up out of the underground parking garage and up the twenty story building.

One of the other reasons she chose this place was because it was one of the best places she had to escape to when life was hard on her. The view from her balcony here was breath taking, and provided the perfect atmosphere for personal reflection and meditation. And given the fact that she was dating her former nemesis, working under a woman who had a constant stick up her ass, and was now back in full contact with her crazy ass family, she had a feeling there would be a lot of personal reflecting and meditation going on.

"What the hell are you doing Shego?" Shego said quietly to herself, softly bumping her head against the glass wall as she closed her tired eyes. "I thought you already learned the hard way that being a hero sucked major ass."

Back in her Team Go days, she had almost literally gone insane working under Hego's command. The large man had refused to take anybody else's input when it came to making decisions for the team, and more often than not, Shego ended up working her ass to death trying make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

Finally, after a certain event that finally pushed Shego off the edge, Shego left Team Go and began her life of personal freedom.

So why come back to this life when you know no it'll just make you miserable, Shego pondered listlessly, chuckling humorlessly when she could make out her exhausted reflection in the glass. The only difference between working for Betty instead of Hego was the Betty was completely aware of how much she was making Shego suffer.

Shego jumped slightly when she felt something vibrate in her pocket.

Shego pulled out her cell phone and flipped it open, her lips twitching slightly when she saw she had a text message from Kim.

Shego had already said yes to Kim's request that they live together after Kim graduated, but even though she was already out of high school, there were a few key things that needed to be done before Kim joined her in her penthouse apartment.

First, Kim had to inform her parents....which Kim hadn't counted on being so difficult.

Shego snickered when she remembered the dinner after Kim's graduation.

One of the conditions Shego had laid down was that Kim had to personally let her parents know that she wanted to move out and live with her. While Shego knew Anne would most likely let Kim move out with little protest, it was James that was the main source of anxiety for Kim. The redhead loved her father to death, but she hated how he acted just because he was too stubborn to except the fact that his daughter was no longer a little girl.

The short period of time where James was dealing with learning about Kim's sexuality had been hard on Kim. Not so mush because James was treating Kim badly. If anything, James became even more protective of her and seemed to make the effort to be more involved in her life. And that's where the trouble started. The problem was how he refused to acknowledge the fact that Kim and Shego needed some 'alone' time every now and then.

Whether it be going out for burgers or taking a trip to the beach, it seemed that James somehow managed to find a way to invite himself and become the third wheel or to turn Kim and Shego's private outings into family outings. Shego was content with waiting him out till the older man excepted that he couldn't guard Kim forever, and didn't worry over it much. After working with Drakken for so many years, she had the patience of a Buddhist monk.

But to Kim and her raging teenage hormones, those few weeks had been total hell on her. More than once Shego found herself being dragged into the weirdest places just so Kim could have the thief to herself for a few precious minutes. Therefore the teen hero was reluctant to mess with the fragile peace that had been forged between James and Shego.

Kim had been a stuttering mess at dinner and in the end, had chickened out, deciding to put it off till she could have a heart to heart with her father and till she settled things with Global Justice.

That was another thing she needed to take care of.

Kim still needed to sit down with Dr. Director and pound out the details before she signed on with Global Justice. Kim wanted to make sure she got a college education out of the deal and Betty wanted to make sure she got a full time agent out of it. Shego just wanted to finally get a competent partner. She was sick and tired of being partnered up with people who only slowed her down or pissed her off.

And the final thing that needed to be taken care of was 'domesticating' the redhead, which Shego was just about ready to give up on. Whenever Kim spent the weekend at her apartment, Shego usually found herself cleaning up after her and cooking all their meals. Besides, Shego could admit that she didn't really mind acting like a second mother to Kim and letting Kim have her way most of the time. Mainly because when Kim had her way, it usually resulted in a sinfully good time for Shego.

"Stupid brat," Shego mumbled affectionately, a soft smile gracing her face when she opened up the text message and read it.

'Love you lots! Hope Betty didn't work you like a dog and get you all stressed out. If she did, come by my place and I'll help you relax. I have the place to myself tonight. Actually, even if your day rocked, come over tonight. I promise I wont bite...much. -Kimxoxox

Shego's grin widened a bit more when she reread the message again.

"You're getting soft Shego," the former thief mumbled quietly when she reread it a third time. Her phone vibrated again when a picture message was sent to her phone, this one also from Kim. Shego opened it and laughed softly when a picture of Kim giving her puppy dog pout filled her phone screen.

"Yup, you're definitely getting soft," Shego sighed out as she pressed the emergency stop button on the elevator, bringing it to a halt, before pressing the parking garage button. Even though she was exhausted and looked like she was in serious need of a good nights sleep, the happy smile on her face never left.

If this is what if feels like to be soft-hearted goody goody working under a one-eyed Nazi, then I think I'll be just fine, Shego thought as she sent a text to Kim that she was on her way. Almost immediately Shego got a reply and Shego's smile widened a bit more at Kim's brief 'Yay!' reply.

Shego closed and pocketed her phone before staring outside the glass at the brightly lit city. Meditating while staring at the beautiful city did wonders to relax her soul. But there was no way in hell that it would ever compare to a night with Kim Possible.

Kim puffed out a breath of air as she fell into a rocking chair on her porch, adjusting the black bathrobe she was wearing. Kim tucked her legs under her and snuggled into the over sized robe, breathing in the scent of its owner as she settled into the rocking chair, waiting for her girlfriend to arrive.

Shego had left the robe there from her last visit almost a week ago, and Kim briefly wondered if Shego wouldn't mind leaving it here indefinitely. The entire week Kim had easily fallen into a peaceful slumber wrapped up in the fluffy black robe, surrounded by Shego's scent. It had been a week since her and Shego had been able to spend the night together, with Shego being worked to death by Dr. Director and Kim being busy with hero work. Kim would have tried to talk Shego into spending the night with her yesterday after her graduation, but James had been eyeing Shego intently during dinner for some reason, and Kim didn't think inviting Shego to stay the night would have gone over well with her father.

While a week wasn't that long to most people, it was long enough to the point where Kim had been prepared to personally go to Shego's place herself and beg for some affection had Shego blown off her invitation to come over tonight. While Kim had her pride, she was more than willing to debase herself by throwing a temper tantrum outside Shego's apartment door till the plasma wielding woman would let her in.

Kim smirked when she recalled several instances of that actually happening, mainly during the first couple months of their relationship. Shego had still been stingy about having her personal space and having time to herself, and Kim had still been unsure how to handle the older woman and how to navigate the waters of their new relationship. Thus, the easiest and most effective method she had to get her way was to start whining constantly till Shego caved in. Over time Kim learned better and more effective ways to get her point across, although every now and then she'll use a tantrum just to make sure Shego remembered what she was willing to resort to to have her way.

"Kim Possible. Teen hero, world globe trotter, and expert tantrum thrower," Kim mumbled bemusedly, closing her eyes peacefully when a nice breeze blew through the porch.

Kim sighed contently as she reflected on where her life was currently at.

She had finally graduated from high school and would soon be negotiating her future with the leader of Global Justice. She wasn't sure what to expect from Betty, but she had a feeling the one eyed woman would be more than willing to acquiesce to all her demands in exchange for having the redhead as an agent.

Ron was going to go to the community college in Middletown to get his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts before heading to a major university and Monique was taking the year off to save up money to go to Paris to go to a fashion school there, so she still had both her best friends by her side, for now at least.

More importantly, she was finally in a relationship that lasted for more than a week, even though it wasn't exactly the kind of relationship that she had pictured herself in. Kim didn't know whether to consider herself gay, straight, bisexual, or what, being that Shego was the only girl she had felt any kind of attraction to. In the end, Kim just said screw it, and proudly called herself a 'Shego-sexual' when someone asked her what her sexual orientation was, a term which caused many people to stare at her if she was insane. It never failed to make Shego laugh.

While a lot of people would say that Shego was the lucky one to have someone like Kim, the redhead would be in the minority in thinking the opposite were true. Kim saw herself as an average looking, redheaded teenager with zero confidence in her sexual prowess who just happened to be good at kicking butt, while Shego was easily one of the most sexual, exotic looking woman in existence and was most likely the source of many wet dreams among the villain community and, admittedly, to the hero community as well. Kim had been tempted to bring Shego to her high school one day just so she could walk through a crowded hallway with the sensual woman hanging on her arm. Just the thought of all the envious looks she would get from the male population (and some females) was enough to fill her chest with pride.

Comparing her to Shego was like comparing a melting puddle of vanilla ice cream to a double chocolate chip fudge ice cream sundae with whipped cream and cherry topping. Even though Kim had grown more confident in the fact that Shego loved her, her own attractiveness was still a secret source of anxiety for her. Mainly because Kim still had a hard time judging just how attracted Shego was to her. While Kim constantly reminded Shego what she thought of her body, Shego surprisingly tended to be a bit prudish when it came to complimenting the redhead.

Kim worried that Shego would get bored with how plain she was underneath all the hero stuff. Because besides being a hero, what else did she have going for her? She wasn't super smart like the rest of her family, her circle of friends was depressingly small, she didn't have any cool hobbies or talents the Shego didn't already have, and even though Shego said it wasn't an issue for her, her physical assets were nothing to brag about. Kim's largest fear was that one day some swanky hero or villain would stroll by and steal Shego away from her.

Despite how much others would claim that she had Shego wrapped around her finger, the fact was that it was the other way around. And Kim was pretty sure she was the only one who knew it. Even Shego was oblivious to that fact. Kim was almost positive that Shego had no idea just how deeply smitten she had become with her. While she knew Shego was aware of how much she lusted for her physically, Kim was sure that Shego wasn't aware how much of her heart she currently owned, which was pretty much all of it.

Of all the people she had ever dated, nobody made her feel the things she did than when she was with Shego. Just being in the mere presence of the former thief was enough to create a feeling of completeness, like she had accomplished everything she set for in life. If she thought about it, that was how she had always felt when she fought Shego when they were still enemies. While they fought each other, the world around them always seemed to disappear, as if the person they were fighting was the only thing that mattered in that moment. Kim had always notched it up to adrenaline and the threat of death.

And after dating the thief a while and finally getting a glimpse of what laid beneath Shego's many walls, Kim found herself hopelessly in love with the older woman. Beneath the hard, sarcastic shell that Shego projected was a beautiful soul that warmed Kim to the core of her being. As the snarky thief who was only interested in her next paycheck was gradually changing into this beautiful creature, Kim found herself changing from an innocent teen hero to an almost depraved, obsessive lunatic who was desperately clinging on to something she knew she wasn't worthy of.

Kim was at the point where if Shego had decided to return to her life of crime, Kim wasn't all to positive that she wouldn't follow her just so she could remain at her side. It was a thought that generated a lot of conflicted feelings and was something she knew she would have to talk about with somebody one day.

Her morals had always taking precedence over everything except for her family. Was her feelings for Shego at the point where they were more important than her beliefs? What if Shego decided to try to take over the world and asked her to join her? Would she say no? Could she say no? The fact was, Kim was so emotionally invested in Shego that if she lost the pale green skinned woman, she wasn't sure she would be able to survive. What would Shego say if she knew just how much power she wielded over the smitten redhead?

Kim was snapped out of her thoughts when a sleek, black sedan pulled into the driveway. Her deep, ponderous thoughts flew out the window as a face splitting smile covered her face.

Kim jumped out of the rocking chair and flew off the porch, an eager look on her face, her worrisome thoughts gone. She would burn down those bridges when she came to them. It was the here and now that mattered the most. And the here and now was looking pretty good so far.

Shego stepped out of her car and closed the door, the sleeves of her uniform rolled up to her elbows and collar of her uniform was unbuttoned. Kim briefly noted how tired Shego looked, and silently hope she wasn't too tired.

Shego locked her car before taking a deep breath and bracing herself.

"SHEGO!" Kim squealed, her petite form jumping into Shego's braced body.

Shego oofed as Kim's body collided with her own, making her stumble back against her car as she wrapped her strong arms around Kim's slim body.

"Kimmie," Shego sighed, half contentedly, half exasperated. Shego buried her face in Kim's red hair, breathing in the scent of her strawberry scented shampoo.

Kim nuzzled her face into the crook of Shego's neck as she squeezed her arms around the older woman's torso, taking in Shego's musky scent, a sign that Shego had yet to wash up for the night yet. Kim didn't mind at all since she enjoyed everything that was Shego.

"I'm glad you came," Kim said softly against Shego's neck, before planting several soft kisses to the patch of skin.

Shego hummed in acknowledgment, leaning against her car and holding Kim against her. The feel of the teens petal like lips against her neck and her petite body molded against her in the night air was quickly draining away the built up tension she had from work.

Coming here was definitely the right decision, Shego thought briefly, sighing in content when Kim began trailing kisses up her neck and along her jaw line.

Kim pressed harder against Shego's body as she raised a hand up to tilt Shego's head down before pressing her lips against Shego's. Kim felt her heart flutter as Shego deepened the kiss, slipping her tongue into her mouth. Yup, a week was definitely way to long. She may be plain as vanilla, but that didn't mean she was stupid. She'd push every opportunity she had with Shego to fully enjoy the benefits of being in a relationship with her. Cause in Kim's opinion, there was no telling when Shego would realize just how boring she was and leave for someone more dynamic. Best to create as many memories as she could with the former thief before Shego took off.

Shego shivered and moaned against Kim's lips when the redhead began massaging the base of her neck

They both froze when a loud honking noise filled the air as a car filled with teenage boys paused in front of Kim's house.

"HEY! CHECK OUT THE LEZZIE MAKING OUT WITH THE GREEN FREAK! HAHA!" yelled the leader of the group, his friends chuckling along.

Shego blinked rapidly when Kim just moved her head to the side to stare blankly at the boys without loosening her hold on her.

"Wow, funny guy," Kim said dryly, quirking an eyebrow. "Don't be jealous just because this one," Kim nodded to Shego, "will be getting more pussy tonight than you'll be getting for the rest of this year."

Kim back away and grabbed Shego's hand, pulling her towards her house.

Shego stared wide eyed at Kim's blank face before glancing behind her to see the leader of the group gaping wordlessly at them, not having a comeback ready while the rest of the boys in the car were howling with laughter at the speechless teenage boy.

Shego felt her lip curl up as Kim pulled her into the house and lock the door behind her.

"Holy crap, Princess," Shego said in an impressed voice, staring at Kim's back, who was still facing the locked door. "I didn't think you had it in you to say something like that."

Shego's smile disappeared when Kim turned around, seeing the depressed look on her face.

"H-hey, whats with the long face? You were great out there! I couldn't have said it any better!" Shego said quickly as she stepped forward, pulling Kim into her arms.

Although I would have followed up with some bodily harm, Shego mentally noted, before shaking it away.

"I just...," Kim sighed before wrapping her arms around Shego's torso, resting her head on Shego's shoulder. "We haven't had any alone time all week and just when I though I had you to myself, those jerks had to go and ruin the mood...," Kim trailed off and sighed despondently.

Nothing put Shego in a worse mood than a bigoted asshole. And when Shego was in a bad mood, it meant a zero percent chance of her being in an affectionate mood. Which equaled to no Shego time for Kim. And Kim wasn't sure she could survive another week without some Shego lovin.

Shego quirked an eyebrow and pushed Kim away till she was at arms length and frowned at the redhead.

Kim winced, guessing she was about to get the 'I'm not in the mood, go to sleep' speech.

Shego blinked and grinned, having an idea what was going through Kim's head.

You're dead wrong if you think I'm going to let some punk screw me out of some Kimmie lovin tonight, Shego thought ruefully.

"So, the mood's ruined? To bad, especially considering I think I remember seeing a can of whipped cream in your fridge yesterday....," Shego trailed off, sighing in mock disappointment.

Kim stiffened and slowly looked up at Shego, a small grin spreading across her face.

"....we have some cherries also," Kim murmured. Kim blinked before her smile got even bigger. "And we have double chocolate chip fudge ice cream also."

Shego laughed loudly as she bent down and scooped Kim up bridal style, making Kim squeal in delight.

"Hmm, sounds good to me," Shego said, placing a quick kiss on Kim's nose before walking towards the kitchen. "Just change one little thing for me, and it'll be perfect."

Kim blinked questioningly at her. Shego smiled sheepishly at her.

"Make it vanilla ice cream instead and then you'll have me sold." Shego blinked when Kim stiffened and stared blankly at her. "What? Why are you staring at me like that?"

Shego quirked an eyebrow up when Kim just kept on staring at her.

"Do I have something on my face or something?" Shego asked, a small frown on her face.

"Why vanilla? It's so...boring," Kim murmured, her brow furrowed a little. Shego rolled her eyes.

"Does it really matter?" Shego grumbled as they entered the living room, heading towards the kitchen. Kim bit her bottom lip and studied Shego's face a moment before continuing.

"But there's nothing special about it, so why-"

"Look, you and everybody else probably like all that fancy stuff, and there's nothing wrong with that. But call me weird, I'll take plain old vanilla over all that other crap any day of the week," Shego said exhasperatly, wondering why Kim was making such a big deal over it.

Kim raised a hand up to her chest to clutch at her robe, feeling something powerful stir in her heart. She knew she was being ridiculous, making a big deal out of something so meaningless, but she couldn't help herself. In her own oblivious way, Shego was soothing Kim's insecurities, and Kim couldn't help but fall even more in love with the older woman for it.

"But there are so many other flavors out there," Kim said in a slightly quivering voice, her eyes feeling a little wet as she stared at Shego with hopeful eyes, wishing with all her might that Shego will say what she desperatley needed to hear.

Still ignorant of what was happening with the teen in her arms, Shego sighed and rolled her eyes, staring straight ahead as she answered.

"Look Princess, for some weird, freaky reason I just happen think vanilla is the greatest ice cream flavor there is and there's nothing you can say to change my mind, so drop it alrea-mmmphh!" Shego stumbled when Kim roughly grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into a hard kiss, sending them tumbling onto the living room floor. Shego pushed herself up into a sitting position, staring incredulously at the redhead

"K-Kimmie!? What are yo- gah!"

Kim silenced whatever Shego was about to say as she roughly shoved Shego onto her back and scrambled on top of her, straddling her hips before placing a bruising kiss against her lips as she held her wrists to the floor.

"Princess," Shego gasped dazedly when the teen finally release the hard kiss to take a breath.

"What...whats-," Shego moaned as her eyes rolled into the back of her head when one of Kim's hands released a wrist and was shoved roughly into the pants of her Global Justice uniform, cupping her sex firmly. "F-fuck....wha...Kimmie?" Shego groaned as her hips twitched involuntarily against the hard press of Kim's warm hand and as Kim entangled her free hand in her long, black hair. Kim placed another hard kiss against Shego's full lips, knowing that her lips would be slightly bruised in the morning but not caring.

"Shego," Kim rasped against her black lips, staring into Shego's glazed over jade green eyes with hooded olive ones. "I love you so much," Kim whispered breathlessly, causing Shego's heart to skip a beat and warmth to fill her stomach.

Shego never got the chance to respond as Kim placed another bruising kiss against her lips and pressed her hand harder against Shego's burning center, causing the older woman's hips to pump uncontrollably against her hand as she moaned loudly into Kim's mouth as she clutched at her robed back.

Shego tore her mouth away, panting heavily as colorful dots began appearing in her vision, groaning as Kim rained down kisses all over the side of her face. She tried to control her bodies reaction, but her hips refused to stop rolling against Kim's warm hand.

"S-Stop, I ,ahhh," Shego squeezed her eyes shut as her hips rolled faster when Kim pressed her hand harder against her center. Her arms wrapped tightly around Kim, a hand held tightly to the back of Kim's head as the teen bent her head down to suckle her neck.

"Kimmie, you..have to slow down or I'll.." Shego choked on her words as Kim curled two fingers into her. "S-shit, Kimmie," Shego groaned as she rocked her hips in rhythm with Kim's hand, her head whipping to the side to block off Kim's attack on her neck when the sensations were starting to overwhelm her.

"I love you, I love you so much," Kim whispered against Shego's cheek, the hand entangled in Shego's hair pulling back to forcel her head back, exposing Shego's throat, before attaching her mouth to the exposed region again, suckling harshly on Shego's exposed neck.

Kim could feel her own need building, but right now the only thing she desperately wanted was to mark Shego as her own. She wanted touch Shego in ways that only she was allowed. She wanted to show Shego just how much claim she had over her. She wanted to prove to herself that she wasn't dreaming and that this gorgeous creature loved her enough to surrender her body to her in every way possible. Despite how selfish and controlling it sounded, Kim wanted nothing more than to mark Shego in such a way that the entire world knew that they weren't allowed to touch this person without Kim's permission.

Shego began whimpering as her arm squeezed Kim's body in a vice like grip while her other hand held Kim's head in place, her hips pumping furiously as she felt her peak approaching.

Kim placed a kiss on the dark hickey on Shego's neck, trailing kisses upward till she was staring into Shego's tightly shut eyes.

"Shego, open your eyes for me baby, please," Kim pleaded desperately, resting her forehead against Shego's sweaty one, needing to look into the window to Shego's soul.

Shego forced her eyes open, staring into Kim's darkened olive eyes.

"I-I love you," Shego managed to choke out as her breathing stopped and her vision turned white as her climax engulfed her. Kim watched in awe as Shego's eyes squeezed shut and her face contorted into a wordless scream as her body quaked. Kim held her hand against Shego's burning center, her fingers still in her as she rode out Shego's orgasm, drawing it out to its very limit, her other hand holding Shego's head steady. When Kim felt the climax receding, she furiously pumped her fingers into Shego's core.

"K-Kimmie!" Shego rasped out before her face contorted again as another climax rocked her body, digging her nails through the fabric of the robe and into Kim's back, her hips rolling uncontrollably. Kim held her hand against Shego's drenched center, raining butterfly kisses over Shego's sweaty face, mumbling words of love and adoration as Shego's second orgasm tore through her.

"God, Shego," Kim breathed against Shego's ear when she started to come down from her peak. "Your driving me crazy," Kim groaned as she drove her fingers as deep as the would go into Shego's throbbing center. " I can't get enough of you," Kim moaned as she engulfed Shego's mouth with her own, drinking in Shego's cries of pleasure.

Shego whimpered into Kim's mouth as a third orgasm shuddered through her body, her hands clenching weakly at the material on Kim's back.

"P-Pumpkin, n-no more," Shego gasped as she tore her mouth away, her entire body twitching sporadically as she weakly tried to pull Kim's hand out of her pants and away from her extremely sensitive center.

Kim's eye darkened with something primal as she held her hand still, resisting Shego's attempt to remove it. Kim placed a wet kiss on Shego's ear, before whispering hotly into it.

"Please, I need one more. One more time for me Shego," Kim pleaded breathlessly as the hand she had in Shego's hair forced the older woman's head back up and roughly pulled Shego into a hard kiss, shoving her tongue into Shego's mouth.

Shego whimpered loudly into Kim's mouth as Kim shoved pass Shego's resisting hand and pumped into her drenched center, her palm rubbing against her center firmly. She hadn't had enough yet. She needed to claim a bit more of Shego before she was satisfied.

Kim disengaged the rough kiss when she felt Shego's velvelty walls constrict around her fingers, resting her forehead against Shego's as she watched Shego's sweaty face scrunch up, her mouth snapping open as a stangled cry escaped her. To Kim, Shego had never looked more beautiful.

Shego's body twitched and spasmed for a few moments before going completely limp, her head lolling to the side as she gulped down breaths of air. Kim sighed in contentment as she placed gentle kisses over Shego's exhausted face, covering her cheeks, her nose, and her closed eyes. She loved it when she could see Shego in this exhausted state. It was a site that was solely reserved for her eyes only.

Kim laughed breathlessly, placing one last kiss on Shego's chin before gently removing her hand from Shego's pants. Shego moaned softly at the loss of contact, taking a big, calming breath as Kim snuggled on top of her body while placing soothing kisses on her neck. Shego wrapped limp arms around her body, holding the petite body to her. After a few silent moments filled with her loud gulps of breath, Shego cracked her eyes open and glanced down, managing to roll her eyes when she saw the smug look on Kim's face.

"My, my," Kim drawled scooting up to grin down into Shego's face. "Did the great Shego just beg lil ol' me to stop."

Shego's eye twitched before she turned her head to the side. "Better wipe that look off your face before I do it for you," Shego muttered.

Kim chuckled, before she quickly sobered up.

"Shego," Kim said softly, causing Shego to glance at her. "I really do love you...a lot."

Shego smiled warmly at her and raised her head to peck Kim's lips.

"I know that dummy. And I love you a lot too...even though you're just a smug little brat," Shego teased as she rolled them over, making Kim laugh as she hovered over the redhead, a familiar devious look on her face.

"Oh no, Shego's got me!" Kim yelled in mock horror as she tried to scoot away.

Shego grinned deviously as she pressed her body against Kim's, holding her wrists down.

"Please, have mercy," Kim whispered, her eyes darkening.

Shego sucked her teeth and grinned maliciously down at Kim, for a moment looking like her old self.

"Hmm, four times...," Kim shuddered when Shego slowly licked her lips. " Lets see if I can do better."

Kim closed her eyes and groaned when Shego bent her head down to lick her throat. Kim wrapped a hand in Shego's long hair and brought the other up to cup a breast through Shego's uniform, making the older woman groan.

"Stop," Shego ordered, pushing the hand away, frowning at Kim. "Just enjoy it, Pumpkin."

"Please," Kim begged quietly, looking pleadingly at Shego.

Shego stopped what she was doing, staring into Kim's pleading eyes.

"I...I just want to feel you..everywhere...all the time," Kim said in in almost inaudible voice.

Shego was silent for a moment, before a soft smile appeared on her face.

Shego bent down and pulled Kim into a soft, slow kiss, puring all her love into it.

Shego pulled away, staring down at Kim's flushed face.

"Lets take this to the bedroom and do this right, shall we?" Shego said softly, caressing Kim's cheek.

Kim smiled and nodded, letting Shego pull her to her feet. They were quiet as Kim lead Shego by the hand towards the stairs.

"Wait," Shego said as she came to a halt.

Kim stared questioningly at her.

Shego smirked.

"We forgot to grab the vanilla ice cream."

Kim beamed at Shego and pulled her into a breath taking kiss before pulling away and walking towards the kitchen, a bright smile on her face as she left a speechless Shego by the stairs.

Shego felt her bruised lips, frowning at the departing redhead.

"Whats up with her and vanilla ice cream?" Shego mumbled in confusion, following after the younger woman, wondering how she hadn't picked up on this particular quirk of the girl she loved until now, cause she was pretty damn sure they had vanilla ice cream plenty of times before.

While Shego pondered about her quirky girlfriend, Kim pondered about her lack of quirks, but this time she was fine with it. Because Shego had reminded her of a very important fact. When dealing with exotic flavors, the best thing to mix them with is the most basic of things. So while Shego may be a double chocolate fudge chocolate chip sundae, she was still vanilla ice cream. And whats better than a double chocolate fudge chocolate chip sundae?

Putting the entire sundae on top of the vanilla ice cream and letting the flavors melt together.

Or in this case...Kim giggled as she glanced behind her at Shego's confused face.

Yup, she was just fine being plain as vanilla ice cream.

to be continued...

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James: *sigh* It was too bad that they canceled that convention at the last minute.

Anne: At least they let us know before we boarded our plane.

James: Well, its good to be home anyways. *unlocks door*

James: Kimmie-cub! We're home!

Anne: *sniffs* Whats that smell? Vanilla?

James:*sniffs* Yeah.....where's Kim?

Anne: Hmm, maybe she isn't home?

James: Maybe....I'll check her room. *enters Kim's room*

James: Huh, I guess she's not here. *walks away*

Shego: *wakes up* Did you hear something?

Kim:*yawn* Mmm, go back to sleep Shego...*zzzz*

Shego:....can we at least go back to your room? Jim's bed is kinda small....