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Kigolicious Days

"And The Plot Thickens!"

Kim shook the grateful policeman's hand as the cops scattered around them rounded up the last of the citizens who had been running around Upperton acting like wild dogs.

Despite her initial belief that Josh Mankey was the host to whatever escaped the Ruby of Inugumi, it was now apparent that it somehow multiplied like rabbits in under a day. Luckily for her and Ron, it seemed most of the infected individuals weren't exactly in top shape which made capturing them fairly easy. She hoped that Wade would be able to helped everyone in a timely fashion.

"We couldn't have done it without you, Ms. Possible," the elderly cop thanked again, enthusiastically shaking Kim's hand. The petite teen's body shook with the heavy up and down motions, and sighed in relief when he let go.

Kim smiled and waved goodbye before making her way over to Ron, who was slouched down on the bench by a bus stop catching his breath, his head rolled back staring blankly at the sky as if in a trance.

"If I have to chase down another barking, slobbering person for five miles through Upperton, I think I might just have to quit being your sidekick," he panted when he sensed Kim nearby, Rufus squeaking in agreement from where he was slouched next to Ron. The shadow from nearby buildings provided a cooling shade that the they were thankful for.

She gave them a sympathetic smile, which turned into a teasing one as she dropped down to sit next to her worn out friend. "Careful you don't say that around Shego, I hear she's quite open to replacing you."

Ron smirked at the redhead, wiping the last of the sweat from his brow. "I thought that was already an inevitability, KP."

Despite his joking tone, Kim's smile dropped at the undertone of bitterness in his words.

"Ron...you're not being replaced," she said firmly, leaning forward to meet his eyes. The blond blinked at the sudden shift in the mood and began to nervously fiddle with his fingers, which caused her worry to go up another notch.

"Well, yeah...now, maybe. But I don't know Kim, I can barely keep up when it's just you and me. Add in Shego to the mix...," Ron shrugged helplessly as he trailed off. "I kind of just figured I'd eventually be demoted to errand boy or something."

Kim's brow furrowed as her gut twisted nervously. She scooted closer to Ron, not noticing Rufus's scramble to jump on her lap to avoid being squished between the humans.

"Are you saying you want to quit?" she asked after a moment of hesitation. The thought of doing her missions without the presence of her best friend didn't sit well with her at all.

Ron sat up straight at her words, a shocked look on his face.

"What? No! Of course not!" he denied firmly, looking almost offended that Kim had even suggested such a thing. Rufus huffed in agreement. " I'm just saying that...well, right now it's just you and me, right? Team Possible?"

"And Wade," the teen hero added, nodding at his words with a worried look on her face.

"Well, once Shego comes along, what role will I play? The two of you alone could wipe the floor with just about anybody. I mean, what-"

Kim stopped Ron by poking him in the cheek., causing him to frown in confusion.

"You dummy, what makes you think your role will be any different? I've made it this far mainly because of you," she reasoned, a confident smile on her face. She was reassured now that it was clear Ron was only worried about being left behind.

"Trust me. There's nobody else who can always come through for me in the end like you," she assured, grabbing his hand and giving it a squeeze. "I mean, how many buttons have you pushed at the last minute to prevent a nuclear holocaust? Saved me when I've been captured and am being lowered into lava?"

A smile slowly spread across Ron's face as his memory flashed through countless moments where a combination of blind luck and random spurts of monkey magic had made a huge difference..

"Too many to count," he chuckled, giving Kim's hand a squeeze in return and ignoring that small part of his brain the kept insisting he still had a chance to rekindle things with the dashing redhead. That door had been soundly closed by Kim when they broke up, and nailed shut by Shego the day she officially became a Global Justice agent.

Ron's smile only dipped by a fraction before returning full strength. Shego made his best friend so happy that it was funny, which kept him from being too depressed. It just meant that Kim had another chink on her flawless armor that he could tease her about as was his duty as her best friend.

"You're right, sorry for worrying like that. And anyways, somebody has to be on the lookout for an ambush whenever you start doing that weird staring thing."

Kim frowned as she pulled her hand back, not liking the teasing tone in his voice. "What staring thing?"

"You know, that thing where your eyes get all big and you whisper mushy things about your main lady," Ron clarified with a smirk, causing Rufus to snicker from where he was standing on Kim's thigh.

"I don't do that!" Kim bristled indignantly, a blush creeping up her neck.

Ron and Rufus smirked at each other before they both started staring at Kim with wide, watery eyes that seemed to sparkle and lips that quivered with emotion.

"Shego, I always feel like I'm coming home for Christmas when I kiss you," Ron whispered in a high pitched voice, sighing with exaggerated adoration as he cupped his cheeks and batted his eyelashes. "I feel a like a giddy school girl inside when I realize you're all mine."

Finally losing it, Ron burst out in laughter along with Rufus, who was now rolling on his back till he fell off Kim's leg onto the bench.

Kim's face turned five shades of red as she recalled having thought those very words a few days ago while thinking about Shego as her and Ron were flying home from a mission. Apparently, she hadn't just thought those words.

"...You...you heard that?" Kim squeaked out, embarrassment and mortification filling her gut.

Ron laughed and gave her a friendly clap on the shoulder.

"Aw, it's no big deal KP. I'm use to you always going all googly eyed over somebody you like," Ron chuckled, recalling all the boys she use to crush on in high school.

Kim slouched down into the bench, crossing her arms over her chest as she looked away from her amused friend and the laughing rodent between them, wondering what else Ron has overheard.

"I don't get googly eyed," Kim muttered to herself, trying to ignore her burning face. Ron just laughed again.

Wade rubbed his temples before continuing his calculations on his cluttered computer. The fact that there were dozens of people in Upperton still acting like dogs was making his workload much more complicated. Not only did he have to identify exactly whatever it is that's infecting these people, but also why is it that only Kim and Shego returned to their normal states after only a few hours of being infected.

"This would be so much easier if I could just crack this thing open," he muttered, glancing at the large ruby on his workbench which had caused all this trouble.

It was a priceless artifact he knew couldn't be harmed, which in only added to his frustrations. He felt like all of his questions could be answered if he could just run a few experiments on it. Sighing softly, he tapped a few more keys before spinning around his chair to regard his silent guest.

Josh Mankey, who they were sure was one of many hosts to whatever entity that escaped the ruby, was sleeping on top of Wade's bed which was surrounded by a shimmering containment field that sprouted out from small crevices in the floor. There were multiple fields like it throughout the house, a safety mechanism just in case of an emergency. Whatever was inside Josh was stuck there for now.

The boy genius leaned back in his chair, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. He knew that it was due to a transformation in the gene structure that the people had started acting like dogs. But why did Kim and Shego revert back to normal while nobody else did? Why was Shego the only one who didn't display dog like behavior?

Turning back to his computer, Wade pulled up an image of Kim's mapped genome, zooming in on the area that had once been transformed. According to the latest blood sample from Kim, the teenage hero was back to her original self. Somehow her gene structure had reverted back to normal and he assumed Shego's did too...though he wouldn't know for sure till Shego came to his house later to let him examine her.

Wade frowned and checked his watch.

"Where the heck is Shego? She said she'd be here after running a few errands... "

The sound of sizzling circuitry and crumbling concrete echoed throughout the high tech laboratory as a ragged looking scientist whimpered from where he hid behind a turned over desk in the far corner, the metal object scorched with burn marks.

"Ella es un diablo," the traumatized man whispered as he peaked around the desk, wide eyes sweeping over the chaos.

Unconscious lab workers and security guards littered the area, some draped over destroyed lab equipment and tables while others laid on top one another in piles of mowed down canon fodder.

It all happened so fast. He remembered hearing the large explosion in the downstairs lobby shortly followed by a similar one on the rooftop. In rapid succession, they learned the phone lines were cut and that someone had sealed shut all the exits in the building.

Then like something out of a horror movie, there were screams and gunfire throughout the building as hellish green light flickered from room to room as if searching for something. When it finally arrived at his lab, the last remaining haven in the building that was now a deathtrap, he had turned over his corner desk and cowered as the room erupted in a cacophony of destruction and mayhem. But it was the feminine voice that spoke immediately after the brief silence that was the most frighting.

"Come out, come out wherever you are," the female voice had sang out, low and throaty with enjoyment. Whoever it was, they were enjoying this. Having fun inflicting pain and suffering on his work associates. Fun being evil.

The frightened scientist gulped heavily as his eyes swiveled frantically around the room, sweat beading down his face when he realized he couldn't spot the monster responsible for the destruction. The sound of his heart beating in his ears was growing louder. He had to escape. He had to live.

Ignoring the scared tears that were burning his eyes, the scientist made a running dash for the exploded open doorway that was black with ash and soot from the attacker. But before he could take more than three steps, he tripped over the limb of an unconscious guard and crashed into a filing cabinet.

The harsh sound of him slamming into the metal object rang throughout the lab and the scientist could only fall to the ground in horror when he looked up and saw that the monster was now standing in the entryway, its eyes boring searing holes through him.

"There you are. I was afraid you had decided to leave the party early," it purred lowly.

Shego slowly approached the terrified man, taking unrushed steps like a lioness who was approaching her cornered prey.

"Really now, no need to be afraid. Just give me what I want, and I'll be on my way."

The man briefly considered listening to her, but then thought about what she was asking for. Thought about what happened to snitches who gave out classified information, the stories he had heard about missing co-workers who leaked information.

The man trembled in fear, but shook his head.

Shego tsked in mock disappointment as she cracked her knuckles. The man before her seemed to shrink with every crack.

"Alright, guess we're doing this the hard way," Shego sneered raising up a plasma engulfed hand, the surrounding area instantly covered in eerie green light. "Since I'm not in a killing mood, I'll settle for just burning off your limbs one by one till you talk."

Shego smirked when the whimpering man screamed and curled into a fetal position, his arms covering his head, causing her to lick her lips in satisfaction. She may no longer be a villain anymore, but there would always be a part of her that loved being a bad-ass.

"Try not to bleed too much on my boots, I just polished them," she hissed menacingly, surging more power into her hand, causing the air to simmer with its heat as if the very air was melting.

With an evil laugh, she closed her hand into a fist and swung the glowing blow of death towards her defenseless target. Just before it struck the man, she pulled pack slightly and watched as it missed, leaving behind a crackling wave of heat that crashed over the whimpering man.

When the scientist felt his skin rapidly heat up and suddenly found it hard to breath, his desire to live finally overpowered his fear of retribution.

"Está ahí!" he screamed, pointing towards the back of the lab. Sobbing in fear as his body trembled at the suffocating heat that seemed to surround him, he prayed for mercy. "Número 412!"

When the air seemed to cool and the expected pain never came, the shaking man peaked passed his arms. He was confused when he saw Shego chuckling low in her throat, a satisfied yet non-threatening smile on her face.

"What? Did you really think I would let your worthless life smudge my pristine criminal record just for some lousy research paper? Somebody thinks too highly of themselves," Shego quipped mockingly before knocking him out with a savage kick to the chin.

Taking a few moments to enjoy the fact that she could still inspire terror despite giving up her life of crime, she eventually let out a tired sigh when she turned around to observe the mess of unmoving guards and scientists who she had made short work of earlier. It had taken a little longer than she thought. While sealing the building off and making it into the restricted lab area had been easy, she admitted that working within the ethical guidelines of Global Justice made the task more difficult than initially though.

The former villainess used her wrist communicator to call in a cleanup crew, deciding she had better things to do than rounding up the trash.

Shego made her way to the rear of the lab where stacks of metal crates were lined up against the wall, all labeled "Classified" in big red letters. She walked along rows of towering metal boxes, searching for crate 412 as she idly recalled what she was looking.

After running into a dead end with all her contacts, Shego resorted to the next best thing when it came to getting underground information: Villains Digest, the magazine of choice for villains everywhere. It didn't take long for her to dig through her old stash before finally finding a lead. There was a discussion about how Jack Hench was funding some secretive project called Project Intruder.

And when it came to Hench Co. and projects they funded, Shego knew she had to pay the little known research lab in Mexico a visit. It wasn't a lab that super villains usually utilized since the amount of money needed to hire their nearly flawless services was outrageous, even for those who had millions of dollars stashed away. That meant that the only villains with the funds necessary to use the lab was Jack Hench and Senior Senior.

From there it was just a matter of breaking down some doors and tracking down the files that held everything there was to know about the project.

"Bingo,"Shego purred happily when her eyes landed on crate 412. With a concussive blast of plasma, she knocked off the crates on top of it, sending them flying to the side in a mess of bent metal and snowing papers.

"Okay, give mama what she wants," she grunted as she pulled the heavy crate off and onto the tiled floor with a loud slam. Bending down, she sliced the top of the crate off with a plasma infused slice, the top clattering to the floor.

A predatory grin slid over Shego's face. She was starting to think that being a goody goody again wouldn't be so bad after all.

"Damn, I'm good," she murmured to herself, her fingers skimming over the rows of files and the stacks of CDs. She hummed inquisitively when she came across a black unlabeled file that stood out from the manilla folders. "And what do we have here...?"

Pulling out the file, Shego flipped through the papers before immediately flipping back to a page that caught her eye. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up and a familiar deep resentment rumble in her stomach.

"Dammit," she muttered, her eyes narrowing when she came face to face with a picture of a warehouse full of human sized test tubes. And floating within each test tube in some kind of bright blue liquid was a platinum haired woman curled into a fetal position with various tubes and wires inserted along her spine and neck and mouth.

Shego recognized the women. They all looked exactly like the twins that had broken into Global Justice headquarters.

"Great, just what I needed. Clones," she grumbled, stuffing the file back into the crate. "And when there are clones, there's some rambling doofus with mommy issues."

With an irritated sigh at the thought of dealing with someone who most likely shared a kindred spirit with Drakken, Shego sat on top of the crate and quietly ranted to the unconscious occupants around her about why all mad scientists needed to be neutered and caged while waiting for her called in backup to arrive.

to be continued . . .

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