Bleed It Out


Summary: Twilight/HP crossover, Harry finds out he has a living father, living being a relative term. His father reveals himself when the war has ended, offering a safe place to go. Fleeing with Severus to a small town in America, how is the only half-vamp known to exit going to survive? HP/EC, BS/JB

Disclaimer: I do not own either sets of books, I am just playing with them.

Rating: moderate M

Warnings: SLASH! This will be an Edward/Harry pairing. Violence, Vampire Feeding, Mentions and actions of sex, Darkness in general.

A/N: Alright, I should make something clear here, for those of you in the Twilight fandom I am mainly a Harry Potter author. I have read all the Twilight books, and while I have some issues with the events that occur in them, I agree that Meyer has created a wonderful world, and her characters are amazing. I have been known to twist the Harry Potter characters into non-recognition, which I am going to do with this fic, but I am going to try and keep the Twilight characters at least mostly cannon. I am also a die hard Bella/Jacob shipper and Jacob is my favorite character in Twilight.

Chapter One

Say You Will

Harry Potter had always been just a little bit different from those around him. From his earliest memories with the Dursleys to the world of magic he was born into, something about him just set him apart. He wasn't better or worse then anyone else, but he just wasn't the same. He would give everything he had to give to be normal, and already had for the most part, but still here he was pondering his abnormality.

With the Dursleys, it was because strange things always happened around him. Things floated, lights flickered, and glass broke when he was upset, and the few times he allowed himself to cry, the sky wept with him. He was punished for being a freak and made to do manual labor at the house from the time he could barely walk. Nothing would stop the punishments even when he tried to explain that he couldn't have done it.

Then on his eleventh birthday, the world of magic opened up to him, and swallowed him whole. He was famous for something he wished with all his heart never happened. They put him on a pedestal and reminded him daily of the events that made him an orphan and sent to hell. Well there was a few that refused to put him on a pedestal and for that, he was almost grateful.

Even here, he was different. His magic was powerful but somehow blocked, it only appeared when he was in a life or death situation, and let's just say he had more then any other sixteen-almost-seventeen year old should have. He had very few true friends despite the crowds surging around him, and even fewer of those did he trust completely. The worst Dark Lord in wizarding history was nothing more then a smoking corpse because of him. Oh and one other tiny, insignificant, little detail.

"Let me get this straight, you are a vampire?" He asked the cloaked person beside him.

"Yes," Answered a familiar voice.

"You do not, and have never fed on a human?" Harry asked incredulously.

"That would be correct." A slightly exasperated reply was made.

"My mother was your destined mate." Harry managed to steady his voice.

"Yes," He repeated.

"You left her so she could be with James because you didn't want her hurt," Harry asked calmly, much too calmly.

"I thought she would be safer with him," He agreed quietly.

"You hated James because he still harassed you even after you gave up the thing you value most into his care?" Harry was still too calm.

"Yes," He didn't even try to vary his responses anymore.

"You hated me at first because you believed I was the one thing James had you could never get?" Alright, now Harry was just scary calm.

"Yes," No defense.

"You found out that I wasn't James' son and decided to keep it to yourself?" A little anger now that was something he could deal with.

"I felt the same way as I did about your mother, you were safer away from me." He finally defended himself.

"I am your son?" A bit of a waver was in Harry's voice now.

"Yes you are," He replied simply.

"Why tell me now?" Harry asked curiously, the shock hadn't quite sunk in yet.

"You are flying apart, the war is over, you are now safer with me, oh andbecauseyouareahalf-vampireandtherehasneverbeenanothertomyknowlege." The Potion's Master of Hogwarts Severus Snape finally revealed.

"Care to repeat that a little slower?" Harry requested testily.

"You are half-vampire and half-human there has never been another to my knowledge. I had hoped you would be human because of Lily, but you are not. I didn't even know it was possible for Lily and I to have children even if she wasn't turned. Even after I knew you were mine, I hoped the vampire gene was dormant, but it isn't." Severus explained warily.

"How do you know that?" Harry snipped, rubbing at his throat as he had been doing for the past week or so.

"Is your throat hurting?" Severus asked mock innocently.

"It's just a sore throat it will be gone in a few days." Harry defended, not knowing why it was important.

"It's not an illness you are just thirsty." Severus informed him gently.

"What do you mean thirsty…" Harry trailed off as he realized where Severus was leading the conversation.

"You are going to need blood I noticed it last year in school, the vampire part of you is waking up. It was somehow put to sleep, and now it is active. I was hoping to get to you before the thirst drove you to do something you might regret." Severus had slipped into a business like tone.

"But Dumbledore and the Weasleys said I was just going through a particularly strong inheritance!" Harry protested, not denying the changes that had slowly happened to him over the past year.

"You are, just not a wizarding one, I cannot tell you exactly what will happen to you because you are a unique being. When I was turned, I lost the use of most of my magic but gained a 'gift' as vampire's call it. I cannot use a wand as well as a wizard can, that is why I teach potions and not defense, I can force my magic to aid me but I have to be under extreme duress. I also stopped ageing the moment I was bitten, what you see right now is an illusion that is my gift. I can cast illusions made out of pure shadow to hide my appearance and that of anyone close by, I can also create illusions that have semi-solid form to use as distractions in a fight." Severus was quick to outline.

"I think I understand, but if you can't use magic, how did the Dueling club in my second year work?" Harry asked as that one bit was bugging him.

"I said I can not use magic as well as a wizard can, not that I couldn't at all. Even you must have caught on to just how pathetic Lockhart was, I didn't need any more magic then I already have to knock him flat." Harry couldn't be sure but he was almost positive Severus was proud of the fact he had sent the horrible teacher flying.

"Where are we going to go?" Harry asked, knowing Severus didn't want to stay in the wizarding world much longer.

"For now we are going to go hunting, and lay low until the vampire inside of you wakes up fully. When it does I know a coven that we can ask for help, I will need to get in contact with them again, but Carlisle the eldest, is an old friend of mine. He was the one to find me after I was turned, and he showed me how to survive without taking human life. I want to make sure you are in control before I risk exposing his coven by bringing you in range of humans." Severus informed him.

"Just how long ago were you turned? Why?" Harry wondered.

"It was actually the year Lily and I graduated Hogwarts. Voldemort wanted stronger followers, his younger Marked death eaters were then taken to his loyal coven and bitten, we were left in the middle of nowhere to recover and get through our newborn years. I thought I was just lucky when Carlisle found me, but apparently, one of his 'daughters' is some kind of seer. He told me after I was back in control of myself that when the time was right, I could seek out his coven. This is the right time." Severus responded.

"How did my mother fit into this?" Harry was admittedly confused.

"We had been friends in Hogwarts, she was the first person I thought of that might be willing to help me. I took the mark for the power the Dark Lord offered, and the person I had hoped could help me get power made me into this and took away a good portion of my magic. All I could see was Lily's eyes during the two and a half years I struggled with Carlisle's help. I did ask her for help, which led me to Dumbledore and my position as spy. Yet I had to fight so hard not to hurt Lily. A vampire's mate has blood that practically sings to us. She was and always will be my greatest challenge. I was able to overcome it with her help, to the point of getting you. I nearly killed her that night. It was when I decided she would be safer with James." Severus explained, having to hold back a laugh at his son's scrunched up face at the bit of information concerning his conception.

He looked at Harry a little closer and the normal bright emerald of his eyes was now much darker, nearly black. "It is time for your first hunt, and I think we should start you out with something fairly easy…"Severus then launched into an intense debate with himself about what they would hunt and where.

Harry trailed docilely behind him, truly when all this hit him he would be flat on the floor but for now, he would go with his Father. Maybe it was time to bury old scars once and for all. As he took the first few steps into his new life he knew right then he would be going with his father to meet this Carlisle and his family. At least it would be interesting.

A/N The next chapter will put Harry and Severus in Forks, and more of the past will be revealed.