Bleed It Out


Chapter Thirteen

Forever or Never

Harry didn't even realize he had silenced them when they entered his bedroom, he just descended onto Edward with burning kisses and provocative images. Edward growled as his inner beast was triggered and the god like body on top of him moved in just the right ways.

"Harry, if you keep going, I won't be able to stop." Edward warned.

"Then don't stop," Harry replied simply, covering Edward's mouth with his own to smother any further protests.

Harry decided Edward was never going to stop doubting himself if Harry didn't take control, so he forced Edward backwards until his knees hit the bed, and even further still until he was flat on the soft mattress with Harry covering his heavier body. He ran his hands up the soft, yet hard skin of Edward's abdomen taking his shirt up and off with the motion, the older vampire pulling himself up enough to allow the removal of the shirt, returning the favor by freeing Harry's torso from the confines of soft cloth.

Harry leaned down again pressing his lips to the skin of Edward's chest feeling the blood singing through the vampires veins. With a swift movement he sunk his teeth into the tough skin and drank a gulp of Edwards blood. The blood tasted like the wild, the feral nature of Edward's favorite prey spiced up the blood, making Harry pick a new spot and bit again. Edward was now swimming with sensation, as Harry sunk his teeth in over and over again. When Harry felt he had taken enough blood from Edward he raised himself back up to capture the waiting lips giving Edward a taste of his own blood. He softly bit Harry's lip experimentally and pressed their mouths firmly together, getting a taste of Harry.

With blood dripping out of the corners off their mouths, they simply kissed like there was no tomorrow, body's writhing and twining together without penetration as their search for more contact grew frenzied. Their bare skin caressed each other, growing slick from the blood that still dribbled from the bites Harry had placed on Edward.

With deliberate moves Harry slid his hands back down Edward's chest, pushing himself up as he did so, his hands soon found the button on Edward's pants, pulling them off while Edward locked eyes with his, the normal bright topaz darkened to black with lust.

Edward's breath hitched as he felt air hit his now completely bare body, a trifle upset that Harry still had half his clothing, reaching up he soon remedied that. With both of them bare as the day they were born Harry ran his hands down the expanse of open flesh again, this time not stopping at the waist, curving around the straining arousal he kneeded Edward's inner though and breathed a hot breath across the sensitive organ making it twitch in excitement and Edward to suppress a moan. "Scream for me," Harry whispered before swallowing as much of the considerable length as he could. When Edward felt the throat muscles vibrate with a soft hum, he obeyed the order without thought.

Harry felt Edward come close to exploding, and let him explode, using the hot seed as lubricant he slid back up Edward's body, positioning them just right to come together. Going slow enough any pain his entrance might cause was washed away by pleasure as he hit the right bundle of nerves. Edward bucked his hips upwards, making Harry let out his own moan of pleasure. Smashing their lips together again they moved together in a smooth easy rhythm enjoying the feel of filling, and being filled. There was no frenzy or rush, time stopped as nothing but each other was needed. They tasted, touched, felt, licked, bit, touched, and came together again. It might have been minutes or hours later, time didn't matter anymore, before the pressure built up enough to release in a rush of sound and feelings.

"Never leave me," Harry whispered.

"I am yours, forever." Edward replied.

It was not long before they were ready for the next round, and the next, and the next, they continued on long into the day, trying new and different things as time wore on. When they were finally too spent to do anything more they turned towards one another again and whispered, "I love you." Since Harry had slept so much earlier and Edward never slept they just held each other close not wanting to get out of the bed yet.

It wasn't until much later that they showered, dressed, and headed downstairs. Harry was expecting to see a few raised eyebrows, at certain points they hadn't been exactly quiet, but the only one who showed any sign they knew what had happened was Alice who had a happy little smile on her face.

Severus saw the nervous look on Harry's face and pulled him to the side, "Harry, you managed to silence the two of you, stop worrying so much."

Harry blushed as he realized they still knew anyway, he guessed they hadn't been subtle in their exit. "I'm glad, but I didn't even think about silencing us, not until just now anyway." Harry admitted.

That gave Severus an idea, "Harry you said you didn't use magic, but I know I didn't silence you and none of the others have that power, but this morning when you tried to find your power you found nothing right?" At Harry's affirmative nod he continued, "If I had to make an assumption, I would say your gift is the ability to make yourself and anyone you are with undetectable, or at least completely silent. With subterfuge being your gift it would explain why you couldn't find it, you did, but just didn't know that is what you were looking at."

"That makes a weird kind of sense, that could really come in handy if that were true, I wonder what triggers my gift though since I never consciously thought about it upstairs." Harry replied.

"I would guess it is triggered whenever you have need of it, you will probably have more control over it as time goes on. It probably only affected Edwards this time because you two were so close together." Severus hypothesized.

"Hey father, thank you, if you hadn't let me talk I don't think I could have accepted his words today." Harry admitted, finally getting the nerve to say what had been on his mind since he had been called down.

"Son, I would do anything for you." Severus replied as he pulled Harry into a tight hug, knowing their little family would be together forever and a day.

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