That night, everyone at camp Ace was in Renesmee's cabin, watching her win everyone's money. She showed a hand of cards to her opponent. "Sorry, but I win." She moved her winnings toward her. "No more takers?"

"I'll take a whack at it," Felicity stated, walking into the cabin. Be prepared to lose Swan." She dumped out a bag of quarters onto the table before sitting.

"Take a seat, Cullen."

They dealt out the cards t both of them, and put in possession after possession into the growing pile. It was the time to show the cards when Felicity smirked. "Tell you what…I'll make you a little deal. Loser jumps into the lake afterwards. Butt naked."

"That's an excellent idea. Start unzipping Cullen. Straight…in diamonds."

"You're good Swan…but just not good enough. In your honor, a royal flush."

Renesmee stood on the dock, looking back at the others, about to jump in. She couldn't believe she had agreed to such a deal. Then again, she had thought she would win. Turning around, she grabbed her locket with the letter R on it, and walked to the end of the dock and jumped in. All the other girls grabbed her clothes and ran, leaving her shoes behind, before she got out.

"If that's how you want to play it Cullen, then let the games begin."

The very next day, Felicity was with Heidi and Naomi, and she was exhausted, riding on Naomi's back. "The first I'm going to do is get in bed, and take a nap until lunchtime. The others laughed, until Naomi saw the cabin.

"I don't think that's a possibility babe."

"And why not?"

"That's why not…"

They all stared at the cabin, seeing their beds and suitcases on the roof.

"No way."

That night, Felicity, Heidi, and Naomi snuck into Renesmee's cabin, ready for some major pranking. Heidi strung some string around the whole cabin, Naomi put water balloons everywhere, and Felicity filled a big bucket with chocolate sauce, before they all decorated the heads of everyone sleeping. After that, they put the bucket of chocolate above the door and left, laughing.

That morning, Felicity and the others walked to the Mountainview cabin and watched all the action in the cabin. When Renesmee woke up, they started laughing when she stepped into the honey on the floor. Renesmee hit the rope, and sent water balloons flying, until a huge one came and drenched her head to foot. The others woke up and noticed that they were covered too.

Outside, Marvus was coming with her daughter to do a surprise inspection. The girls ran to block them from entering. "They're sick. It's disgusting in there." Of course, they still opened it, and chocolate covered them all. "I told you it was a mess in here. They must have done it as a prank."

"Mountainview must clean this up, and you are all prohibited from the dance tomorrow evening. Now, I must go and clean off…again."

A/N: About the dance…in the original movie, there was a dance. You'll see it in the next chapter. Also, I just realized that I called Renesmee Annie. Hahaha. Good job to me, right? All fixed though.