Fail Safe


Sylar tightened his telepathic grip on Alicia's throat, pinning her to the wall. His index finger pointed at her forehead, ready to slice through her skin.

"Tell me what it means," Sylar said, his voice becoming a growl.

Alicia didn't answer, but looked to Peter lying motionless on the floor. Her gun lay inches from him.

Sylar's eyes followed hers. "Is it him? Do you love him?" he spat the words at her in a mocking way, his invisible fingers digging in deeper.

Alicia reached out her mind and asked the gun to move up. It flew through the air and floated at the base of Sylar's skull. She blinked and the gun cocked.

"Oh no you don't," Sylar said, smiling at her, his white teeth flashing. He flicked his wrist and suddenly the gun was in his hand; he smashed it onto her forehead. Tears started to steam down Alicia's face.

"Just kill me," she whispered.

Sylar's eyes widened, a confused look coming over his face. "Not until you tell meā€¦Tell me!" he yelled. "Why is your heart beating that way?"

Alicia looked into his eyes. She gulped down a surge of pain and said, "Because, I love you."