Eagle's Eyes

By Stor-E-Phool

I could feel the floorboards creak as I walked across the dark room. My eyes darted toward the door. Did they hear?

I watched the shadows fall through the light shining under the door, and held my breath. 'Don't come in, don't come in, don't come in...' I thought, clenching my shirt hem tightly.

Slowly, the shadows under the door left, and I let out the air I held in. I continued across the room and reached our wall. Sure enough, I felt him tapping. "Kyoko, where are you? Are you there?" was his tapped message. "Yes." I tapped, "Sorry about that."

"It's fine. Are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be. You'll let me know when to run, right, Ren?"

"Right." I let out a breath and layed next to the wall, keeping hand contact with it, just in case he tapped. It was the day of truth. I pray it won't be my last.

I felt the floor groan under my shoulder as Ren and who I guessed was the blue-eyed man move in the next room. Oh, how I wished my world was not silent; that I could know what was being said at the moment.

Light streamed in onto our wall as a captor opened the door to my room. I felt the groan of the floor as they stepped closer. The anxiety in my stomach swelled and I waited for Ren's signal, hoping he would give the okay soon. But it never came, because all I felt as I waited was a heavy thump as a body hit the floor, and the smell of blood hit my nostrils like a baseball to a bat.

All I could do was hug my legs to my body as the man in my room stomped for my attention. He stomped again. I just huddled there. It was all I could do.

"Run." Came a faint message from the wall. I felt a gasp utter through my throat, and I lept to my feet, surprising the man who undoubtedly thought I was asleep. I dashed out the carelessly opened door, almost crashing into Ren who was coming from his room's opened door.

We were finally free.

A/N: This... Is my first Skip Beat! fanfiction. I really hope you like this first chapter. There is more to come. Btw, Kyoko is, indeed, deaf in this story. It will be explained better soon. Thanks for reading!