//Hayatou: The Astounding Switch!//

Rated: K+

Genre: Humour/Romance

Main: Hayaka/Katou

Summary: Hayaka is late for school and she bumps into Katou when they...switch bodies?! Hayaka is now in Katou's body and vice-versa! Mayhem, mishaps, and hilarity jump up and pounce; as Hayaka and Katou try to switch back! What lies in store for these two?!


Hello! I'm Hirayama Hayaka. I transferred to Tokugawa Industrial High school due to my financial problems…but…after having knocked out the school gang leader with a metal plate (yes, I know, metal plate) I became the school's new gang leader…and now…I am greeted to this every morning!


Yeek. It's like being at a red carpet.

Anyway, the thing with this school is there are NO girls (since they all transferred out…). I'm the only girl in school! Thus, my class is FULL of boys. But, they're not so bad. They're always taking care of me! Oh! I can feel a smile breaking onto my face! Er, back to the main subject, one person in our class is quite the motherly kind of person.

His name is Katou Yuuni. He's always taking care of everyone. It's mostly because of instinct; he lives with his siblings and is taking care of them all the time (since the older siblings work hard). The thing is, something has been really strange with Katou recently! He'll say random things and it will get really awkward between us, and it causes me to go scarlet…I'm usually used to being independent, but, since transferring, I can't imagine myself alone anymore.

Hayaka whirled right past some kids. Why, you ask? Because Hayaka was terribly late as she forgot to turn on her alarm yesterday. So now she's running like there's no tomorrow, but she's also thankful because nobody was going to be greeting her at the front entrance!

Her short hair flittering behind her, she skidded into the entrance. Just a few minutes late! Hayaka thought to herself. She didn't realize as she kicked her speed up a notch a figure just a few meters away leaning against the school doors waiting patiently for her.

Hayaka looked up and went wide eyed. KATOU!? She tried to stop but it was as if her feet just couldn't stop. Katou looked up and was about to speak, when he noticed her coming full force at her. He was about to duck when he realized if he dodged she would plough right into the doors.

"Katou! Look out!"

Hayaka crashed right into him and she suddenly saw everything in her vision go white. She felt fluttery and her head felt lighter as the white blur escaped her eyes. She found herself on the ground, hands wrapped securely around someone. Then she realized that 'someone' must be Katou.

"Katou! I'm sorry! I-I…couldn't stop!" she began, worrying over the boy she dashed into (not to mention she turned red).

"I'm fine. Are you okay though, School gang leader?" Katou grunted, but it came out rather high pitched.

Hayaka bit her lip, "Katou, are you sure? Your voice sounds rather high…" Not to mention he feels really light! She felt Katou wiggling in her arms and she let go at once feeling her face burn up. "Oh, sorry."

"What in the world…School gang leader?" Katou asked, voice getting higher in surprise.

Hayaka raised an eyebrow not bothering to looked up as she looked at the school entrance. "Oh, you saved me from crashing into the school doors. I guess I was going really fast…"

"School gang leader…why do you look exactly like me?"

Hayaka stopped short as she was about to speak. "What?" She looked at her hands. Hey, they look awfully big. She ran her fingers through her hair only to notice it was even shorter than before. Now that you mention it, it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a skirt…Hayaka looked down to see that she was wearing the boy's uniform. "Ah?" Hayaka looked up at Katou, to see he looked exactly like her.

"School gang leader…did we switch bodies?"

Oh gosh…he even sounds like me!, she fretted. She nearly had a heart attack when he began fixing the ribbon on the school uniform. He too, was examining himself. He now had Hayaka's light coloured hair and soft hands. Skin to be even more precise. Katou looked at Hayaka only to see a reflection of his actual self. "…This is bothersome." He pulled at some strands of hair. "You have really soft hair."

Hayaka blinked. Again and again and again. She gulped. "Uh, I never realized this before, but, you're pretty tall, Katou." she said, looking at Katou nervously. Even while sitting flat on 'her' bottom, she could she the diffrence in height. Katou burned up.

"I guess I am pretty tall. But School gang leader, you're not that short."

Hayaka looked away. She felt more flushed than she had ever felt before. She was about to ask a question along the lines of 'what now?', when she noticed Katou staring at her in awe. I guess it's pretty weird seeing yourself move and talk without you being in you body. Hayaka found herself staring back…then regretting that has their eyes met.

"School gang leader…until we can figure out how to switch back we should-" Kato started, only to be interrupted by a sudden loud shouting. Shouting of joy, to be exact. "It's them." he stated plainly.

"YUUNI!!" Hayaka fell to the ground as she was pounced by Ichiro and Mira. Seshun followed behind them. Hayaka coughed like crazy as she was tugged on both arms.

"H-hey! P-Please stop!" she asked, blushing insanely. She wasn't used to being roughed up.

Katou pulled them off. "Knock it off you two! School gang leader-"


"Hunnnh? Hayaka, why are you calling Yuuni School gang leader?" Ichiro asked, eyes wide.

Mira blinked. "That's quite the expression you have on too, Hayaka…and Yuuni too…"

Katou covered his mouth. Hayaka had to hold in a cry of embarrassment. They had a lot of explaining to do. Given the stares Ichiro, Mira, and Seshun were giving them…


A couple of minutes later, the threesome understood exactly what the situation was. At first, Hayaka had tried explaining but it came out as stutters and random garbles. That confused the three to the max. Katou explained much more clearly and more mother like, and the three boys came to acceptance…until Mira brought up some things Katou and Hayaka did not want to worry about.

"So…how are you guys going to do your work?"

Seshun sighed. "They both get around the same grades. That's no the problem here."

Ichiro put on the innocent face. "What about changing and bathing and going to you families and covering it up? Nobody else can know about this…"

Hayaka tried her best to hide her reddening face. To no avail, in the least. Everyone had to agree (even Katou), it was quite interesting seeing such an expression on 'Katou's' face. "W-well hopefully we can change back quickly! I don't want anything like those situations happening!"

"The same for me, school gang leader. But how…" Katou said drifting off as he caught everyone staring at him in awe. Even Hayaka was not used to see such a serious face.

Seshun quickly spoke, "How about you two do exactly what you did before you swapped bodies?"

Hayaka felt enlightened. "Okay! I'll run around the corner from my house and Katou will wait at the school entrance, and I'll crash into him again!"

"…what a way to switch!" Mira laughed, lips twitching into a playful smile.

Katou glared for a moment, then looked at Hayaka. "Let's do it now before sensei-"

"'Before sensei' what?" a voice said, and the five looked up with frightful faces. The sensei smiled, "Into class you guys. You're all fifteen minutes late!"

"B-but…" Hayaka whispered to Katou. What am I going to do?! Hayaka and the others dragged themselves into class, and Hayaka realized, as she was being talked to about gang fights and boy stuff with the other classmates, she just might not survive.

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