//Hayatou: The Astounding Switch!//


Rated: K+

Genre: Humour/Romance

Main: Hayaka/Katou

Summary: Hayaka is late for school and she bumps into Katou when they...switch bodies?! Hayaka is now in Katou's body and vice-versa! Mayhem, mishaps, and hilarity throw themselves at Hayaka and Katou as they try to switch back! What lies in store for these two?!

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Hayaka breathed out a sigh of relief as the bell rung. Living in Katou's body was incredibly tiring. She remembered how when she first arrived to the school she had thought (after realizing Katou wasn't a hardcore macho-macho gangster) that he was a very motherly person and everyone hung off him like chimps on and ape. She got to live his life for one school day- and Hayaka realized that Katou worked hard. Not just in school work, though.

Hayaka knew she would have to stay in character. It was a lucky coincidence that she had been reading a gender bender manga earlier that week, and she knew of the troubles swapping places could bring up. So Hayaka tried her best…but ended up coming across as a klutz-y Katou. She tried to fix some buttons for some boys who had asked her so pleasantly; ("please Katou! My mother will have a fit if she sees the damage on here!"-- but perhaps it was also the fact that he had a shaved head and in which the hair was replaced by tattoos) but she ended up hurting herself with a sewing needle and nearly pricking the boy in the process. After that was in science while working with chemicals…Hayaka shivered at the thought. It was a good thing Seshun knew how to work the fire blanket…

'The list goes on…' Hayaka thought while pouting slightly. She packed up her bag and left to go home, when she realized she was STILL 'Katou'. She would've have cried in exhaustion if it weren't for the fact she was too tired to cry. She felt a bag hit her head lightly. Turning around with a shriek that sounded much too manly, she found herself face to face with herself and three other boys. There was her pink hair and bright green eyes, the face she didn't think was too pretty nor ugly. Just normal. Behind her was an indifferent Seshun, his glasses gleaming in the sun; Ichiro smiling happily with a smile that rivalled his bright blue hair; and Mirai who was giving an equally blinding smile while waving hello to Hayaka.

"Where's Katou…" Hayaka murmured before realizing that girl in front of her was Katou. Hayaka felt a cloud of gloom cast over her head. They couldn't stay like this forever, right?

"School Gang Leader, although you are inhibiting my body now it still isn't wise to dally around after school." said Katou as he reached forward and fixed the buttons on Hayaka's collar.

"Oh. I'm not to good with buttons…" Hayaka said sheepishly while blushing slightly. Again Mirai and Ichiro stared in wonder before giggling excitedly. Katou turned around to frown at them a bit before facing Hayaka once more. "School Gang Leader, I suppose we should try bumping into each other again."

Hayaka instantly nodded her head. "Yes!"



"Please stop moving School Gang Leader so I can apply the ice better…"

"Crashing into each other wasn't the best of ideas…" Seshun said pointedly while putting his book down on his table. They were currently in Seshun's house, all gathered around the living room table watching Katou apply ice to Hayaka's swollen head.

Hayaka winced as the ice pack made contact with her forehead. Crashing into Katou had led to two saddening conclusions: one, they didn't switch back; two, Katou (technically Hayaka) had a startlingly hard head. Hayaka frowned a bit. "How are we going to change back? And what about going home…?"

Mirai tried to stifle his laughter. "Changing and bathing and going to bed in another person's house…also in a opposite gender body!"

Hayaka felt the words stab her. Changing clothing…that would require her to take off her shirt…while in Katou's body…so Katou's chest…well she had seen his chest before, once at the beach, but that was about it and…what about changing bottoms…Hayaka took that moment to promptly faint and crumple onto the floor.

Katou would've passed out from embarrassment and shock as well if it wasn't for Hayaka fainting. Quickly Katou helped Hayaka up and got the help of the other boys to bring Hayaka to Seshun's room to rest. 'It's hard to pick up things in this body…' mused Katou. Yes. Today he had realized how strange it was to be a girl. For example, skirts. It was such a breezy feeling, and Katou wasn't sure if he was supposed to be afraid or wary. It felt like everyone was able to stare up the skirt, and that made his anxiety grow. The moment he and Hayaka switched back, he was going to figure out a way to adjust the dress code for the girls. Preferably pants.

Seshun, reading a book in the corner of the room while Mirai and Ichiro bombarded Katou with questions on how it felt to be a girl, silently decided he would do some research on body switching after everyone left.




Katou tried to regain his breath as School Gang Leader's mother hugged the air supply out of him. 'Is this what School Gang Leader comes home to every night?' he wondered as 'his' mother ranted on how the director of the hospital was a 'pompous mean-ie'. As Katou gently consoled the woman, she suddenly looked brighter and smiled. "Oh Hayaka I have something for you!" She grinned and dashed off for a moment before coming back with a bag. "I bought you a dress!"

Katou stared at the bag in horror.

"Go try it on so I can see if it fits, alright?" Hayaka's mother ushered Katou into 'his' bedroom and made sure to shove the bag in with him. "Come out when you're done!'

'Oh no.' Katou trembled holding up a pretty pink dress that had white frills. 'Katou Yuuni. High schoold student. Cross-dressing for the second and probably not last time…'


"Yuuni~! Welcome home~!" cried several children at the same time. Hayaka gasped out loud when multiple children tackled her down onto the floor, the kids squealing in delight and others giggling. Hayaka managed (after several attempts) to gently brush off the children. She was not used to such a strong body. She knew Katou was strong, but he always came across as the more lanky type…but in his body she could feel the staggering height Katou had compared to her. Also his arms. When lifting up the children, strangely enough, she could feel the muscles in 'her' arms flexing. Thinking about how Katou was so strong made her blush fiercely, but she immediately wiped the look off her face as one of Katou's siblings looked at her questioningly.

"Onii-chan, are you not feeling well? Your face is a bit red…"

"O-oh no I'm fine!" Hayaka assured, standing up off the floor after wrestling another child off herself. She was going to brush her legs to flatten out her skirt, when she realized there was no skirt. 'If there was a skirt, that would be more than awkward…' Hayaka turned a tomato red at the thought. 'Stop thinking, stop thinking!!' thought Hayaka…Hayaka groaned. 'Not thinking is definitely not working!!'

Hayaka nearly passed out from shock as Katou's sister seemed to vaporize out of nowhere.

"Katou, go change out of your school uniform and come help with supper, please."

Hayaka nodded her and stood to go to Katou's room (thanks to the time Katou got sick, even though they weren't in his room, she found out where it was not moments later when his brother ran in there without permission) and briefly paused realizing she had to change. And then bathe later before going to bed. Hayaka felt her ears burn and she squeaked quietly before running off to 'her' room.

She was thankful for the boy's uniform- the shirt opened up to one of Katou's casual shirts. But as for the pants…Hayaka grabbed some jeans and closed her eyes shut.

She would change with her eyes closed.

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