Chapter 1: Let's beat up Dipshits

Come on Wally you can do this. She's right there, just walk up to her and ask. Wally scowled as he tried to convince himself to go and ask his best friend. When she first walked through the doors of the high school gymnasium, she had captured his attention; just like she always did.

Her blackish blue hair, shining in its messy chignon, china bangs framed with a loose curl on each side. Long dark eyelashes emphasizing her dark blue eyes with a hint of eye shadow giving the eyes a smoky look. She took in the scene of the gym; a soft smile tugging at her lips. Dress a deep dark emerald with kimono sleeves and Chinese style collar; the fabric caressing her form, accentuating soft modest curves. The hem ending at the knee, revealing two small and dainty feet covered with a pair of black strappy heels.

Yes, Wally had known the Asiatic beauty since they were little but only recently had he entertained the idea of liking her as more than his best friend. Yes…his best friend in his younger girl-have-cooties stage of life he would have vehemently denied such a claim…but he couldn't. Now he could hardly think of her in way that was strictly platonic. Not that he could really express how he truly felt for the girl; since she had acquired a boyfriend 12 months ago. It had been at that time that he swore as soon as Kuki was free to pursue he would never hesitate again.

Wally's lips pulled into a small frown as he saw the red haired Austin Bellmonte, Kuki Sanban's boyfriend; they were currently voted as the cutest couple at Gallagher High. His frown deepening as he saw Austin walk toward Kuki a large smile on his face as he tilted her face up placing a kiss upon the girl's soft lips.

His lips curved into a smile as he saw Austin leave Kuki and walk toward the punch table. Seeing Wally flash her a crooked grin, the black-haired beauty walked toward her best friend; emerald dress swishing lightly with every step.

"Hey Wally," she said quietly, a small smile playing on her lips.

"Hey Kooks."

"Hey," she punched him playfully on the arm.

"Aw that hurts" he said jokingly, clutching his arm for effect, "…Kooks."

"Wally," she rolled her eyes, "so where's your date?"

"Don't have one."

"You never have a date."

"Eh, it's no big."

"What are you waiting for," she whispered, so quietly the sandy blonde barely heard her.

"The right girl," he whispered back.

His searing green eyes locking with her stormy blues, time seeming to come to a standstill. Nothing existed but them, their eyes sharing secrets meant to be kept hidden. Looking away Kuki broke the spell that had weaved itself around them, all sense of the present rushing around them.

"I-I should go and…um…find Au-Austin," she stuttered out, her eyes focused on her strappy heels.

"Yeah…I guess you…should," Wally's finished lamely; eyes flashing with frustration and sorrow.

Mentally cursing herself in her head, Kuki walked away from Wallabee Beatles; her best friend even though she wished they were more.

No Kuki; stop that train of thought right there. You already have a boyfriend: Austin Bellemonte. He's kind, caring, sweet, gentle and is so fine with those deep emerald eyes and sandy blonde hair…wait... that's not Austin. You like Austin who you have been dating for about a year. Kuki scoffed, passing off her feelings for Wally as a part of her former crush on him.

Groaning inwardly, Kuki quickly surveyed the room for her BROWNE eyed and RED haired boyfriend. Not seeing him anywhere, she decided to go to the bathroom to touch up her makeup.

Entering the restroom, she went straight to the mirror completely oblivious, until a loud moan came from the far stall. Face flushing bright red, she made a beeline for the door and was about to push it open when her heart sank and her face paled as a name was moaned, in orgasmic pleasure.


Knowing there were no other Austin's at her school Kuki slowly walked to the stall, footsteps silent. Fearful, she reached out shakily and pushed the door open. Snatching her hand back, Kuki immediately backed away.

"Austin," she spoke barely above a whisper.

There was her missing boyfriend, pinning some blonde girl to the wall in the middle of fucking the tall girl.

Looking up at Kuki in alarm he began stuttering, "Kuki I –this isn't…it's not-"

"How could you?"

[Wally POV]

"Don't touch me!"

Hearing the shrill scream of Kuki's voice, I ran to her; praying that she was okay.

There she was snatching her arm away from her boyfriend's; teardrops falling from her angelic face.

"Kuki, look it's not what you think. I-"

"No Austin! No…h-how long?"

Her voice becoming forlorn as she whispered those 2 words.

"Kuki she's not-"

"Damn it Austin! Answer the question," she cried out.

Looking taken aback at her use of an expletive, he whispered, "4 months."

Looking up at the boy, through her tears I saw her eyes dart from Austin to some unknown blonde girl behind him.

My heart broke as I pieced it together, and was immediately enraged, my hands tightening into fists, as I mead my way closer to Kuki.

In a barely audible voice she spoke, "we're through."

"Kuki," I called out to her.

Turning around she made eye contact with me, my heart wrenched at her tear stained face and makeup running down her pale cheeks, before running into my open arms. Burying her face into my chest I wrapped my arms protectively around her, glaring at Austin. My rage escalated through me, urging me to beat the shit out of the boy that had caused my Kuki pain.

But the sounds of quiet sobs pacified my anger as I knew the girl in my arms was more important than fighting some little dipshit.

Seeing Austin trying to come near us, made me tighten my hold on her.

"Back off," I growled.

Seeing his eyes widen in fear I smirked inwardly.

"You better stay the fuck away from Kuki or I will beat the shit out of you."

Seeing the sick little fuck nod furiously, I looked down at the sobbing girl in my arms.

"Are you okay?"

My voice soft and gentle as I wiped away her tear stains with my sleeve.

[Kuki POV]

"J-just take me home," I whispered as I looked into Wally's love and concern filled eyes, Nodding he gathered me up in his arms. As he strode away from the gym full of staring students, I buried my face into his shoulders and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck.

At this moment I realized, in Wally's arms I felt a safety, warmth and love that was different than any I'd ever felt. That these feelings that I had buried for my best friend were true love.


This story is dedicated to hellopandaluver, who asked for this story.

This is for you hope you love it.

And yes Kuki is a Japanese girl with blue eyes and that's exactly how I want it. Unless someone can find out her true eye color.