Chapter 3: You Caught Me

[Kuki POV]

I had closed my eyes prepared to fall to the floor, when I felt strong arms wrap around me and was pressed to a warm body that held me close. Taking a deep breath I began to open my eyes.

[Wally POV]

I felt her pressed against me and never wanted to let her go. I saw her beautiful face against my chest her hair falling around her with her eyes clenched shut.

[Normal POV]

Tilting her head Kuki opened her eyes and they immediately locked with Wally's. Bringing up his hand he lightly caressed her cheek. Leaning upward she gently pressed her lips to Wally's. He was shocked at first but he let it fade away as he kissed her back firmly.

Breaking away from the kiss she straddled his waist and leaned down to kiss him again. Relaxing into the languid kiss he licked her bottom lip asking for entrance. Complying she sucked in his tongue and felt it rub against hers. Moaning lightly she subconsciously rocked her hips against him and ran her hands up and down his bare torso. Wally moaned at the delicious friction Kuki was creating as she rocked against him. Moving away from his face she lightly trailed kisses down his jaw and neck; sucking and nipping lightly at the hollow of his collar bone.

Moving his hands from Kuki's waist he pushed back her robe. Exposing her shoulders and white tank top that was slightly see-through from the rain. Wally shifted his hips as his pants became increasingly tight with each rock of Kuki's hips.

[Wally POV]

Every time her fingers brushed against my skin I felt jolts of electric pleasure run under my skin. Every moan set my soul on fire and the kisses so sweet and gentle but at the same time passionate and fiery. I couldn't get enough of her she was like a drug running through my system and I never wanted it to end.

[Normal POV]

Tentatively he ran random patterns on Kuki's soft skin with his fingertips. She had felt Wally's growing hardness beneath her and brought her lips back to his. This kiss was different instead of nonchalant, casual and sweet this one was fierce and passionate setting their blood aflame. Resting her hands on his hips she kissed and licked her way down his chest. She nipped the skin above his navel before swirling her tongue in it. She stopped at the waistband of his pants and placed a small kiss before blowing on the wet skin making Wally shiver in pleasure.

Nipping his earlobe, "I want you Wallabee Beatles," she breathed into his ear before licking the shell; he tensed at those words and before giving. Grabbing her, he rolled them over; making sure to keep his weight off of Kuki.

Looking down at her, dressed in a white tank top and royal blue boy shorts underwear and laying beneath him, he searched her eyes and all he saw was desire, lust and something else he couldn't quite place, but knew that this was what she wanted. Giving into her, he kissed her deeply, his tongue battling fiercely with hers for dominance and winning.

Pulling back he spoke between kisses that trialed up her neck and jaw, "do…you…Kuki…Sanban…truly…want…this?"

Breathing heavily her eyes half-lidded and hazy with desire she spoke, "absolutely.


Oh MY GOD! I am soooooo sorry you guys I had thought for the longest time that I had already posted this chapter, because I've had it done for awhile. But I was going through my stories and to my dismay abd shock I find that I have not. Anyway a thousand pardons readers. Truthfully the chapter that I've been struggling with is the next one: Which deals with the morning after. I really don't want it to be awkward sooo… we'll see how it goes.