Prompt.1 Pretty.

She walked into the empty apartment, neat as always. The usual sling back heels were missing; probably Touko wouldn't be home for a while yet. Robin placed the folded umbrella beside the stand, her hair dripped droplets down onto her crimson coat. She sighed. She should have known 'he' would like a woman like 'her' not some kid or as the chief often called her: little Robin.

Little. She was wasn't she? Young, naïve and plain…oh yes. Very plain. She slipped her gloves off and placed them inside her coat pocket which she dropped unheeding the moistness of the fabric onto the immaculate beige sofa. Her went, her footsteps muffled by the stockings she wore, into the side bathroom. Flipping the light on she faced the mirror; two round green eyes looked back at her.

In their corners two tiny droplets slid out, the rain she told herself. She hadn't been careful and had lowered the umbrella as she walked back to the apartment building. It was only fair that 'he' would like someone like Touko after all she was so pretty with her wavy light brown hair and clear complexion and her…normalcy.

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