The building was going down, crumbling like an eroded sand rock. Ivy clutched onto the vial containing her precious plant's DNA with all her might, hoping that Harley was close behind her.

The mission had been a bust; the capturing of the rare Violet ergot plant had given the girls the difficult task of escaping from Batman as well as avoiding the fire that had started in the building because of Harley little ''Harley-crackers''. As the fire spread, the stairway began to collapse, leaving dark, deep chasms below to who knows where.

Ivy was afraid, but she wasn't about to just stand there and die. As she and Harley leapt through the flames, the smoke consumed the air, making it nearly impossible to see where the exit was.

"Cough…Red?" The childish harlequin sounded scared.

"Its alright, Harl. We'll find a way out of here. Don't panic." But as calm as she sounded, Ivy was worried. She could feel the ground fall apart at her feet. Thank Gaia, she thought, we're not fighting Batman in here!

Gripping the vial tighter, Ivy squinted through the smoke, pulling her friend by the arm. Ahead, she swore she could see the cool night air of the outside world. Frantically, the two girls darted forward, only to be blocked by a fallen piece of rubble.

"Damn it! We're going to have to try another way Harl-oh no!" The plant vial slipped out of her hands, rolling backwards towards a collapsing slope.

Forgetting Harley, Ivy dove for the vial, trying to grab it before it fell into the darkness below. As she reached, she heard Harley, shrieking in fright as the ground at her feet broke. Whirling her head over her shoulder, Ivy gasped in horror as her friend hysterically tried to grasp onto the edges of the overhang, screaming as she felt herself slipping.

"Red! Red, help meee! I'm too young to die!" Harley was sobbing now, her face white with fear.

Ivy wanted to save her. She really did. But the plant…the plant was an almost extinct species. The DNA in the vial could bring the species back! Ivy bit her lip as she tried to make a choice. Her only human friend…or the plant.

Reaching as hard as she could for the vial, Ivy tried not to hear Harley's terror-filled screams. Finally, she managed to grasp it before it fell below.

Getting back to her feet as quickly as she could, Ivy dove then for Harley's clutching hand.

And just like that…Ivy felt her world crumble like the building as Harley, her dearest, most loyal friend ever slipped just out of her reach down the chasm.

Harley's drowned Ivy's screams out as her petite form vanished into the blackness, tears from her face floating in the air for a few seconds before falling with her.

For what seemed like forever, destructive environment and all, Ivy stared dumbly down the chasm, unable to comprehend what had just happened.

Harley…Oh God, I just let Harley die! My friend! My partner! Oh God…

A shadow fell over her and she realized that it was Batman, arriving too late to save both of them. She barely noticed when he grabbed her and made it outside.

"Where is Quinn, Ivy? She was with you."

Ivy looked up at the caped man, too shocked to speak above a whisper.

"I…I…she's gone. My little Harley. My friend…gone!"

She burst into tears. It was the first time Batman had ever seen her really cry. He rushed into the building anyway.

Harley would have died for Poison Ivy. She would have charged through that building, come what may, to rescue her pal from certain death. Now, she was gone, betrayed by the only other person besides the Joker that she had adored.

Falling to her knees, Ivy watched the building break apart in flames, vowing that she would never forget what she had done.

It had been HER choice to save the vial first. Her choice.

In the end, for the sake of a single plant, she had traded her friend's life.


Don't worry guys!

This is just a ''What-if" fic. I love Harley too much to kill her for good