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Chapter 8


White, my ceiling is very white. At our old house I could find shapes, lots of shapes. My life has changed so much, in such little time. My mother is getting married, I'm going to have a new step father and a step brother. I slept with said future step brother... and I want to sleep with him again. I mean, how fucked up is that!? Granted, Alice is right, we're not blood related. But how will that look to the outside world, or hell, even our parents.

Do I care? Should I try to seduce him? What do I want from him? Is he just good to release my pent up sexual frustrations? Or could I have something more with him?

God Bella, just seduce him already and go with the flow!

After my internal dialog complete I decide it's time for a swim! I know Edwards home, I heard in come in about 30 minutes ago. All of my new sexy clothes and undergarments have been put away. So I fish out my new sexy barely there bikini and slip it on. I shaved this morning, so theres no need to prep. I grab my favorite beach towel and a magazine and head outside.

I'm alone, so I take advantage of it, and the sun, and try to get a tan. After about 10 minutes I flip onto my belly and untie my top, who wants tan lines? I couldn't contain my smile when I heard the glass door sliding open, knowing Edward is the only one else home.

"Bella! Shit you scared me. I uh, thought you were in your room?" Edward asks.

I propped myself up on my elbows and turn to face him, knowing perfectly well the side view of my breasts he's getting. "I was, but then decided I needed a little sun."

"Oh, are you going to get in?" He asks my boobs.

"In a minute. Why don't you go in and wait for me?"

"Um... okay." He still hasn't taken his eyes from my chest. I clear my throat and his eyes shoot up to meet mine. "Sorry" He runs his hand through his hair and walks around me and sets his towel on another chair. I couldn't help smile to myself, this was going to be too easy.


This is going to be way too fucking hard!

How am I supposed to resist her when she's strutting around in a barely there bikini, with her boobs hanging out? First things first, I have to get rid of my hard on, so I jump into the pool... Holy shit! The water is freezing, but hey it worked, boner gone.

I turn to look at Bella and she strutting to the edge of the pool. Fuck she looks hot. She dips her toe in and shivers.

"Come on, just jump in, it's not so bad." I tease. She gives me a defiant look and surprises the shit out of me by diving in. She swam underwater and popped up about a foot or two from me. She looked like a goddess, with her hair slicked back and water running down her face and body. My eyes followed the water and I nearly groaned out loud, the cold water was making her perky nipples stand out begging for attention. Despite the cold water all the blood rushed to my cock and I was hard again in an instant.

"You're right, it's not too bad at all." She said softly as she inched closer to me.

"Bella..." I whispered.

"Yes Edward?" she said just as quietly, still making her way to me, I wanted to back up, my brain was screaming at me to move, but my body wouldn't listen and my feet refused to move.

I closed my eyes tight. "we can't do this."

"Why not?" She purred. She was now so close to my body, there's no way she can't feel how hard I was. "You clearly want to. So what's stopping you?"

"I'm not Emmett. I don't want casual."

"You've done casual with everyone else in the school."

"But not with you"

"Why not? It would be exciting. Hiding it from everyone, being a taboo. Tell me you honestly don't want to do this, and I'll back off. I won't ask again." She sounded so final, and I was terrified this would be my only chance, so I did the only thing I could think of, I kissed her.


That wasn't too hard, thank god!

Edwards kiss was amazing, better than the drunken one that I slightly remember, and better than Emmett's. I could feel a tingling current rush through my body as our lips touched. I wanted, no needed more.

Edwards hands grasped my hips and pulled my flush to his hard body. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and put my left leg around his hip. He took the hint and hoisted me up so I was level with his body with my ankles crossed at his ass.

I felt water moving around us and I realized we were moving. Edward walked us over to the stairs and right out of the pool and laid me down on the lounge I was perched on earlier. Once he didn't have to hold me any longer his hands were everywhere. Touching and exploring my body.

"Fuck, you feel so good. I've wanted you for so damn long Bella." He confessed. His hand slid inside my bikini bottom and I threw my head back in pleasure as his finger found my clit. Edward took advantage of my exposed neck and started licking and nibbling his way down my neck. Small sounds escaped my lips as the pleasure continued to over take my body.

When Edward slid by top over and drew my nipple in his mouth, he thrusted two fingers into me and immediately found my sweet spot. He tore a small scream from me while I came hard on his waiting fingers.

I was breathing hard when he slipped his hand out of my bikini bottom and slipped his fingers into his mouth. He eyes closed and a moan vibrated his body.

"God you taste good. I can't wait to lick every inch of this sweet succulent body of yours."

"Well it'll have to wait, cause I want you now." I reached for my magazine and shook it out, releasing the condom I hid in there before I came out.

"Confident were you?" Edward asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes. Your reaction earlier to this suit proved to be a foolproof plan."

"Well, played." He picked up the condom and tore it open as I hooked my thumbs into his trunks. They were harder to get off due to the water making them cling to his gorgeous body. But sheer determination won out and I got them down his legs and he kicked them off the rest of the way.

I took the condom from his hand and rolled it down his hard cock, loving the feel of him, thick and firm in my hands. He untied my bikini and pulled the small pieces of fabric away from my body, leaving us both naked, wet and ready.

Edward didn't ask if I was sure, just went for it and plunged into me hard.

"Shit" I screamed, at the same time Edward yelled out.

"Fuck" Edward nestled his head into my shoulder. I wiggled my hips. "God don't do that. If I move right now it'll be over before I've even gotten started." He took a deep breath, kissed my neck and slowly pulled out of me. When he thrust back into me we both groaned. "Fuck Bella, you feel so damn good."

He started a slow rhythm of thrusts torturing me to no end.

"Edward, please for the love of god, harder, faster." Edward didn't make me ask again and pushed into me harder, his rhythm speeding up as he went. I wrapped my legs around his ass and thrust up to meet his body adding to the friction and speed.

I felt on top of the world, never had sex felt this good. "God Bella, I can't hold on much longer, cum with me baby, please." He grunted out. His lips found mine and his tongue tangled with mine as his thumb found my clit. He swallowed my scream of ecstasy as I clamped around him and brought him over the edge with me.

A few more hard thrusts and Edward collapsed on top of me. Thank god he was lighter than Emmett.

"Wow, That was amazing." He said to my shoulder.

"Mmmm, yes you were." I told him as I tightened my inner muscles around his semi-hard cock.

"Oh god." He shuddered. "Do that again." I did as he asked and I could feel him getting harder inside of me. "Shit, that feels good." I did it again and he cursed and pulled out of me making me groan. Before I could complain he lifted me up and carried me in the house.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"To your room. Where I can have my wicked way with you for the next few hours." I shuddered at the thought of having Edward inside of me, in more ways than one and my heart started to race in anticipation.


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