Title: The Life and Times of Ianto Jones as Witnessed by a Distinguished Feline (10/12)
Pairing: Jack/Ianto main, but there's a whole lot of everything in the mix.
Rating: PG-13-R
Summary: Moses had a good life. In fact, he was inclined to believe he had an exceptionally good life. And then he lost Estelle. Now he has Ianto, and he thinks maybe it was always meant to be. Witness the life and loves of Ianto Jones through the eyes of one extremely observant feline.
Disclaimer: RTD and BBC owns them...I cry a little on the inside typing those words.
Warnings/Spoilers: Oh...just about everything. Also, there is minor bashing...but it hardly counts, it's from a cat ^_^.
Authors notes: A different look into everyone's favorite Tea-boy, through a distinctly different pair of eyes. Reviews are adored and cherished and I would love to hear what everyone thinks! Enjoy.

Part Ten: A Most Startling Account of Human Emotion (and how Foolish, but Beautiful, this Makes Humans Act, per Moses)

Moses' tail twitched in anticipation as he sat, inconspicuously, beside the couch on the floor, his eyes darting between his Ianto and the Stomper. He flicked his ears back and internally cheered for how abashed the Stomper appeared (a most unusual expression for the arrogant Human to be sure, Moses thought) in the face of his Ianto's stony face and bow-tight posture. The Stomper was only able to keep the abashed look on his face for a moment or so, before the ever present smirk and overconfidence took its place; his Ianto was not amused and Moses' tail swished even faster.

"It's not anything to worry about; Owen's back, Martha's fine, and we beat Death. We should be celebrating if you ask me."

"That isn't an answer, Jack." His Ianto's eyes narrowed dangerously and he moved his arm out of the Stomper's reach. Moses purred in approval and shot the Stomper a nasty glare (he may have reached an understanding with the Stomper, but he wasn't about to make him think they were the best of friends).

"Why are you so worked up about this?"

"Why aren't you? It was you who decided the glove wasn't for our use the first time, why did you risk a den full of Weevils to find another and bring Owen back to a half-life? Did you really think this would be what he'd want?"

"I think he didn't want or deserve to die like he did!"

His Ianto's eyes narrowed even further and his hands clenched tightly at his sides. "That's the job, Jack, it's what you told all of us when we started, what you warned against, what we all accepted! You think I believe Owen wanted to die at that compound at twenty-eight years old? He didn't, they never do, but that doesn't change what happens!"

The Stomper continued to get angry the more his Ianto's words cut through the façade of nonchalance to the real regret Moses sensed within him, but Moses was beginning to feel as if he was peeping on something he shouldn't. His Ianto wasn't upset at just the Stomper for whatever he did…he was upset about something much larger. Something that made his eyes look so very haunted and brought grief to the forefront of his face. Moses looked back over at the Stomper, waiting for that proverbial light-bulb to go off and realize not all was well with his Ianto (Moses understood he was putting quite a bit of faith into the Stomper's observational skills…but he was a captain of sorts, the mama cat of the 'Torchwood' business, he'd have to be somewhat competent at noticing when his kittens were upset).

"So I should've done nothing? Not brought him back?"

"You should've thought about what you were bringing him back to! He's not alive and he's stuck here surrounded by us, unable to breathe, eat, anything, and he's completely aware, has every one of his memories. He'll never be whole and we're not going to be able to fix him and he'll have to try and exist knowing that…he'll be miserable and we'll be lucky if he doesn't hate us at the end of the day. He'll be just like…it's just like…"


Moses flattened his ears against his skull and meowed softly, piteously for his poor Ianto; how many times, how many days would Lisa haunt him? It really wasn't fair…Moses had half a mind to pray to Bast to let this Lisa know she had to stop monopolizing his Ianto's mind…she had to let him go so he could.

The light bulb finally went off in the Stomper's head almost immediately (Moses had to give credit where it was due because when it mattered, the Stomper was very good at reading his Ianto). He didn't hesitate or smirk when he stepped forward and gathered Moses' Ianto in his arms, keeping him safe and steady while old sadness mingled with new. Moses hopped onto the couch and meowed in sympathy again, sitting primly and honestly contrite, though he was happy to hear the whispered murmurs the Stomper was giving his Ianto (warm whispers were something Humans were so very good at, Moses admired).

Moses watched over the two Humans discreetly, trusting the Stomper to do his part and help clean up the mess he invariably caused (Moses had no doubt that whatever had happened concerning Owen and 'zombies' was the Stomper's doing entirely), starting with helping piece back together his Ianto. Moses understood Human grief, it was so very close to feline after all, but he could not begin to know how to heal it. Soothe yes, but his Ianto did not need to be soothed…he had probably been soothed for too long and now it had festered for too long. He needed more and, unfortunately, the Stomper was the best candidate for the job (a part of Moses loathed even thinking such a thing).

He settled down into a more comfortable position the longer they stood there, tucking his legs and feet under his body, his eyes squinting in contentment before he directed his attention back to the situation at hand. The Stomper's face was hidden from his Ianto's face, which was tucked into his shoulder and neck, and that fact was what Moses figured allowed the true look of remorse, regret, and self-loathing to settle over the attractive features. His Ianto was wrong, the Stomper DID regret whatever he had engineered concerning the Doctor Owen…he regretted it more than you could imagine. Moses bowed his head and gave the Stomper his privacy; in such a sad situation, Moses could push aside his dislike for the odd-smelling Human and offer him that much (as vindictive as felines can be, they are also quite honorable when necessary, thank you).

"I am sorry, Ianto. I didn't—this wasn't supposed to happen to him."

"I know that, we all do, but it has and you can't ignore it. He won't be the same and he'll resent that…" His Ianto's voice was muffled and incredibly low, but Moses' sharp ears caught every sad word.

"You—you can't imagine what I was thinking but…I'm going to have to deal with this, with losing each of you and—I didn't want to start so soon. Guess that was pretty selfish of me."

"Maybe, but you're…unique, it's understandable." Ianto pulled away enough so that he could focus on the Stomper's face, which reverted back to a less harsh version of guilt and self-hatred. He looked down, as if contemplating his words and whether he should really say them (another queer Human trait felines did not understand, evasion and cushioning the truth, such hassles), but he held fast and there was determination burning in his eyes. Moses felt a swell of pride bloom in his chest for his Ianto.

"I need you to promise me something, Jack. When it's my turn and this job catches up with me, please let me go. I know it's not fair to you and it will hurt, I know, but I don't want what Owen is forced into. I had to watch Lisa turn into something ugly because I couldn't let her go like she should've, and we might have to watch Owen do the same thing over time. I don't want you to watch me do the same."

Moses sat up and felt a thrill of understanding and acceptance flow through him, even as the Stomper's face contorted into one of pain and sorrow, at his dear, strong Ianto's words. Moses knew at that moment, that it was quite likely his Ianto would leave him before his lives were spent on this earth, because of the 'Torchwood' business and who his Ianto was, but in the end, it would be his choice. It would be sad, and it would hurt to be sure, but it would make whatever time he was with them worthwhile. Moses did not think he would ever have regretted meeting his Ianto, and even though perhaps the Stomper would like to think so, he wouldn't either. Moses meowed and stretched on the couch, drawing both of their attentions for a moment.

"Attention whore," the Stomper growled.

"Only because he knows it bothers you," his Ianto smiled. He looked back at the Stomper and appealed with a look of utter acceptance and poise. "Jack, can you promise me that? Please? If that means that you'd rather not be—"

The Stomper kissed his Ianto so soundly, Moses felt a sudden bashfulness come over him (quite uncharacteristic, let it be assured, felines are not easily ruffled by such things) and he looked away. "You've got your damn promise, all right? But if you think for one second that you're getting away that easily—"

"Then we have an understanding. And I forgive you for going off on some half-cocked plan to steal a glove from a bunch of Weevils…but you know Gwen won't, she's funny about these things." For the first time that evening, his Ianto smiled, really smiled. The Stomper, grudgingly mind you, returned it and kissed his Ianto again.

Moses yawned, happy that the storm had passed yet again, and settled back down on the couch. He'd let them talk now without peeking in, talk about Owen, and maybe Lisa, and maybe even the day that the Stomper was already dreading with all his heart, content that all was well for the time being. And really (as any respectful feline will tell you), that was all that really mattered in the end.


His Ianto was home, alone (an ever increasing and rare occurrence, Moses mused) a week or so later, reading a thick book on Moses' favorite couch by the window, casually sipping a cup of coffee and petting Moses absently, who was curled up beside him. Moses enjoyed these rare moments as best he could, which meant he was dozing and lazily enjoying the tickle of his Ianto's fingers from time to time, resting his head ad back against his Human's side. Whatever tragedy concerning the Doctor Owen was, it seemed to have subsided some, or at least was not the most pressing issue anymore, and Moses was happy for it. His Ianto was feeling worlds better and had aired out a good many of his demons to the Stomper.

Moses reluctantly was beginning to respect and enjoy the Stomper's presence once more, but if it made his Ianto happy, then that was enough (after all, vengeance could not last forever).

Moses began to feel himself drift further off when a very strange, but beautiful sound rang in his ears and heart. He was up immediately and after a few rudimentary stretching, he hopped over his Ianto to the top of the couch to look out the window. He meowed in awe (yes, awe) at the sight that met his eyes and he meowed louder to get his Ianto's attention, swinging his tail back and forth fast enough to hit and annoy him. His Ianto ignored him for a few minutes (a truly futile effort) before he blew out an annoyed enough sigh and glared at him.

"What, Moe, what?"

Moses meowed again and looked back outside, purring in content at the warm feeling the music welled up within him. His Ianto pushed himself up and looked at the window as well, Moses suppressing his feline smirk at the surprised sound that escaped his Ianto. His Ianto rested his elbows on the back of the couch beside where Moses sat and stared out with him, a happy smile stretching across his face at the myriad of swirling lights and sounds in the sky. Moses glanced back at his Ianto for a moment, amused at how kitten-like, all curiosity and wonder, his Ianto looked for the moment, before he looked back at the swirling lights.

"Beautiful," his Ianto murmured.

Moses purred in agreement, even though he didn't see the lights the same way his Ianto did. It was the feeling the music and lights invoked within them both; it was the same no matter if you were fortunate enough to be Feline or stuck being Human. Why, Moses even imagined that Canines could appreciate such a sight of beauty and wonder. He purred deeply once more and settled into what his Ianto had affectionately dubbed his 'kitty loaf' position, resting his eyes, meowing in appreciation when his Ianto's fingers tickled up his spine. He sighed and let the blinking lights sing him to sleep.


Weddings. Moses knew of the word and was trying to understand the baffling concept it invoked while also trying very hard not to stare at the very large, very obviously pregnant the Human Gwen was (she seemed quite upset so staring rudely most likely boost her spirits). He failed and looked back at the miserable Human, puzzling to himself how in Bast's name she was carrying a litter that didn't smell a thing like her or the large man pacing around his Ianto's flat (Moses could only assume this was the Human Gwen's mate…he wondered briefly the propriety of lusting after the Stomper when one already had a suitable mate but Humans were queer creatures). He crept a bit closer, ears flicked back and nose twitching, trying very hard to not call attention to how very rude he was being (Felines, while not overly concerned with manners, certainly respected them when it concerned a soon-to-be-mother).

"This cannot be happening…"

Moses glanced at the despondent, almost sad words that spilled from Human Gwen's mouth, feeling a swell of pity well up at how honestly upset she appeared. Weddings were apparently a very important day for Human females…he blinked and went back to his inquisitive sniffing (really, what could she be carrying that smelled so wrong?).

"Lovely, maybe we should just—"

"No! No, we are having this wedding today! I will not let this," she pointed emphatically at her swollen abdomen, "ruining it! And would you stop sniffing me, you ruddy cat!" Moses glared and sniffed indignantly as he hopped off his couch and looked away from her (she had no right in getting so upset at him, he hadn't gotten her with that strange litter…)

The Human male, Rye or something (Moses wasn't much bothered, he wasn't his Ianto's mate), got a mulish look and looked ready to explode when his Ianto finally reappeared. Moses wasn't exactly sure why his Ianto had ushered the agitated (to put it mildly) couple into the flat, asked the Human Gwen a few questions with an odd of string and hurried out, promising to return shortly. But he was back and with one last dirty look at Gwen, he hurried over to his Ianto, meowing in greeting, mindless of the large, white thing he was carrying.

"Yes, hello Moe."

"Ianto, you can't just bring that in here! Rhys can't see it!"

"No, he can't see you wearing it. Now, take that and make sure it fits."

The Human Gwen shuffled awkwardly to her feet and grabbed the white thing huffily, waddling off into his Ianto's bedroom. Moses purred happily when his Ianto reached down and patted him on the head.

"I can't thank you enough, mate," the large Human, Reeses or something, said. He wiped an equally large hand across his face and tried to smile (honestly, it looked more like a grimace, but Moses couldn't fault him…his mate was impregnated with a litter that was not his after all).

"All part of a day's work." His Ianto smiled softly at the large Human. "Well, not everyday but often enough."


"Have you seen Jack's coat? Do you know how often I take that to get cleaned and patched?"

His Ianto and the large Human shared a small laugh right as the Human Gwen came back out, a small smile on her face. "It fit all right, then?"

"Yes…thank you, Ianto, really. It's wonderful." Moses purred again at how genuinely grateful Gwen appeared…it almost made up for her earlier rudeness towards to him (almost…he still thought that she only had herself to be mad at for being with a litter…herself or the 'Torchwood' business).

"Well, then I think you two need to head to the hotel, don't want to be late. Gwen, Tosh is waiting for you at her flat, she'll head there with you and see if she can get any lead on who might be the Nostrovite . We'll be there shortly after."

Gwen nodded, bundling the white thing tightly in her arms while her mate ushered her out of the flat. Moses craned his head up and meowed at his Ianto, still quite confused about the whole affair. His Ianto smiled for him and crouched down, tickling under his chin oh so wonderfully.

"You don't want to know, Moe. You really don't. Now, don't wait up for me, we have a wedding to save from alien attack after all, it could take awhile. Leave that poor Doberman across the way alone and no scratching the couches."

Moses meowed in understanding (not that he would be following those instructions, but it was polite to acknowledge they had been given). His Ianto gave him one last scratch and was out the door, mumbling under his breath about how he hated weddings, making sure to lock the door after him. Moses stretched his entire length as he yawned before promptly curling back up on the couch, content to just let the events from the past moments slip past him.

He napped for a good time before he heard the door open again. It was quite dark outside and his Ianto looked thoroughly exhausted; Moses meowed weakly in greeting, to tired to get up just yet. His Ianto smiled at him and tugged his already loosened tie away, exhaling loudly and in a manner that made him seem quite young, almost kitten-ish.

"Oh Moe, how on Earth do you put up with us?" Moses did not answer but nudged at the hand petting him. He hated it when the Stomper did something to put that resigned look on his Ianto's face. "At least the wedding went all right…not that anyone beyond us and Rhys will remember, but still it could have been a lot worse."

His Ianto left and began his nightly rituals sans his usual neat way of undressing (this of course only applied when the Stomper was not present…when he was, clothes were strewn all about no matter what), draping his jacket over the couch and toeing off his shoes in the hall, not bothering to pick them up. Moses yawned and stretched some more before he hopped down and tiredly followed his Ianto to his bedroom. He hopped on the bed and curled at the foot of the bed, eyes squinting shut in sleepiness. It was some time before he heard and felt the jingle of his Ianto's small phone on the bed, starting him awake (only a little though…he certainly wasn't frightened by some jingle).

His Ianto padded back into the room, dressed in loose cotton pants and a shirt with one of those odd teeth-brushes in his mouth. He looked at the small phone, rolled his eyes (though Moses saw he did so with that small, happy grin), and took the teeth-brushes out of his mouth, heading back into the bathroom to spit out the white foam before he answered.

"You know, I don't really think we should extend our wedding fairy help into their wedding night….as much as we all know you'd like to, I don't think Gwen would appreciate it."

Ah, the Stomper. No one else could inspire such honest exasperation overshadowed with affection in his Ianto than him.

"Is that so? Hm...even if you said it was for research. That would only work on Tosh."

His Ianto was silent before he smiled, ever so slowly, and turned off the light in the bathroom, sitting beside Moses.

"Then you should come over. Yes…don't worry, I'll be up."

Moses blinked and lay back down. He was going to enjoy his time on the bed while he still could…before the Stomper came and unceremoniously booted him out once again. Still, he purred deeply…maybe, just maybe, the Stomper had finally clued in. He smiled inwardly at his Ianto, who was now happily brewing that foul coffee, letting his humming lull him back to sleep.


Sorry for the delay, the last few should come out much faster than this, and yes, there will be a special epilogue/CoE oneshot set within this universe that will follow cannon as this entire story does. Although, I think you'll all be pleased with what I, and Moses have in store for you!