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Sam inched her eyes open seeing the morning sun pour into her hospital room. Before she could stretch she remembered her sore body and slowly eased the bed into a sitting position. Scanning the room, she frowned, Jake was gone. Her heart started racing slightly and fear closed in on her.

A gray haired nurse walked into the room smiling brightly, "Good morning, Sam. I'm Kathy. You have some visitors waiting to see you."

"Oh," Sam tried to calm down but had to ask, "Where is Jake?"

With a fairytale smile, the nurse answered, "Out talking to your family, Dear. Don't worry, he stayed by your side all night."

Swallowing the fear, Sam nodded, "He is my best friend. Can my family come in?"

The nurse nodded, "In a minute, let me check your vitals."

A few minutes later the nurse walked toward the door, but hesitated and turned to look at Sam, "Honey, you are a lucky girl. That boy is more than your best friend, he loves you."

A smile spread across her face, "Don't tell anyone, but I love him too."

"You don't have to be ashamed of true love," the nurse smiled again.

"Oh, I'm not ashamed, but I am in high school and he is shy so can we keep this between us for now?" Sam answered. The nurse winked at her and left the room.

Seconds later Sam's family burst into the room. Wyatt hugged Sam gently, Brynna followed him, and Grace kissed her forehead.

Stepping back, they all took in her appearance. Wyatt rubbed the back of his neck and Brynna wiped tears from her eyes. Gram was the first to talk, "Oh Samantha, are you okay?"

Nodding Sam tried to swallow, "I will be."

Wyatt cleared his throat, "Honey, I...I'm sorry."

"It's not anyone's fault and I really will be okay," Sam took her Gram's hand.

A knock at the door interrupted them and Heck Ballard walked in. He nodded his stetson at Wyatt and then spoke to Sam, "Can I ask you some questions?"

"Yeah, can my family stay so I can tell them and you at the same time?" Sam glanced at her Dad, Gram, and Step-mom.

"Course," Heck pulled out his notebook and jotted things down as Sam gave her account of the past two days.

An hour later, Sheriff Ballard left and Nurse Kathy came in. When the girls started helping Kathy get Sam ready to be released, Wyatt edged toward the door, "I'm gonna go keep Jake company."

Brynna and Gram helped Sam put on sweatpants and a button-up shirt from home. Once she was dressed and in a wheelchair, Nurse Kathy wheeled her into the waiting area. Jake stood and walked with Wyatt over to her side.

Sam caught Jake's eyes and he smirked ever so slightly. No one else would have even been able to tell he was smiling.

Kathy let Jake take the wheelchair and she moved to stand in front of Sam, "Now you need to stay in bed for at least two days and be sure to drink a lot of liquid. No riding horses for at least three weeks," Kathy took a breath.

Sam's eyes were huge and her mouth was slightly open. Wyatt snorted and Jake smothered a laugh.

Kathy continued, "Your cast should come off in four weeks and the pain from your ribs should have reduced considerably by five weeks. After those things are complete, you could probably go back to life from before all of this."

Sam sighed, "Well, this sucks, but I am alive so that's a plus!"

Her family chuckled quietly with the nurse and Jake pretended to accidentally brush a hand against her good shoulder.

Crossing the bridge, Sam spotted the Kenworthy's truck. Gram opened Sam's door for her and Brynna let Sam use her arm to get out. Easing from the truck, Sam winced and took a small step. Grimacing she took another step and looked at the front porch, it was so far away.

While she looking at the house, the door flung open and Jen cam flying out of the house. Her blonde braids flapping she ran up to her best friend, stopping right in front of her. After taking in her injuries, she carefully hugged her.

After a little bit, she stepped back and Sam was surprised to see tears shining in her friend's eyes. Jen bit her lip, "Sam, I am so glad you are okay."

Sam slowly hugged her friend again as tears filled both of their eyes. Jen tried to sound stern, "Do not ever scare me like that again."

Batting the tears away, Sam nodded, "I'll try. Thanks for calling Jake."

Jen nodded back and then stalked toward Jake. Sam bit her lip as her two best friends neared each other and then completely to her surprise, Jen hugged Jake. Jake looked questioningly at Sam and then put an arm around Jen.

Returning to Sam's side, Jen gently tucked her hand into the crook of Sam's elbow and walked slowly with her to the house. After they were inside, Sam settled onto the couch and let her eyes flutter closed. She was exhausted from walking to the house and her body ached, but she was home and safe. Her family and friends were nearby and her kidnappers were in jail.

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