Kitten Cookies Part 2

Kupop couldn't move well, but he could mew like there was no tomorrow. Sitting in an alley, away from the ever so lovely glee, he mewed and mewed. Even as the mewing continued, no one was aware of him, for Kupop was the kitten cookie from the land of super spies! Oh yes. He could do his loudest mew and still go undected. It was quite a spectacular sight if you ever saw that sight that is.

Kupop wobbled around and spied on the people that were not taking notice of him. He smiled a kittenish smile, although it made a piece of his icing mouth fall off.. he was TOUGH. TOUGH AS COOKIES. TEEHEE. Kupop got ahold of himself and glared!

If he wasn't such a cookie, he would have mewed that there was one hot woman in front of his eyes. But, he could never tell that to her, oh no, which was very sad! But, he could mew! Kupop bounced very delicately over to the scene and belted. But wait! His lovely husky woman had taken off already! Kupop's kitten cookie heart sank. He stood there and watched as she carried a damned piece of cheese off.

Suddenly, Kupop was actually dectected, whoops! He spat at the robot and vampire in front of him and lept at them as best as a cookie could! Vanrushal quickly bit off his legs and the kitten cookie mewed in desperate pain. Fractically, he hopped away on his little crumbly ears and quietly announced a revenge on the stupid vampire.

Revenge is as sweet as a cookie dipped in milk. Wait, milk?! Kupop cried, he wanted milk. Kitten's need milk. What a sad day.