Author's Note: This is a 100 word drabble written for Aubretia Lycania, and set in her amazing Tsubaki 'verse. It may seem a trifle (okay, more than a trifle) strange if you haven't read her works, but please enjoy all the same. :) The turtles are not yet teenagers here. Oh, and Aub doesn't know I'm posting this, so I hope she approves. .

The Fallen
By KameTerra

He saw them sometimes, the ones he'd missed—brittle carcasses ready to crumble, or soft ones weeping obsolete fluid. Rarest of all were those yet unmarred by death, perfect marionettes of iridescence and airbrushed feathers newly abandoned by the puppeteer called Life.

Though he'd nurtured many of their brethren back to health and freedom, Raphael regarded these pathetic corpses with unfeigned disinterest.

"Doesn't it… bother you?" Leonardo asked once.

Raphael glanced down at the sodden pigeon half-sunken in the muck, then up at the sewer grate.

"Leo, some of the ones that fall, they just…ain't gonna get back up."