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Chapter 1

On one of the rare Friday nights that they didn't have a case out of ton, the three female gendered BAU members decided to meet at JJ's place. It was the closest to work. It was unusual for the three women to be date free. Penelope was always with Kevin. But he had to race back to his families home in Brooklyn, New York. A family emergency, as Pen was told. But nothing more. She wasn't asked to go and she didn't offer. Assuming they both wanted the family and her to meet under better terms.

Emily was normally with Aaron, but this weekend was a Jack weekend. Emily wanted them to have their father/son bonding time. Emily also thought it gave her more time to have some girls only bonding. Emily really wanted to be on better terms with Pen. Sure they were friends, but Emily wanted to be close to someone like Pen and JJ were. Since Emily thought her line of friends went in one particular order. Hotch, Morgan, JJ, Pen, Reid and then Rossi. She felt weird having two males as her best friends. So this was very big and important weekend for Emily.

JJ's new found budding romance with the legendary profiler, Dave Rossi was still in it's infancy. But also in the exciting stage. She never knew what to expect from the spontaneous man. One moment she's getting flowers and the next he's whisking her away on a romantic weekends. It thrilled JJ so much. He was such a gentleman. It was agreed upon to hold off on the intimate part of the relationship due to JJ's problem with trust and Dave's belief that maybe going slow would be what would keep them together longer than his three failed marriages. Plus, he knew making love was better when it was actually with someone that you loved. Imagine that.

As seven PM rolled around, Emily and pen show up at JJ's moderate sized apartment. Emily had picked up the Chinese that they were to have for dinner. Pen stopped by the movie store to pick of the new movie they agree to. The new one with Richard Gere and Diane Lane. A romantic comedy. They all figured this was their only time to see it without being razzed about it by there respective others.

JJ opens the door to see her to favorite female friends. Their hands holding their nights entertainments and their bags for the weekend. They were going to bond on a deeper level this weekend. And of course, gossip about their hunky men.

"Hey ladies, welcome to the girl cave. Make yourselves at home. Here, let me take the food and get them dished out. Then we can pop that DVD in and get our eye candy on." JJ refers to Richard Gere, which everyone of the trio had the Jones for.

The to guests follow JJ into her apartment. JJ wasn't one to really open her life up to people. Especially co-workers. But now that Dave and her had started to see each other, JJ's trust in others had relaxed a little. She couldn't wait until Dave returned from that book signing in Florida. She missed him, but also looked forward to hearing bout Pen and Emily's relationships. She was really curious to find out if they both felt this way in the first stages of their relationships. It was Emily and Aaron's relationship that finally gave JJ the green light to except Dave's offer for a nice dinner date.

"JJ, so tell me, what's it like to kiss a man that's old enough to be your father?" Emily asks, looking at Pen with a grin.

"I thought we were going to eat and watch the movie first? You know, before we talk about the men. And there's nothing wrong with loving who you love. No matter the age difference. And to be honest, my dad's two years younger than Dave. But that's not the point," JJ hands a plate to Emily and continues making a plate for Pen. "Dave treats me better than anyone else. People my age and between our ages, that's really matters the most. I mean look at the age difference between you and Hotch. What is it? Like fifteen years?" JJ throws a glance at Emily.

"Well, it's more like twelve and a half years. But-" Emily's cut off.

"See, if you think about when you were born, Hotch was just entering puberty. But that doesn't mean that you love him any less. If you think about it, the older ones are more experienced. They know how to treat a woman right. Of course, they are way too over protective. But that just makes it all the more wonderful." JJ says, a smile starting from one ear to the other. Emily and Pen see this and are so happy for JJ. It'd taken a while for JJ to get over her last relationship. She never thought of herself as being a victim of domestic violence. But after her last boyfriend, Lance, beat he enough to send her to the hospital, her trust with men had to be rebuilt from the being all over again. Who would've thought a FBI agent would've turned on a fellow FBI agent. Breaking a couple ribs and puncturing a lung, not to mention her self image was a hard break to come back from. If it hadn't been for Dave, she might have died. She believed that he had a connection with her before her abuse incident. He was the one that found her in her office after Lance lost his temper with her. He was jealous of Morgan's and her relationship. Thank God it was the first and last time he touched her in anger. He was now serving a five year sentence for the assault.

"JJ, not every younger man is like Lance. Kevin is an angel and he's only a year and a half older than me. He told me that if he ever raised a hand to hit me, to kill him. He didn't want to live if he ever got like that. So sweet cheeks, don't label men all in these categories the way you do with case files. I'm sure the older men have their 'Lance's' in their bunch too. But thank God you caught the big soft teddy bear type." Pen could tell that JJ was going back to that awful night between her and Lance. So she threw her two cents in.

"Thanks Pen. You read me better than our oh so great profilers." JJ throws a mocking glance at Emily.

"Hey now, don't be a mocking the profilers. If you remember, we're not supposed to use our gifts against each other." Emily was feeling like the outsider again. JJ hands Pen her plate and starts on hers. The two other ladies wait until they all have a plate before heading to JJ's bigger dinning table.

"Em, we were just getting your goat. You are one of us. Stop worrying about things so much." JJ says, grinning.

"Sorry. I just wish I could be as close as you two are. I can't remember that last time I had a girlfriend that was so close to me that she could tell what I was thinking or feeling. I know it's silly, but I was hoping that the three of us could be that close. Kind of like having a back up. Like if JJ was unreachable, Pen would be there. And visa versa. I mean having Aaron as my male counterpart is hard." Emily says, laying her thoughts and feelings out on the preverbal table.

"I'm sure his is HARD." pen says, with a childish giggle. Emily catches onto Garcia's little dirty pun and she blushes and offers Pen a playful smack on the arm.

"Welcome to our inter-psyche. Make sure you really want in before you take us on." JJ says, glancing at Emily and the Pen.

"I'm sure. I'm positive." Emily says, excitedly.

"Ok. Just remember, we gave you an out. Come on, let's eat." JJ walks the two girls to the closed off dinning room to eat. As they sit down, Emily starts the conversation back up.


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