Heroes Across Time: Unleashed




Author's Note


One of my very first stories. I came up with the original version in two-thousand and eleven. So I'm doing a major overhaul of a lot of things. All and all I hope everyone will enjoy it.

Now I've been getting haters again. If you're familiar with my content and don't like it. Just go read someone else you like. It's that simple. No amount of flaming me is going to change anything.

So I simply hope everynoe enjoys my revitalizing these old stories and fixing up my errors from the past.

I will also be posting a Twilight Princess equivalent. The original fic covered up to the Twilight Princess Era after finishing both OOT and Majora's Mask. I think I'll split them up into what ifs or AU stories.


Story Start


Six…One each of three…


Sightings of the past will guide you to the six.

One in the Fires of the Earth.

One in the Colossal Basin.

One in the Forest of the Ancients.

Six in all…one each of three.

Two more…Gaji and Xini

Those of Twilight

Sightings of the future.

One in the underground of Darkness

One in the Mounds of the Desert.

Mystical Treasure of Time.

Dark Mask of Misfortune.

Prophecy of a great war.

Power, Wisdom, and Courage.

Coming together as one.

To break the Endless cycle.

A new world, one inhabited by the three Goddesses.

''It's about time you woke up!'' Said an attractive yet fiery looking red-head. A tall amazon of a woman with a fine layer of muscle on her form yet it did not offset her curviness. The lustrous reddish-russet that was her ponytail was waist length hair. She wore a red tank top and flowing skirt and her outfit consisted of a dark tan skin with burning yet passionate eyes. Her figure, stature, and aura just screamed goddess and power.

''Din, is that any way to treat our guest?'' Asked another Goddess. This one was shorter than the other and was a bit more on the slender side. She had creamy skin wavy mid back length aqua colored hair. Her tone was rather proper and rich and while not as curvy as her sister she too exhumed the aura of a goddess, but more of someone of great intelligence. Unlike the other whosw voice was powerful and commanding this one's voice, albeit softer was passionate. Her outfit consisted of a layered elegant blue dress with gold trims.

''Sister is right of course. You can be so impatient older sister.'' A third and finally voice answered. This one had emerald colored hair done in the style of the buns sharing the same impressive body type of her sisters with her skin shade being more plain than the others. The tone in her voice was a mix of her sisters, not too bold yet not too soft. She had passionate and was energetic but had something about her was easy going. She wore a similar style to the woman in blue with it being knee length and sharing a fair bit more skin.

''W-Where am I?'' Naruto asked as he sat up and tried to recall what happened to him.

''Our domain, you've made quite a of ruckus when you crashed in here Propechy child of the Elemental Nations. I am the Goddess Nayru, and these are my sisters Farore and Din.''

''The Goddesses?" He asked in surprise. Hagoromo had told him about his encounters with dieties when exploring other worlds and societies, but this would be Naruto's first time encountering such beings.

''Since you so rudely crashed into our domain you owe us one,'' The fiery goddess said pointing at Naruto. ''We nursed you back to health after all.''

''What my sister means,'' The Goddess of Wisdom started, ''Is that we like to request your aid. Were no strangers of the happenings to other realms and you have a reputation of a hero with a strong heart. We would have asked for aid from another hero, but they are all busy with their own calamities and such." Nayru cleared her throat.. ''We the creators of the world known as Hyrule. Din, Nayru, and Fafore formerly request your aid in protecting Hyrule. Something or someone had caused an interference in the world streams which resulted in time line fragmentations."

Naruto's confused expression clued them in that wherever he was from didn't deal with such issues.

"A timeline fragmentation is when new timelines are formed from outside influences that damage their connection to the outer realms. Which mean we can't interefere with them." Farore explained.

"And the only way to disolve to fix this is to anchor the timelines we have now to one timeline to avoid more splits or to pick one primary timeline and sent forth events that absorb the splinter timelines back into the main one. Unfortunately the only timeline in which qualifies as a primary is one in which the Champion of Courage fails and my champion becomes far too bonded with his power to the point I will not be able to remove it."

"Where do I fit into all this?" Naruto wondered.

"We can not influence it as we like, but there is a work around. You would serve the role as our link to the world and with your aid the Hero should succeed setting a chain of events which will eventually lead to restoring the proper timeline."

''So I accompany this hero and make sure the hero wins. Sounds easy enough."

''How would I even find this hero? I am an outsider tot he realm after all."

''Do not worry.'' Nayru informed him. ''We shall infuse you with a small bit of our power that will grow over time. Whenever you need our power just call upon his with your heart and we will aid you in your quest. My Love shall protect you from harm in dire situations.'' Nayru said as she touched Naruto's cheek. A blue healing light seemed to envelop him then faded.

''My fire will burn away the enemies that threatened to overwhlem you.'' Din said laying her arm on Naruto, a red glow surrounded him as power coursed through him.

''My Wind will allow you to travel to safety even within the most dangerous dungeons.'' She said placing her hand on Narutos hand. A gentle breeze flew through him.

''Remember Hero...we're all counting on you.''

They said as the next second later Naruto found himself outside the entrance of Castle Town. Naruto was of course a bit dazed and stumbled into town.

''Welcome to Castle Town Kid!'' A guard greeted him. Naruto nodded and continue on ahead.

He then took a moment to process the man's words and went to the nearest miror.

Kid? He was a damn kid? How on earth was he supposed to help like this? He hoped the goddesses had a good reason for this.

He walked down the busy streets of Hyrule trying to see if there was an opportunity for him to score some rupees. As he was lost in thought he was suddenly bumped into a large man. He had elf like ears, like all the rest of Hylians, but looked in his fourties and a bit over weight, not to mention he wasn't shaved at all so his beard was quite unkempt.

''Watch it kid.'' The person growled at him.

''Relax it was an accident...'' he noticed a sack on his shoulder and what looked like bits of a fancy dress hanging out of it. On instinct he jumped up and launched a descending kick onto the would be kidnapper into a cart. The crash had caused all kind of commotion and attention as Hylians left and right were talking about what they just witness. Naruto caught the bag before it hit the ground and sat it down lightly. Naruto pulled out the person from the bag to reveal a young girl. She was wearing a fancy purple and pink dress and had ears like a elf. On the bottom of her dress was some red bird like emblem along with three golden triangles.

It immediately reminded him of the three goddesses Din, the Goddess of Power, Farore, the Goddess of Courage, and Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom. His thoughts were interrupted as the girl moaned and started to open her eyes. The first emotion that was shown In her eyes was fear followed by confusion. ''It's ok you're safe now.'' Naruto said softly comforting her and much to his surprise the girl wasn't as tense as she was a few seconds ago but was still quite tense. He didn't blame her for the distrust in her eyes, after all she was in the process of being kidnapped.

''W-What happened?'' she managed out meekly not sure whether to trust this new stranger or not.

''Let's just say I don't take kindly to people who bump into me and don't apologize.'' he said pointing over to the downed man where a crowd was gathered.

''Y-You did that?'' She asked a bit louder.

''Hey what can I say I got the gift. Now let's get...'' He froze feeling something Akin to Killer Intent directed at him. ''You know holding a knife to a person's neck doesn't make all that good of an impression.'' He said to the woman behind him. She had silver hair done in a short ponytail and she was a bit paler then the other Hylians. She had burning red eyes and was dressed in blue and silver combat clothing.

''Neither is kidnapping the Princess.'' Her tone was cold yet controlled.

''Impa wait he saved my life.'' The young blonde hair girl spoke up. Some guards ran up and started arresting the man.

''I was just doing my civil duty. I'm new to Castle Town, I've traveled over the sea and well. One thing led to another and here I am now.''

''Forgive me for my haste.'' Removes knife from Naruto's throat. ''My name is Impa and I am Princess Zelda's Vassal.''

Naruto was unable to mask his surprise. Things were definitely getting interesting. He decided to introduce himself. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am new to town."

If she thought this name weird she didn't comment on it. "While I am grateful that you saved Princess Zelda, I have never seen you in any land of Hyrule before and will have to report your appearance to the King for security reasons.''

''I see…''

Naruto said nothing more as he was led in the direction of the castle. He was led past a gate where two guards stood guard. Further up the path he felt a pull, 'Din's presence?' He thought, but he saw a dead end. He was led three more pairs of guard through the courtyard. He was led into the elegant looking castle and after being led up several flights of stairs was brought to a throne room. There on the Thrones were King and Queen Hyrule of the Royal family. The Royal family who has long run over this section of Hyrule was named after the land.

Zelda moved forward to her parent's side. The Queen was what Naruto pictured an older Zelda would look like. They shared the same eyes and cheek bones, a bit high, but not in the league of a Vixen. The Queen's hair was that of a lighter shade of Zelda and her mouth was a bit small. The King had a well kept main of brown hair. He was large, but not fat like some Kings he met. He looked like he would be quite tall about 6'3 or 6'4.

''My darling Daughter thank the Goddesses you are well! This those ruffians do unwell to you?''

''Mother I am fine! The Goddesses blessed me with their protection. Naruto, an acquaintance from town gave aid and rescued me.''

''Young man...would you step forward?'' The King's voice was powerful, it held much authority. Naruto step forward as he looked around. One person, an unusal skinned man with orange hair stood out. His gaze was set on Naruto and it made him quite uncomfortable.

Naruto was a few feet from the royal family when he stopped then bow. ''You have my thanks young man for rescuing the Princess of Hyrule. Request anything you desire within reason and you shall be paid for your services.''

''Your majesty if I may...''

''You may?''

''I have no particular request. I'm new to this branch of Hyrule. I have no family nor do I have any money. I just merely wish to find a modest means of making a living. If I may continue?''

''!?' The King nodded.

''For instance the security is lacking,'' He said as one of the soliders was miffed.

''Kid how dare you...'' The King raised his hand.

''Your Majesty I...''

''Silence! I wish to here why young...''

''Naruto you're majesty.''

''Why young Naruto thinks security is lacking.''

''I only saw a few rooms and I could tell the numbers wouldn't be sufficient against a kidnapping attempt or invasion. Rogues or Thieves, those who specialize in stealth would have an easy time getting buy several of the armored guards I saw. Also after the time intervals of some of the guards out in the guardian I would be able to easily sneak past time thinks to the bushes and walls obstructing their view. Most people tend to dismiss kids and stuff, but hey I'm...'' He paused for a minute. He was maybe thirteen in body? ''Thirteen and I have years worth of experience dodging patrols and leading guards on chases during my much younger days. All of this from an observation of just coming in.''

''Curious...young Naruto you are in interesting lad. In good conscious I can not allow such a good deed go unpunished. Since you have such an eye for security I wish for you to stay and be my daughter's body guard. How does that sound.''

''You're Highness it would be an honor.''

Naruto soon found himself being led by Zelda to the garden. He got that strange feeling again and sure enough it was that strange skinned man who smelled of the desert. His visists to Suna had allowed him to catalog the scent of vultures, desert fauna, and other such things. Whatever it was about that man, deep down in Naruto's gut he knew already he didn't trust him.

He then began to wonder? Why didn't the goddesses tell him who was Din's chosen?

He shook his head. No. It wasn't his duty to try and take on whoever this villain was. He was to be support to the hero.

''You have my many thanks for my rescue, Naruto was it?''

''Correct Zelda-hime?''

''Hime?'' she asked as she turned around.

''In my language it means Princess.'' he answered her as Zelda seemed to contemplate this.

''Oh I see. Then you are from a kindgom beyond Hyrule's borders. Do you think you could teach me a bit about your culture?" Princess Zelda seemed to be someone who had a curious nature to her.

He told her as she continued showing him around. After a few days Naruto got used to living in the castle. He was being quite cautious about trying not to stand out He didn't want to come off as suspicious or being spy. Though his time with Zelda was also quite refreshing and interesting. He even began to show her a bit about the shinobi arts when she crew curious on how he took on a grown man with apparent ease when he rescued her. Normally he would have been a bit more worried, but the people of this world believed in magic and there were spirit and other races as well that practice powerful magic so he could relax on this front.

''And that's the fundamentals of Chakra.'' he said as he balanced a leaf. Naruto made it a habit of teaching other people Ninshuu if they had the potential and so far the only ones who he sensed had any potential were Impa, Zelda, and that man from the desert. Deep down inside all of them had a great, dormant power within them.

''Such a wonderful ability…" commented with a wondorous exclaimation. "Naruto." she softly called out ot the blond.

''Do you uum.'' she bit her bottom lip. ''No never mind it's nothing.'' The young girl said looking down and covering her face to hide her blush. She was too embarassed to ask the questions in her mind. She was too used to pompous princes from other kingdoms or boys who were as feminine as she. This was the first time she had a male friend her age or any real friends at all she spent an extended amount of time with.

But what she felt now.

"Oh okay. By the way I'm going to go into town for a little while. I'll bring you back a souvenir or something.'' He said as he walked out of the Garden.

Zelda let out a sigh having calling out with a brief, 'bye.'

''I was wondering why you've been acting so strange.''Impa stated appearing from the shadows.

''W-What? I-I-I…Whatever do you mean Impa?'' she said in a flustered manner.

''You seem to be quite smitten with that boy.''

Zelda hangs her head down. ''Is it that obvious?''

''To everyone but him it seems. You've been changing princess. You smile a bit more geniunely now."Impapaused as she delivered this next bit of news. "The Queen wishes to speak with you Princess."

Zelda nodded and followed her personal guard out of the garden.