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Surprisingly when you set the gears in motion things happen fast.

I stared at the Guardians that were crowded in to one of the many cafeteria areas at the Court.

And they were all looking at me. Weird.

"Roza what do we need to do?" Dimitri somehow asked silkily.

I smiled at him and then snapped back in to reality.

I put on my game face and started to tell him what I know.

"Something bad is happening. I still don't know where Lissa is but I do know where they might be going. We need to be on the road now or rather in the air."

"Where are they supposedly going?" a Guardian I didn't recognize asked.

"Spokane," I state bluntly.

"Why would they go back there?" Dimitri asked.

"I have no idea why but I'm figuring that they think since we know about it we won't check. It's just a holding place though. If we go there we'll be able to find where they're really going."

"What did you mean when you said Viktor?" Christian muttered from behind me.

I turned to him, "I don't know how but he's connected in this somehow."

"You mean Viktor, the man who is in prison, has something to do with a kidnapping that happened thousands of miles from his cell?" asked the same Guardian as before.

I turned to glare at him and had the amusement to see him look away, "He has something to do with this. I mean it's not really hard to figure out. Why would the Queen have had any doubts about sentencing him in the first place? That to me does not sound right with the amount of evidence he had against him."

I heard some Guardians agree.

I turned back to Christian.

"You found your Aunt?"

He nodded. He was still in shock.

That's about when Adrian decided to show up.

"I don't have a clue to what you're doing but I'm in," he said throwing an arm around my shoulder.

I started with glaring and forcefully removing his arm, "You won't be able to help much in the field. I had bigger and better plans for you but if you want to throw some Spirit at the Strigoi you can come along," I say tauntingly.

His eyes narrow, "What kind of things?"

"Well for starters healing Christian."

Adrian glances at Christian, "And?"

"Staying here and watching your dear old Aunt. Use that wonderful charm you have to make sure she stays here and doesn't do anything that might stop us."

His smile brightens, "Oh fun. Let's see how many Guardians it takes to remove me from her side."

"Thanks Adrian," I say moving towards Dimitri.

"Is everything ready?" I ask him.

He nods, "Everything we talked about."

"Good," I say moving towards Janine.

"Janine I need you take the first group to the planes so we can get out of here."

Janine nods and takes off.

I stare after her and for some reason or other wishing things were better between us.

Dimitri is suddenly beside me, "Come with me."

I nod and follow him to the side door that leads in to the kitchen.

When the door closes Dimitri is suddenly kissing me. Me being me I don't complain.

I revel in the passion Dimitri sends through every touch of his lips.

But too soon it's over and we're trying to catch our breath.

"Roza I don't know what's going to happen but I just want you to know that I love you. And that I will always love you."

"Don't you dare say goodbye," I warn.

"I'm not I just want you to know."

I glare at him, "We aren't going to die."

He smiles halfheartedly.

I continue to glare at him but end up kissing him.

"And I love you too even though nothing is going to happen."

He holds me in a tight embrace for seconds more.

Then we break away so we can continue with the planning.

There are only about forty or something Guardians. If worse comes to worse I'll go in by myself. Of course Dimitri doesn't know about this little plan.

It's better if he doesn't or he would talk me out of it.

From all the warnings I got in the Shadow World from Andre and his parents I know what's about to happen. I'm just glad that Alberta has promised more reinforcements. We can only hope for so much with the Queen against us. I knew from the beginning she was off. I just wish someone else had noticed it too. Maybe we wouldn't be in this situation.

More arguing erupted on what we were going to do. Dimitri took over since I filled him in on everything, he's better anyways. My mental state is far from perfect. I'm surprised I haven't attacked someone yet.

Might be due to the fact that Dimitri is keeping hold of my arm just in case.

The first thing that registers with my brain is the awful taste in my mouth. I immediately recognize that it's some type of drug.

My eyes burst open.

I'm on a plane and its freezing.

I sit up only to find that my hands and feet are bound.

I look up to see a shadow looming over me.

"Don't struggle and you might be okay."

The face is familiar but I can't quite remember it.

"Who are you?" I ask finding that I can barely talk.

"It doesn't matter," he says going to sit in the seats on the other side.

"It does too matter. Where am I?"

"No it doesn't, and if you don't recognize a plane then there really is no hope for you at all."

I glare at him but don't say anything anymore.

Rose! Please help me! I'm on a plane somewhere, please Rose please! I send out with tears streaming down my face.

Lissa's petrified thoughts burst through my mind as she finally wakes up.

I let myself get drawn in to her mind. But all I can see is what she's staring at. Luckily she keeps glancing at her captor.

It's Ambrose the dhampir that gave up being a Guardian.

Hmm wonder why? Strigoi pay better maybe?

I try and tell her that everything will be all right as I mentally curse myself for not being able to get there using my gift. It's never failed before but now it chooses not to work.

I try and block what that might mean.

Dimitri finishes speaking and turns to me. I nod to him and we walk out the front doors followed by Eddie, Mia, Christian, and twenty or so Guardians.

We walk out to the night on our treacherous journey.

One that may or may not end our lives.


"They're on their way to the first checkpoint. She will arrive here in four hours."

"Good, make sure that everything is on time."

"And the Queen?"

"I don't care anything about her. She won't be Queen for long."

"Yes sir, is there anything I can get you?"

"Yes, tell Zacharie that everything is going according to plan."

"Yes Prince Dashkov."

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