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Daddy's Princess

"Daddy!" A little girl ran into the squad room and jumped into Tony's arms. She was petite, with long dark brown locks and bright green eyes. Her skin tone matched her mothers, but was a bit lighter.

"Daddy!" She shouted again her accent hearable with each word. Tony picked her up and tossed her up in the air. She giggled in glee.

"Where's Mommie?" Just than Ziva walked into the room looking more than a little bit mad, with their one year old son on her hip.

"Leiza Mirella DiNozzo!" The six year old hid her face in her father's neck.

"Oh, no! You're not getting me in trouble Princess!" He pried her off of him and put her on the ground.

"Sorry Mommie." Leiza said looking at her feet.

"Sorry you got caught or sorry because you are really sorry?"

"I got caught." She answered truthfully. Ziva handed the baby to Tony and knelt down to her daughter's height.

"You cannot just run off like that. I was worried when I could not find you." Leiza hugged her mother.

"It is okay, Mommie. I am okay. I just wanted to find Daddy." Ziva rolled her eyes and hugged her eldest child back.

"All right, go on and play with McGee." She smiled a toothy smile and ran over to McGee's desk. Tony walked over to Ziva and pecked her on the lips.

"And how was your day, Sweetcheeks?" She chuckled.

"Pretty good. I miss work though." She looked down at her belly. It looked about ready to pop.

"Just a couple more weeks. And how are you Tommie?" Tony asked his son. He clapped his hands in excitement.

"Leiza!" They heard McGee shout and they made their way over to the desk area. They couldn't help but laugh. It looked like Leiza had super glued McGee's hand to the phone.

"Leiza, what did you do?" Ziva asked her daughter between boughs of laughter.

"Uncle Probie did not even see it coming!"

"She is definitely your daughter DiNozzo." Gibbs told him as he walked into the room.

The End

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