A NaruHina Ficlet


Yellow butterflies and red leaves fluttered through the warm autumn air. The flowers' petals had already fallen and the time was drawing near for the heavy rainfall to wash the leaves to the gutters and out of sight for the cool winter and seemingly never-ending wind. Amidst this mess lay a young woman with her dark hair splayed out over the dry grass. She couldn't feel any more serene, even if she was given a pillow and a heavy blanket to ebb the slight chill of the oncoming winter that ran down her back.

Her chest rose and fell gracefully as she sighed, breathing in the sweet scent of crisp leaves and clean rain clouds. A pair of cool hands ran through her hair. Her eyes opened quickly at the momentarily unwelcome touch. Opal eyes softened at the sight of deep blues. Her lips curved an easy smile and her eyes closed once again.

The other soon captivated her senses. She breathed in his clean and essentially masculine scent while she felt his fingertips run over her scalp in soothing repetition. She could taste his breath on her lips whilst his breathing echoed in her ears. One of her eyes opened to see his angled features and bright hair. His eyes bore into her own before pressing against her lips, their eyes still on one another. He pulled away first, his fingertips brushing across her cheek.

She raised her arms to encircle his neck, creating a slight barrier from the outside world. His lips curved upwards in a slight smirk and rolled onto his side, taking her with him. Her head tilted slightly at the motion and ran her fingers through his dark hair. His deep blue eyes that reminded her of the ocean closed. His hand rested comfortably on her hip, running circles over the sensitive flesh. Her cheeks crimsoned brightly and she turned her head slightly to stare at the sky wondering how she ended up this way: so happy and so comfortable in her childhood crush's—now fiancé's— arms.


For prompt number three on my list. Hope you enjoyed.