Disclaimer: Sadly, no


Walking this earth again seemed impossible. It is to the ignorant human. But that is not what I am. In the technical sense yes I am, my body is one of a human. But I don't do things that a mere human does. Body. The only thing I have. No soul. But the some of the others seem to disagree I've walked this earth for almost 100 years. I've used to love life, now I don't even have one. Humans are so lucky. Ungrateful. But I try. Yes everyday I suck it up because there is nothing I can do, I don't hate my immortality enough to end it. I guess I can be considered lucky. I 'died' at such a young age. But no matter how much I hate it. I really do have a soft spot for it. But I am a monster. One straight from the big screen. Sort of. But what monster is?

AN: Tell me what you think. I've always had a thing for Bella not being human. This is my first fic so please be nice!