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BPOV One week later:

I knew what had to be done. The past week has shown me what I knew was necessary to secure the lives of my family and those that I loved.

To secure Edward.

Edward had taken me down the road to sit over the cliffs edge, letting our thoughts mold into acceptance of the events that were going to occur once the sun rose above the clouds.

My body leaned against his chest as he ran comforting circles along my wrists with his hand.

For the past week my family has indulged me in every capable thought and technique to defend myself from the Volturi. None of us knew exactly where this event would take us, but we all had our one common hope.

I was in better control of my powers than I had ever been, and I knew now what I didn't know a week ago.

A strong wind came gusting through the woods, and I could smell the pack. Coming in to show us their support. The plan was for them to stay back. Simply circling the Volturi and the guard as widely as they could, and they would only jump in if things got out of hand.

Since we didn't know if things would get out of said hand the pack had generally not mad up their mind if they were going to fight or not, so in turn Alice's burned vision as still preserved and remained unclouded by the presence of the wolves.

Alice had given me the information I needed to help ensure that I was the key here. She spoke without hesitation and bluntness, but it was everything I needed to hear.

After the gathering at our home, I had gone directly to Alice and just as I opened my mouth to speak she put one hand in the air to stop me from speaking and the other poised angrily on her tiny hips in true Alice fashion.

"Bella, I know what you are going to ask me, and let me just get this out of the way so you can focus on what needs to be done rather than feeling insecure about your abilities."

"You are without a doubt stronger than any one of us despite our age, despite our supposed wisdom and talents. Your emotions for us, for Edward have brought you so far into our lives that you simply cannot live without us, and likewise we cannot survive without you. You have become the very lifeline of our family, and you may feel out of control now with your powers but you know, just I like I know, you will not let anyone put any of us in pain, especially Edward."

She slowly walked forward and placed both of her tiny hands on my face and looked me in the eyes.

"You are my sister Bella, my best friend, and my very reason for believing in miracles because Bella you came back and you saved this family. You coming into our lives the way you did was a miracle so now it is time for it to fully come to mature into a dream come true. We will be a family, and a happy and complete one at that."

She smirked and I kissed her forward. "I love you Alice. Thanks"

She nodded and ran to where I was sure Jasper was waiting for her with open arms, and I ran to Edward's arms.

I shook my head dispersing the recollection from my train of thought, and I stood up.

"Come on Edward. It's time we deal with this." I said

He looked up at me from his place on the floor and tried to smile.

"I suppose it is time. Ok love, let's go finish this."

We turned around and looked as our whole family made their way to us. We formed a small circle. Each one of us embracing each other easily.

Esme opened her mouth to speak, but I spoke first.

"I promise you, I swear to each and every one of you: my brothers, my sisters, my mother and father, my husband, my reason to live, we will be back here in our home at the end of this day. Each and every one of us so there is no reason to dwell on sad possibilities and goodbyes. We are all coming home."

Everyone smiled at me, and Edward just pulled me tighter to his side.

We turned and walked into the woods towards the clearing that the Volturi would appear from. We took our time, not rushing, not feeling any need to encourage anticipation in the day's events.

We reached the clearing and I looked up to see the clouds dispersing over the sun. I sniffed the air hesitantly happy to realize I couldn't even smell the pack so I knew they would not be in danger unless they had to intervene to help us.

I felt Edward tense next to me, and I knew he heard their thoughts. They were close then.

I lifted my head bravely, and shifted my train of thought to making sure this would turn out in our favor. I saw them then. There were 8 of them, making the sides even.

I whipped my head in their direction to look at them better. I could see the three men who were the leaders that I had been briefed on. Aro, Marcus and Cauis. To their sides making a circle around them of sorts was the guard I assumed. Jane and Alec in the rear, and Felix in the front.

The only odd thing was the whimpering cloaked figure they were almost dragging behind them by Demetri. He had his arm around the figures waist forcing it to walk forward.

I cocked my head in wonder at this as they neared closer to where we stood in the middle of the clearing. I tried to think, to put two and two together. Who was this figure, it was obviously vampire since there was no heartbeat and the scent was obviously not human, and it was female from the way the cloak fell. Narrow shoulders, shorter height….

I snapped my head straight in realization. Who wanted revenge, who hated me, and would go to any resources to get me out of the picture.


I hissed her name, and I felt my family shift their gazes to me with questioning looks on their faces.

"No. How could she…." Esme whispered shock almost shook me from my reverie.

But I was too enraged by this new discovery of betrayal and pent up hostility towards this bitch.

At my discovery the Volturi and their guard stopped. Aro twisted his head slightly towards me, and a smirk crossed his features.

"Intuitive are we. I am Aro, and am I to assume that you are dear Bella, Edward's wife and mate?"

I inclined my head toward him. "Yes, I am Bella."

I left it at that the less I gave him the better this would be.

"Well, it is my great pleasure to meet you. If I may, you see dear Bella I have a gift quite like your Edward's here. Except his is much more convenient. He can read minds from a distance while I have to have physical contact."

I decided to interrupt. I didn't need another briefing, and I was done letting them control our lives. I wanted to give us the advantage to us, and that meant taking away their valued control.

"I already know Aro. I know all about your gifts and talents, and I can save us all some trouble here."

He scowled slightly at my taking advantage, and I felt Edward stiffen beside me.

I pulled away from him, and stepped in front of my family. I was done playing games. He reached out to grab me, but I wasn't having it.

My body seemed to be on a different level. My mind was focused and I knew it would shield my family, the now familiar snap clicked over my family, and I mentally envisioned them being stuck in a bubble.

As I concluded to myself that they were safe and secure from talents like those from Alec and Jane, I allowed myself to step further away.

I had no doubt. I knew that this would go only one way.

I could and I would kill if it came down to protecting those I loved.

I was in the middle of the field now. Evenly placed between my family and the enemy.

Tanya was still whimpering and with a disgusted look on his face he tossed her to the ground making the hood of the cloak fall off her head revealing her disgusting face.

She looked up at me, and I felt no remorse no sorrow no sympathy. If she interfered I would kill her too. I had no doubts, no second guessing of myself.

I heard a snarl, and looked back to the guard. Jane and Alec were snarling and both looked extremely upset.

I couldn't help but smile.

"As you can see Aro, they are useless here. Alec and Jane have no effect on me or my family. So I think it is safe to say you can call them off, oh and also you will not be reading any of our thoughts. Not here, not now, not ever again."

Bella do not enrage him!

I could hear Edward's concern for me. His frustration and anguish at not being able to protect me even though I was not in the need of any. He wanted to be in front of me shielding me from their thoughts.

Then Aro growled. He was officially pissed off with me.

I pushed my family's concerned thoughts to the back of my mind. Only allowing myself to be concerned with the enemy in front of me.

I was amused with Aro's demeanor.

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk Aro, for someone so old you really should have a better game face. I understand that I frustrate you in the fact that your pets there have no effect on us or me. So they are essentially useless here. So like I said I want this to be simple. There are no tricks, no games, just a choice Aro."

He moved slightly closer to me, even though the guard and his brothers tried to stop him he shook his head no. It was the first time his brothers have moved. I now noticed Marcus looked slightly worried for his brother, but also intrigued by my boldness. However Cauis looked ready to have me beheaded.

Now Aro and I stood a mere 4 feet apart in the middle of our covens. Neither willing to admit fear for our own selves.

"Dear Bella, what are the choices you speak of." He spoke icily and it made me more in tuned with my anger.

"Aro, first off I am not your dear."

He looked taken aback but nodded regardless for me to continue.

I spoke slowly and coldly. Letting the truth of my words cut into him. I was not a trivial and rash newborn for him to acquire. My family and me were not trophies for his collection.

"Well Aro, I see two outcomes here. Either you leave my family and I alone to live in peace and we will never bother you or you, your guard, and your brothers will die here tonight."

He stared at me, and then reached out and grabbed my shoulder. I could feel him trying to mentally dig into my shield thinking I was lying. I smirked when he grew frustrated and starting shaking me. When his fingers dug into my arm I winched, and I heard Edward growl furiously in my head desperate to kill Aro.

I was finished then.

Aro thought he could keep trying, keep pushing, he thought he was true royalty. Well, I had news for him.

My body burned, and I felt the fire in me screaming for an out. This time I wasn't afraid and I let it go.

"I told you to choose Aro." I spoke soft and cold. "But you have to keep pushing. You are old and arrogant, thinking immortality makes you and your pets invincible. Let me humble you."

Aro's hand came flying off me as he clutched it to his chest letting out a small snarl of pain. It was overshadowed by two piercing screams.

I watched as Aro whipped his head around to look at his precious pets. Jane and Alec's bodies were hovering off the ground by just a few inches, their faces contorted in excruciating amounts of pain, and you could see the steam literally falling off of them.

"What.. What are you doing, Stop Stop it Bella!!"

Aro's confused and desperate attempts to distract me did him no good. I would not stop. He failed to choose so I had made the choice.

I looked into his cold and dead eyes. "Next time I say make a choice Aro do not hesitate because you assume that I fear you."

His eyes were wide with shock, and I snapped my fingers at my side, and with one last piercing scream the twins were gone. A pile of grayish purple ash remained in their places until a gust of wind came and scattered their remains over the Earth to go back to where they came.

Aro looked at me. He was visibly trembling now. "Not possible….How …How dare you?"

"Have you learned nothing Aro? How dare I! How dare you??? We have done nothing wrong, harmed nobody, exposed nothing, but a sick and twisted bitch comes to you in anger and you come in a rush as a chance to eliminate a coven that you fear!"

He won't stop Bella. I don't relish the thought of ending his long life. He has so much wisdom and knowledge, but Bella he will never leave us alone now. He will be more intrigued with us now more than ever since we have you.

I was slightly shocked to hear Carlisle tell me basically to end Aro. I turned to him, and he nodded.

It is his time to end. He has let his immortality gain control of him, but I do not think the others are so bad, with the exception if Cauis.

I nodded now.

"Goodbye Aro. Goodbye Cauis."

They both looked up at me with shock and started forward towards me, but before they could move I had them burning. They were older, and stronger. So it was harder for me to kill them. This time a visible flame ignited around my body twisting and curling itself lovingly around me, and it reached out towards my target burning their limbs apart, and then finally they were ash.

Aro was gone. The Volturi disbanded. The sick twins gone. And I hadn't even broken a hypothetical sweat. It was all so anti-climatic that it was exhausting.

I released the shield over my family, just keeping Edward in my head.

Alice bounced up and down, and Jasper and Emmett stood in shock. Edward raced to me and had me in his arms before I could even let out the breath that I had not realized I was holding.

My family was whole, safe and complete. The pack was still on alert, but so far so good.

Marcus stood in shock, just staring. Demetri and Felix seemed awestruck and did not know what to do.

Carlisle spoke. "Marcus, I think we need to talk." With that Esme, Carlisle, and Marcus walked off to no doubt discuss the future of the Volturi and what Marcus could and should change.

Emmett and Jasper stood up to talk to Felix and Demetri. "Let's talk guys." Jasper said.

Emmett got excited and shouted "Felix, lets wrestle!!!" Felix nodded and they took off running with Rose and Alice chasing after them shaking their heads.

I heard the pack howl and felt the vibrations through the ground as they took off to live their lives of protecting La Push.

Edward wrapped his arms around me, and we kissed. It was soft and gentle.

"Let's go home love."

I nodded in agreement "Ok Edward, but there is just one piece of trash I need to dispose of."

I turned back to look at Tanya still laying on the ground whimpering. She looked up at me, but it was too late. She nodded accepting her fate. Almost welcoming it. Just like I had welcomed my fate to become a vampire.

I put Tanya out of her misery, and I made it as painless as I could. Her ashes blew away into the wind.

Edward's lips pressed against my forehead. "She is finally at peace love. She was miserable and lonely for centuries. This life did her no favors, no justice. You did the right thing.

I was done chasing after pain. I didn't have to run anymore. I was home.

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