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It was a relatively peaceful day in the Hidden Village of the Leaves, Konohagakure. A little too peaceful, at least for two chunnins stuck guarding the village's massive front gates. There wasn't a cloud in the sky to distract themselves with, nor any potential travelers they needed to worry about. Traveling was at an all time low throughout all of Hi no Kuni for months, for obvious reasons. Still, that didn't make the chunnins' guard shift any easier. Especially considering the fact the two knew they still had four hours, twenty-three minutes, and fourteen-thirteen-make that twelve seconds to go.

And no, they weren't counting down the end of their shift by the second to try and make time go by faster. What kind of nut would do that?

One of the chunnin, who wore bandages around his face at the bridge of his nose, turned towards his partner. "Hey, Izumo, how much time still left?"

Izumo, who had a strange looking nose that really could've used the bandage cover, seemed to think for a second, and without even using a clock or the sun, replied, "let's see…three…two…one…we now have four hours, twenty three minutes to go exactly, Kotetsu."

Okay, maybe the two were nuts enough to do it.

Kotetsu leaned back even further into his seat, groaning a little. "Oh man, so much longer to go, and we still have three more days after this. I'm starting to think we shouldn't have helped Naruto play that prank on Tsunade-sama."

Izumo chuckled a little. "Dude, do you remember the look on her face when she realized her pen's ink was her expensive imported sake that soaked all her paperwork in the stuff?"

"And then the final paper Naruto added to the stack had a time-delay fire starting seal on it that set all that completed work on fire?" Kotetsu added, smiling a little in remembrance.

Izumo nodded. "Yea, that was totally hilarious. And besides, at least we didn't have to eat a supreme-knuckle sandwich like Naruto did."

At that, Kotetsu chuckled as well. "Yea, I seriously thought Naruto was dead meat when he broke through three floors."

"Nah, after all the stuff the guy must've seen out there the past couple o' years, I bet even Tsunade-sama doesn't truly scare him anymore."

"Yea, must've been pretty rough on the guy…So, how much time left?"

"Four hours, twenty one minutes, forty-five…forty-four…"

"GOD DAMMI-hey, what's that over there?"

"What is it, Kotetsu?"

"It's something, but I can't tell yet." It was true that the position of the sun prevented the two from seeing anything but it's probably size and shape. What did worry the two a little was that while it appeared to be humanoid, the object was around ten feet in height, and no person could be ten feet tall. It wasn't until the two chunnins got a clear view of it that they put themselves into defensive positions in front of the gate.

Whatever the thing was seemed to be covered in a stone armor, either some kind of earth creature or a man wearing stone armor. The only part of the thing's face you could see were the eyes, except for the fact there weren't any eyes, just pits of black that still managed to resonate some kind of sentience. Whatever the thing was, it looked like something that an Iwa nin would use.

"Think I should signal for an ANBU patrol, Izumo?"

"I don't know…the thing doesn't look to be doing anything but walking after all."

The stone creature moved slowly, but its large strides still allowed it to reach the pair in just a couple of minutes, intimidating the two a little as it just stood there staring at them. Not to mention the ten foot behemoth was more like twelve feet, more than twice their height and way bulkier. Suddenly, it held out his hand, startling them, until they saw what it was holding.

It was a small letter, but what surprised the two were the words UZUMAKI NARUTO written on it in big, bold letters. Then again, with all the crazy situations the blonde gets into, it really shouldn't have been that surprising.

"Please deliver" the stone golem managed to grunt out in a deep, gravelly voice, shocking the two out of their thoughts. Kotetsu, realizing what the giant stone man wanted, reached for the letter gingerly but quickly. All it would have taken was a squeeze of the thing's fist to crush his whole hand, wrist, and forearm. But it didn't. Just stood there staring at the two as Kotetsu secured the letter to one of his pockets.

The thing seemed to smile at them, at least it would have if it could've, as it began to get cracks all over it. "Thank you" it grunted in the same voice, it's last words as the golem broke down into small rocks, crumbling into a small pile that became dust, before scattering into the wind.

"…so…was that able to sate your boredom?"

"…Definitely. Now come on, we got a letter to show Tsunade-sama!" Kotetsu declared as the two hurried along the village rooftops towards the Hokage Tower.

"Think its rigged or something? Who do you think sent it?"

"I don't know, its probably from Iwa, after all the stuff he's done, its probably some kind of duel challenge or something equally stupid."

"Yea, probably."

In the Hokage's office, Tsunade was busy filling out her paperwork as fast as she could. While normally, the buxom blonde wouldn't be working so diligently, Shizune had already caught her drinking earlier and confiscated her sake. Not to mention that after the stunt those three numbskulls had done three days ago, she was still somewhat behind on her work. The woman could really use something to release her current frustrations on.

As if Kami decided to cut her a break, two of the three perpetrators suddenly barged into her room.

"Hokage-sama, we just received a letter from the gate!"

She glared at the two of them for barging in with news that appeared trivial.

"And what is so important about this letter, Izumo, Kotetsu?" she asked, subtly telling them This had better be important if you value your male organs.

Nervously, having caught the message, the two described their encounter with the stone golem to their Hokage, catching her curiosity.

Hmm, a stone golem? A message from Iwa maybe? But why would they send us a letter, hell not many people even use letters, preferring to use scrolls to send messages.

"But that's not the most important part" Izumo added, breaking her out of her train of thought.

"Well then, get to it. What is the most important?"

"Just look at the letter" Kotetsu said, taking the letter out of one of his vest's pockets before handing it to Tsunade. The moment she saw the name on it, she immediately stopped signing her papers.

"…Thank you for bringing this to my attention, you two. Now, don't you guys have a job to do?"

"Yes, Hokage-sama!" the two bowed before heading out the door.

"…So, how much time still left?"

"Still three hours, fifty-six minutes to go."


Tsunade, hearing the commotion, just pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. 'I don't even want to know.'

"Eagle, what do you make of this letter?" At first, one would think she was talking to herself. However, suddenly an ANBU wearing a mask like an eagle appeared in front of her, bowing before giving his report.

"My Byakugan can see an energy swirling in it, but it does not appear to have any traps hidden or secret seals written inside." He stated, not showing any emotion.

"Energy? You mean chakra?" she asked him.

"No" he stated, a little confusion sounded in his voice. "It is similar, but it does not appear to be chakra."

"Hmmm, either way if it does not appear to be dangerous, it is addressed to the gaki. Go retrieve him immediately, Eagle."

"Yes, Hokage-sama" he bowed, similar to the previous two chunnins, before exiting in a swirl of leaves.

Tsunade slumped down in her chair, looking at the letter addressed to her little brother in all but name and blood. She knew she could be over-protective of the brat, and as such wanted to know for sure just what was in the letter, yet she wasn't going to invade his privacy opening a letter addressed to him.

I just hope it isn't from somebody else he managed to piss off.

While all this was going on, the person in question was taking part in one of his greatest simple pleasures: a large, ramen buffet at Ichiraku's.

"Mmmm, as excellent as ever, old man, Ayame-nee-chan! Keep 'em coming!"

"Right away Namikaze-sama!" Ayame said cheerfully as she went back to help her father cook the noodles. He was getting on in years, and Naruto's only become even more voracious of an eater, if a little more clean and neat.

The blonde continued emptying his newest bowl, though taking the time to scowl at Ayame's back playfully. "How many times do I have to tell you to not call me that!"

"About the number of times my father tells you not to call him an old man!" She shouted out teasingly from the kitchen. The blonde knew she was just kidding, but it didn't stop it from being annoying. He got that attitude enough from kiss-ass villagers and fangirls. And to think he used to be jealous of Sasuke-teme for being stuck with them.

Of course, it wasn't without reason to think he'd have a fanclub. The eighteen year old had grown even more, beating out his old master Jiraiya with a height of 6'3". Not to mention his physique had improved, becoming more muscular without beefing himself up like a body-builder. How his fanclubs had seen him without clothes on his upper body he'll probably never know. All in all, besides the whisker marks (which had become somewhat more noticeable, being a little darker and longer) and his eyes, he was like a carbon copy of his father. His eyes, while maintaining that unique shade of blue that rivaled the ocean, had gained slits as pupils, a reminder of his condition. Yea, he knew about his father, after Tsunade had told him once the Akatsuki had been dealt with. Of course, not long after that the whole village found out about it.

Probably the most noticeable difference, however, was his clothing. Of course he kept some orange, it was as much a part of him as the Uzumaki swirl. But instead of the black and orange jumpsuit, he had traded in for some more practical clothing. His shirt had lightweight metal interwoven in the material, creating some form of armor. The coloring for said shirt was a dark blue with an orange Uzumaki swirl over his heart, and orange cuffs at the ends of the sleeves, which went down to his wrists. His pants had the same metal weaving, though a bit lighter to make sure it didn't constrict his movement. Though strange to some people, one of the leggings was a similar shade of blue to his shirt, while his right legging was an orange color. He had found out in the field that the contrast of bright and dark color made his opponent's attention gravitate more to the bright color, especially in a dark place, providing a useful distraction. A dark orange, bordering on red belt wrapped around his waist. Instead of the usual packs and bags, however, his belt was lined with scrolls and seals. Naruto made sure to keep one bag of necessities ready, however, if he couldn't spare the chakra to activate any seals or at a time he needed to keep his chakra use low. Like his father, Naruto wore a cloak. The main portion was blue, but it did have an orange Konohan leaf woven in. What was different about it was also the fact the flame design that licked the bottom was a purple, and right beneath the Konohan leaf was a symbol that any citizen could recognize as the Hyuuga clan's.

It wasn't that he was a part of the clan or anything; he just wore it as a reminder, so as to never forget…

"Naruto, you okay?" the question brought him out of his thoughts, as he noticed Ayame looking at him worriedly, a bowl of ramen in front of him that was rapidly cooling.

He quickly gave her a reassuring smile. "Sorry nee-chan, I'm fine. Just reminiscing a little about the village."

"Yes, it has been only a month since you got back hasn't it Naruto-kun?" the brown haired waitress asked, getting a nod from the blonde shinobi.

"It was worth it though, I'm a lot stronger than before! I'm just glad Baa-chan gave me that field promotion to Jounin since the trouble with them. I don't know how I would've dealt with being a genin when all my friends are becoming Jounin and ANBU!" Naruto spat out them like he had tasted something awful, but cheered up again at the end. The ramen waitress just smiled at him, returning to taking orders from some of the other restaurant's occupants, leaving the Jounin to his thoughts.

Hmm, I wonder what I can do today? I know Sakura-chan's doing double shifts at the hospital today, Sasuke-teme is in the hospital after our last mission, and Team Ten's out on another scouting mission. Kiba, and Shino are out doing whatever it is Hunter-nins do, and Gai and Lee…probably something I don't want to get involved in. Tenten's working at her weapon's shop, hell even Konohamaru and his friends are in Suna for the Chunnin Exams. And Neji, let's see…

"Naruto-san, you're presence is requested at Hokage-sama's office."

Naruto suddenly looked around, his train of thought broken, before seeing an ANBU officer wearing a mask that looks like an eagle. The blonde haired Jounin smiled, seeing a familiar face-well mask really.

"Hey there Neji!"

Eagle, now identified as Hyuuga Neji, just sighed a little, though nobody could tell. "How often must I tell you to call me by my code-name when I'm in uniform, Naruto-san?"

"I don't know, I lost count" the blonde shrugged. "But ANBU captain or not, you're always gonna be the same stiff-backed stick in the mud Neji to me."

'Good thing this mask hides any facial expressions' Neji thought, as he didn't want to scare any patrons away from the ramen eatery because of seeing his Byakugan-powered death stare.

Naruto finished off his latest bowl before looking at his ANBU friend. "So, what was it you're here for again?"

"As I said before, Tsunade-sama requests for you to be at her office immediately."

"Oh, okay then. Any idea what it's about, Neji?"

"All I know is that a letter was brought by a strange messenger with your name on it."

"Hmm, a letter, huh?" the whiskered teen asked, getting up from his stool. He brought out his wallet, that was still frog-shaped, putting some money on the table. "I've gotta head out now, nee-chan, old man! See you guys later!"

"Alright then, Naruto-kun! You're welcome back anytime!" Ayame called out from the kitchen.

"Finally, I don't have to work in overdrive anymore!" the blonde heard an old man yell out in relief from the kitchen.

"You know you love me, old man!" Naruto told him as he left the restaurant with his friend.

"Good bye for now, Naruto-san" Neji said, disappearing from the blonde's sight in a swirl of leaves.

The whiskered Namikaze's foxy grin fell into a small smile as the ANBU captain disappeared from sight.

Heh, still can't believe how he can still talk to me, after what I did. Gah! What's up with me being so emoish today! I must be hanging out with Sasuke-teme too much!

The blonde decided to take the fast way to her office, but instead of a swirl of leaves or a puff of smoke, he just simply fazed out of existence. If anybody was watching out for him, though, they could see him reappear then disappear again on the village's rooftops, hell even in midair occasionally on his way to his Baa-chan's place of work.

"Yo, Baa-chan, I'm here!" Naruto called out as he barged in through the window, before effortlessly dodging a stapler thrown by the woman Hokage herself. The two could have sworn they heard a window breaking, followed by a scream in the background.

Gonna have to remember to be more careful when I try to nail that gaki with something Tsunade thought to herself as she glared at her surrogate little brother, who just grinned cheekily in return.

"So, I heard something about getting a love letter!"

She just sighed a little at his immaturity, before getting serious. "I suppose Eagle told you then, though I highly doubt it is something of that sort Naruto." She took the letter out of her top left drawer, before handing it to the eighteen year old. "The messenger was apparently some sort of stone golem that disintegrated after the letter had been retrieved."

"A stone golem?" he questioned his leader. "Do you think it's a letter from Iwa?" he continued, beginning to open it up.

"We aren't sure if it is, as not many people send messages by lett-Naruto are you okay?" Tsunade saw Naruto staring at the opened letter in shock, and she knew it took a lot to shock the blonde like that anymore. It was starting to worry her that it looked like he wasn't even breathing.

Of course, she didn't realize the origin of his shock. Naruto knew she would be even more confused if she saw the content of the letter, as it appeared to be empty of words, except for a small PS near the bottom. Instead, the main part of it just had designs that looked like buttons a person would see on a VCR, such as play, pause, rewind and forward.

What also shocked the blue-eyed slit-pupils teen was the energy he could feel contained in the letter. It wasn't a huge amount or anything, in fact it was pretty minuscule, but the feel of it…

'It's a little different…but the feel of it, it's just like…but there's no way, it isn't possible! Why would I get a letter like this again?!'


"Huh? Wha?" the loud yell woke up the jounin from his stupor, to see his Hokage looking at him angrily, although he could see the worry hidden in her brown orbs as well.

"Naruto, what is wrong? The second you opened that letter, you couldn't stop staring at it! Do you know who this is from?"

His stupefied look transformed into a deadly serious look, one that didn't fit on his face as far as Tsunade was concerned.

"Tsunade-sama, I need you to secure the office so that nobody can listen in, that includes your ANBU. Please?" At first, she was a bit worried at his request, but the pleading tone in his voice convinced to signal her ANBU guard to clear out for a few minutes. After the office was emptied sans her and Naruto, she made a few handseals before the interior glowed a light blue. Naruto could recognize the silencing seals that were revealed by the chakra laced through the room before it all returned to normal.

"Okay Naruto, nobody should be able to hear anything that goes on in here, but why do you need the silencing seals? It is just a letter."

Naruto just gently placed the opened paper flat on the desk, where Tsunade was able to see the lack of content written on it, confusing her a little. When she sent a questioning look to the teen, he replied, "If I'm right about where this letter came from, you'll realize why it is necessary right now."

Naruto pressed the pseudo-play button on the paper.

For a couple of seconds, nothing happened, making Tsunade think the boy needed a vacation more than she had thought, but than something happened that managed to surprise even the woman with 50+ years of shinobi experience.

An image of an old man unexpectedly appeared, floating a little above the paper. He had an odd shaped head, as his head was very oval shaped, and the only hair on his head was a ponytail on the back. However, it looked as if his hair had migrated to his face, and his eyebrows were even longer than the Green Beast Duo, if it was possible, so you could barely see his eyes and had bangs go down the side of his face. The old man was also sporting a thick mustache-bead combo which reached down all to his chest. His ears were also longer than normal and had looped earrings. He looked to be maybe around 5'9", and wore old-style robes. The two ninjas' attention were detracted from his strange looks as the man looked towards Naruto and began to speak.

"Hello there, Uzumaki Naruto. My name, if you can remember, is Konoe Konoemon. It looks like my golem managed to make it all the way back to your village; I admit I had my worries whether it could make the trip. I know it has been around a decade since you last heard from me, and I know that the contents of our discussion weren't the…most cheerful of topics. Though, I'm sure you don't want to hear about an old man thinking about the past, hohoho" the man chuckled as he stroked his beard.

"Anyways, on to the reason I'm sending you this letter. You see, Naruto-kun, I am the headmaster of Mahora Academy, a very…unique, school, for lack of a better description, and I have just taken on a new teacher to my staff, one…Negi Sprinfield."

At the mention of the teacher's name, Naruto almost looked ready to faint. Sheer willpower and desire to listen to the letter's contents kept him up, a fact Tsunade took note of for later.

"From what I heard from my colleague, the boy has a knack for getting into trouble, and considering he'll be a ten year old teacher dealing with a class of rowdy teenage girls, hohoho…I figured he could use an aid." At the news of Negi's aid and his position, the two shinobi raised their eyebrows, hearing that a ten year old was gonna be a teacher. It wasn't too shocking though, their village taught children to be assassins and warriors after all, why would training to be a teacher be any more difficult. "Not only that, but I feel that this year of Mahora academy is going to be even more…special… than usual. Call it an old man's intuition, but I believe having an extra pair of hands and eyes to watch for the students' safety couldn't hurt, hohoho. And if your leader is listening too, Naruto-kun, I think he told me it was called a Hikaji or something…anyway, he/she can be assured that I am more than willing to pay for your services like any other bodyguard. However, I request that only you can take this…mission?...for reasons you can probably guess." At this, Tsunade looked at Naruto, only to receive a look that said I'll tell you later. A little miffed, she returned her attention to Konoemon, who was stroking his beard again.

"Anyways, if you accept the mission, the golem should have added a general location of the portal in terms of your world to the letter, in case he never told you or you forgot, hohoho." Again, Tsunade looked startled at what the strange man was saying.

'Portal? Your world? You have a lot of questions to answer, Naruto.'

"It should be around three weeks from the date of this message that Negi-kun arrives at Mahora, so I hope to see you around that time as well." Naruto and Tsunade saw by the date of the letter, it had taken a week for the golem to arrive. And even if you don't or can't accept, I hope you are living the life he wanted you to have, and I wish you luck." The image of the headmaster began to distort, before it fazed out of existence, leaving the Hokage and her jounin subordinate sitting in the silence of the nearly empty office. That was until the blonde jounin took a seat on a chair behind him, his slit-pupil eyes still wide in surprise.

"I can't believe it…so, he actually did it…"

Tsunade decides to ignore his comment for now, feeling there are more pressing matters to deal with. "Alright Naruto, I think I'm due for an explanation. Now." It was an order, not a request, but Naruto wasn't going to refuse it anyway.

"I know, I know. Sigh. Well, I guess the best place to start from is the beginning. You see, it all began a few years after the Kyuubi attack…"

Tsunade couldn't do anything but sigh as she leaned back into her chair after listening to Naruto's story.

'Seriously, some of the stuff this kid gets himself into…it sounds more like a bedtime story than fact.'

She sighed again as she looked at Naruto who was staring at her. The hopeful look in plastered on his face contradicted its fox-like features, but just made it like a super-powerful Puppy Dog Eyes no Jutsu.

"Naruto, you can't honestly expect me to allow you to go on this mission. Not only is this place an entirely different world, but the portal just to get there is in foreign territory. Not to mention the precarious circumstances surrounding the village. This peace is only temporary, you know that as well as I do. This mission requires you to be gone for months, most likely years. We need you here."

He just looked even more desperate. "But Baa-um I mean Hokage-sama" 'Okay, now I know he's desperate' Tsunade thought as she heard the change. "You're the one who keeps telling me to take a vacation. And you know how important this is to me. If there was ever a time I needed you to do something for me, this is it. I'm sorry for being selfish, but you know with my condition-"

"Don't even go there, Naruto" Tsunade cut him off sharply. The blonde jounin could see the anger in her eyes, but also the deep sadness that conveyed how much it still hurts her.

He bowed his head a little. "I'm sorry again for the low blow, but you know as much as I do that it's taken away my dream. Please, grant me this at least Tsunade-sama. Please."

The desperation on the whiskered blonde's face was as clear as day to the woman Hokage, and was slowly but definitely wearing down her resolve, something that the blonde noticed.

After another couple of minutes into their stare down, Tsunade finally goaned and broke eye contact. Any outside observer could tell who won.

"Argh, sometimes you are too much, Naruto. I hate it that I'm saying this, but…Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, do you accept the S-rank Bodyguard/Diplomacy mission to Mahora Academy?"

The blonde grinned, happier than the woman had seen him in years. Hell, the gaki even stood up and bowed, as he recited the typical "Hai, Hokage-sama."

However, after another second, the blonde realized the full extent of what his Hokage had told. "Wait a sec… what is this about bodyguard and diplomacy, Baa-chan?"

She pinched the bridge of her nose, hearing his affectionate nickname for her return. 'It was nice while it lasted…though somewhat creepy as well." "Do you really believe I'm going to let you go there just to laze off, Naruto? Oh no, if I'm going to be sending you to another world, I want this to be productive to Konoha as well. Those two magic associations you were told existed in that country, the Kansai and Kanto organizations? I want you to go there as not only a bodyguard, but as an emissary for Konoha extend a hand of friendship and propose an alliance. Even if they refuse, it is worth a try. Also, if you encounter any other organization or country, something, that you believe we can benefit from, I want you to extend this alliance offer towards them as well." The Namikaze teen just stared at her. "You have a talent of turning people into friends, Naruto. It's only because of economic contributions from our allied non-ninja countries, countries whose leaders you had saved and befriended, that we've lasted this long. But we still require more military power if we are going to survive. After all, you can't be everywhere."

Naruto nodded in acknowledgement, a cocky grin on his face at the mention of his exploits. "Alright then, I accept that condition, Baa-chan." Again, the jounin was forced to dodge a paperweight, though luckily this one embedded itself into a wall, rather than an innocent's head.

"Just hurry up and pack, gaki. And don't forget, in the worst case scenario, you will be recalled."

"Don't worry, Baa-chan, I won't forget" he called out, making his way out the window.

"And Naruto."

"Yea" he replied, looking back to see her staring at him in a mixture of worry and happiness.

"…be careful, and good luck."

His grin fell into a truthful smile once again. "Heh, aren't I always?"

After a while of being stuck in that metal deathtrap, the jounin finally felt the tram, as it was called, come to a complete stop, almost making him fall into some teenage girls standing next to them. It had been pretty awkward for him as the tram car he had been in was filled to the brim with teenage girls. Naruto knew it was a situation that most of his teachers would have killed for, however. Especially when at one point, a breeze had flown into his car from a neighboring one, flipping up all the girls' skirts.

He had had a real hard time containing his nosebleed.

Luckily, the ride was finally over. It's not like the high speed wasn't something he wasn't used to, just the fact that he was moving that fast without having to actually do anything. Not to mention it reminded him a little too much of the time he had to outrun that train in Yuki no Kuni.

The blonde waited for the storm of teenage girls to mostly dissipate from the street before stepping out of the tram himself.

'Man that looks freaking crazy. Wondered if anyone's died from being trampled by that before?' Naruto thought, examining his disguise to make sure everything was in order.

It wasn't much of a disguise, as he didn't actually change much of his looks, mainly he changed his clothes into a more casual, civilian outfit while still trying to appear formal. The biggest differences a person who knew Naruto could notice was the fact his eyes were had normal pupils again and that his whisker marks were covered, thanks to the wonder of contacts and make-up.

Seeing that everything of his 'civilian disguise' was in order, the young Namikaze finally took his first look of his new residence, Mahora Academy.

'More like Mahora Metropolis. This place is as large as Konoha, if not bigger. What the fuck, that giant tree over there is about as tall as the Hokage Monument! I have to ask how they grew it that size, it'd be incredibly beneficial to us as an outpost design.'

Naruto counted himself lucky that he had grabbed a map of the place when he could, cause he was already taking it out to find the school he should be going to. It took him a minute to locate his destination, and decided to enjoy the trip there. That and he didn't want to blow cover on his first day here, what kind of genius did that?

Man will he be surprised at the answer.

The blonde strolled down the now nearly empty street, only attracting a few glances from passer-bys at the new face, grinning to himself.

'Heh, welcome to Mahora Academy, Naruto.'

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